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humanitarian crisis 18
Organization of African Unity

Technical Arrangements for
the Implementation of the
OAU Framework Agreement
and its Modalities 19
UN Cartographic Unit 18
ex-FAR, see Congo, Democratic

Republic of the

Rwandan army, former

FYROM, see Yugoslav Republic

of Macedonia, former

FAA, see International Civil Avia

tion Organization
Federal Aviation Administra-

Fadul, Francisco 20
Fall, Ibrahima 19
FAO, see Food and Agriculture

FCCC, see climate
UN Framework Convention on

Climate Change
financial situation of the United

Nations 99–100
Fleischhauer, Carl-August 85
Food and Agriculture Organiza-

tion 113-115
International Plant Protection

Convention 113
International Undertaking on

Plant Genetic Resources 113
Prior Informed Consent for Cer-
tain Hazardous Chemicals and
Pesticides in International
Trade, Rotterdam Convention
on 113, 114
UN Environment Program 113,

Fox, John D. 106
FRY, see Yugoslavia, Federal

Republic of

Garang, John 67
Garreton, Roberto 14, 16
General Framework Agreement

for Peace in Bosnia and Herze-

govina 36
Georgia 33-34
UN Observer Mission in Geor-

gia 33–34
Georgia, Article 19 of the UN

Charter 102
GNSS, see International Civil Avi-

ation Organization
Global Navigation Satellite

GPS, see International Telecom-

munication Union

Global Positioning System
Guatemala 25-26
UN Verification Mission in

Guatemala 25–26
Unidad Revolucionaria Nacio-

nal Guatemalteca 25
Guillaume, Gilbert 85
Guinea-Bissau 19-21

Abuja Agreement 19
Community of Lusophone-

Speaking States 19
United Nations Peace-building
Support Office in Guinea-Bis-

sau 20, 21

Habibie, B. J. 32

Hagen, Katherine 112

Haiti 26
International Civilian Mission

UN Civilian Police Mission 26
United Nations Support Mis-

sion 26
Hammarberg, Thomas 31
Harcharik, David 112
Helms-Biden legislation 100
Herczegh, Geza 85
Higgins, Rosalyn 85
Holbrooke, Richard 14, 17, 38
Host Country, Committee on Rela-

tions with the 93–94
human resources management

human rights 59-61

Afghanistan 28
Burma 29
Cambodia 30
Economic and Social Council

General Assembly 61
Iraq 9
Office of the High Commis-

sioner for Human Rights 60
UN Commission on Human

Rights 59–61
UN Subcommission on the Pro-
motion and Protection of

Human Rights 61
human settlements 79

PrepCom for Istanbul +5 79
UN Commission on Human

Settlements 79

IARC, see World Health Organi-

International Agency for

Research on Cancer
IBRD, see International Bank for

Reconstruction and Develop-

ICAO, see International Civil Avi-

ation Organization
ICC, see International Criminal

ICJ, see International Court of Jus-

ICPD, see population activities
Program of Action of the Inter-
national Conference on Popu-

lation and Development
ICSC, see International Civil Ser-

vice Commission
ICTR, see International Criminal

Tribunal for Rwanda
ICTY, see International Criminal

Tribunal for the former Yugo-

IDA, see International Develop-

ment Association
Idris, Kamil 137
IFAD, see International Fund for

Agricultural Development
IFC, see International Finance

ILC, see International Law Com-

ILO, see International Labor Orga-

IMF, see International Monetary

IMO, see International Maritime

Inspector General, see Office of

Internal Oversight Services
INTERFET, see East Timor

IAC, see Kosovo

Interim Administrative Council
IAEA, see International Atomic

Energy Agency

International Force in East

International Atomic Energy

Agency 115-117
Department of Nuclear Safety

Group of 7 116
nuclear inspections
Democratic People's Repub-

lic of Korea 117
Iraq 117
Operational Safety Review

Team 116
Technical Cooperation pro-

International Court of Justice 85–

Germany v. United States of

America 87
immunity from legal process 87
Iran v. United States of America

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya v.

United States of America 86
Permanent Court of Arbitration

Yugoslavia v. United States of

America 88
International Criminal Court 91-

Preparatory Commission for the
International Criminal Court

International Criminal Tribunal for

Rwanda 95, 96
International Criminal Tribunal for

the former Yugoslavia 95–96
International Development Asso-

ciation 129
International Finance Corporation

International Fund for Agricultural

Development 119–120
International Labor Organization

Burma 121
Convention on Worst Forms of

Child Labor 121
exploitative child labor 122

UN Staff College 122
International Law Commission

gram 116–117
Year 2000 computer prepara-

tions 116
International Bank for Reconstruc-

tion and Development 129
International Civil Aviation Orga-

nization 117-119
Committee on Aviation and

Environmental Protection 119
Federal Aviation Administra-

tion 118
Global Navigation Satellite

System 118–119
Global Navigation Satellite

System, Russian 118
Global Positioning System 118
International Conference on

Air Law 118
Man-Portable Air Defense Sys-

tems 118
Montreal Convention 118
Universal Safety Audit Program

Year 2000 computer problem

International Civil Service Com-

mission 107–108

International Law, UN Decade of

International Court of Justice 93
Rule of Law Program 93

International Maritime Organiza-

tion 122–123
Bunkers Convention 123
Kyoto Climate Change issues

UN Conference on Environ-

ment and Development 122
International Monetary Fund 123–

International Organization for

Migration 39
International Peer Review Service

of Probabilistic Safety Assess-

ments teams 116
International Telecommunication

Union 124-125
Council 124-125
Global Positioning System 125
Network Notification Process

reform 125
World Radiocommunications

Conference 125
international terrorism 94
International Trade Center 125–

Joint Integrated Technical
Assistance Program in
Selected Least-Developed and
Other African Countries 126
UN Conference on Trade and

Development 126
UN Development Program 126
World Trade Organization 125,

international trade law 89–91

Asian Development Bank 91
Case Law on UNCITRAL

Texts 91
commercial finance 89-90
cross-border insolvency of

commercial entities 91
electronic commerce 90
international commercial arbi-

tration 90–91
International Monetary Fund 91
international project finance 90
technical assistance and law

unification 91
UN Commission on Interna-

tional Trade Law 89–91
World Bank 91
IOM, see International Organiza-

tion for Migration
IOM, see Kosovo
International Organization for

IPCC, see climate
Intergovernmental Panel on Cli-

mate Change
IPTF, see Bosnia-Herzegovina

International Police Task Force
Iraq 8-10

human rights 9
UN Monitoring, Verification,

and Inspection Commission 9
ISA, see Law of the Sea

International Seabed Authority
Isaias Afworki 15, 18
ITC, see International Trade Cen-

ITU, see International Telecom-

munication Union


JITAP, see International Trade

Joint Integrated Technical
Assistance Program in
Selected Least-Developed and

Other African Countries
JIU, see Joint Inspection Unit
Jiuyong, Shi 85

Kouchner, Bernard 39
KPC, see Kosovo Protection



JMC, see Congo, Democratic

Republic of the

Joint Military Commission
Joint Inspection Unit 105-106

European Union 106
JSAP, see Bosnia-Herzegovina
Judicial System Assessment


Kabila, Laurent 14, 15, 17
KFOR, see Kosovo Force
KLA, see Kosovo Liberation

Kleihues, Paul 135
Klein, Jacques 37
Kooijmans, Pieter H. 85
Koroma, Abdul G. 85
Kosovo 36, 37–39

European Union 39
Interim Administrative Council

International Organization for

Migration 39
NATO Air Verification Mission

Operation Allied Force 38
Organization for Security and

Cooperation in Europe 38, 39
UN High Commissioner for

Refugees 39
UN Mission in Kosovo 38–39
Yugoslavia, Federal Republic
of 38

Laden, Usama bin 27
LaGrand, Karl 87
LaGrand, Walter 87
Lake, Anthony 18
Law of the Sea 97
International Seabed Authority

International Tribunal for Law

of the Sea 97
UN Convention on the Law of

the Sea 97
LDC, see Trade and Development,

UN Conference on

least developed countries
Leavey, Thomas E. 112, 129
Libya 21-22

Pan Am 103 bombing 21-22
LOS Convention, see Law of the

UN Convention on Law of the


Mandela, Nelson 12
Mane, General Ansumane 19
Mangoaela, Percy Metsing 46
Masire, Sir Ketumile 17
Matsuura, Koichiro 126
Mayor, Federico 126
McKinley, Brunson 112
Meles Zenawi 19
Mello, Sergio Vieira de 74
MICAH, see Haiti
United Nations Support Mis-

sion in Haiti
MICIVIH, see Haiti

Kosovo Force 38
Kosovo Liberation Army 39
Kosovo Protection Corps 39
Kosovo Transitional Council 39
Kosovo Verification Mission 38

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