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Wrath of God not passion

How faith and repentance are the means of salvation

Note on procrastination

Ordinances described

By what ordinances Christ communicates his benefits
Singing God's praises of divine institution
A gospel ordinance

To be public and united

Of musical instruments, a note

It is necessary to sing with understanding
David's Psalms still proper to be sung
Imprecations therein how used

It enlightens and convinces of sin
It humbles and drives out of self

It draws to Christ

Other instances of its efficacy

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The Word is to be read publicly
In families also, and in private
How the Papists oppose this
Their objections answered
Translation of scripture vindicated
How the scripture should be read
Expositions to be consulted

And various translations
Of marginal references
Of supplemental additions

Texts to be compared with their contexts

One part of scripture illustrates another

Parallel scriptures to be compared

Rhetorical figures used in scripture

References there to different governments

To the civil affairs of Jews and others

To civil and religious officers



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