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This little volume has grown up in the following manner. Some years since, to acquire a more connected view of the life of Christ than can be gained by a separate reading of the four Evangelists, the writer made, for his private perusal, a monotessaron of the four Gospels, arranging them so as to relate the same event only once, but to include all the teachings, and all the historical circumstances in one narrative.

Subsequent investigation showed him that he had made some omissions, and many errors in the true order of events; but still, this imperfect compilation, rudely put together in an ordinary Scrap-book, was his only Gospel reading for many years, and from it he obtained so vivid an idea of the daily life of Him who not only "spoke as never man spoke,” but who lived as never man lived, that he could almost see him walking the roads, and sitting by the lake-shore of Galilee and until one does this, he cannot know the wonderful beauty of his most wonderful life.

Not long ago this rude compilation was accidentally seen by a clergyman, whom the writer has the honor to count among his friends, and he recommended that the text being stripped of the antiquated phraseology of the authorized version, and such brief notes being added as are needed to explain its local and historical allusions it should be given

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