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night between the hours of eleven and twelve with his Elizabeth, and ordered them to load five waggons with the riches of their kingdom. To this they promised assent, and even to his wish that all their servants should be free, who, according to earthly reckoning, were more than twenty years of

age. It was now an hour after midnight, the mountain opened, and they stood again upon the earth, and for the first time for twelve long years they saw the red of morning glimmering in the East.

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The dwarfs swarmed like bees about the waggons, all were busy, though in silence, for the hand of their master lay heavy on them. It looked like the breaking up of their kingdom. And now Hans took the green cap from his head, waved it thrice in the air and flung it amongst the crowd. In an instant all had vanished, nothing was to be seen but a few bushes; nothing to be heard but the whispers of the grass that waved in the morning wind like the gentle rise of the ocean when it swells, but no waves break on the surface. The clock from Rambin church struck two, all fell down upon their knees and gave praises to heaven.

Great was the surprise of the whole village when this singular cavalcade appeared before the cottage of Jacob Dietrich. But wonder was soon lost in joy when the tale was told, the old man and the pastor blessed their children, and at their wedding party, maids danced in shoes of glass, a thing almost as wonderful as the Crystal Palace.

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LECTRO-METALLURGY, or Electro-Gilding and Silvering, is an art which has, of late years, not only claimed much attention from the practical chemist, but has risen into great manufacturing importance. The art itself exhibits, in its progress, a great number

of distinct, and often widely different processes. Some are artistic, some mechanical, and some chemical, and all of them are of the highest interest.

The principle of the art of Electro-Metallurgy is very simple, and may be thus expressed :—Water consists of oxygen and hydrogen ;

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Metallurgy is very simple, and sists of oxygen and hydrogen ;

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