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made, but by studying and mastering them, and by making the ultimate attainment of former men a starting-point for their own investigations. But we cannot, if we would, rid ourselves of the inheritance bequeathed to us by our fathersan inheritance which consists not only of lands and houses, nor yet of institutions, language, and manners, but also of sentiments, opinions, and habits of thought. Man has a collective as well as an individual life. The great human soul never dies; and the noblest study to which any one man can devote himself, next after the study of Him in whom we live and move and have our being, is the birth and nurture and growth of Human Intellect. And it is a fact beyond all doubt, that the first fruitful germs* of philosophy were planted, the first flowers of immortal poetry blossomed, by the banks of the Grecian Sea. Except only that deeper philosophy and that sublimer poetry which sprang beside the Brook of Siloam, beneath the breath of God.


W. G. C.

* I say "fruitful germs, for I am aware of the higher antiquity claimed for works in Chinese, Sanscrit, &c., which have had no in. fluence on modern European civilization.



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