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TITLE 26 Internal Revenue


I Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of the Treasury


United States Processing Tax Board of Review, Department of the


United States Board of Tax Appeals

TITLE 27-Intoxicating Liquors

I Federal Alcohol Administration, Department of the Treasury
TITLE 28-Judicial Administration

I Department of Justice




TITLE 29-Labor

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Labor
SUBTITLE B-Labor Regulations

United States Employment Service, Department of Labor
National Labor Relations Board

National Railroad Adjustment Board

TITLE 30-Mineral Resources

I Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior

II Geological Survey, Department of the Interior

III National Bituminous Coal Commission, Department of the Interior Petroleum Conservation Division, Department of the Interior



Monetary Offices, Department of the Treasury

II Office of the Commissioner of Accounts and Deposits, Department of the


TITLE 31-Money and Finance: Treasury

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Treasury
SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Money and Finance

III Public Debt Service, Department of the Treasury

IV Secret Service, Department of the Treasury

TITLE 32-National Defense

I National Munitions Control Board, Department of State
National Guard, War Department



Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior IV National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics V American Battle Monuments Commission



I Coast Guard, Department of the Treasury
II Corps of Engineers, War Department

III Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, Department of Commerce

IV Bureau of Lighthouses, Department of Commerce

V Coast and Geodetic Survey, Department of Commerce

TITLE 34-Navy

TITLE 33-Navigation and Navigable Waters

I Department of the Navy

I Canal Zone Regulations

TITLE 36-Parks and Forests
National Park Service, Department of the Interior
Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

TITLE 37-Patents and Copyrights

TITLE 35 Panama Canal

I Patent Office, Department of Commerce
Copyright Office, Library of Congress


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TITLE 38-Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief


TITLE 39--Postal Service

Post Office Department

I Federal Prison Industries, Inc.


TITLE 40-Prisons

TITLE 41-Public Contracts

I Procurement Division, Department of the Treasury
Division of Public Contracts, Department of Labor


TITLE 42-Public Health

I United States Public Health Service, Department of the Treasury



United States Children's Bureau, Department of Labor
St. Elizabeths Hospital, Department of the Interior
IV Freedmen's Hospital, Department of the Interior

TITLE 43-Public Lands: Interior

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Interior
SUBTITLE B-Public Land Regulations

General Land Office, Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior III Division of Grazing, Department of the Interior

TITLE 44-Public Property and Works

I The National Archives


Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works

TITLE 45-Public Welfare

I Office of Education, Department of the Interior
II Civilian Conservation Corps



Works Progress Administration
National Youth Administration

TITLE 46-Shipping

I Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, Department of Commerce United States Maritime Commission


TITLE 47-Telecommunication

I Federal Communications Commission

TITLE 48-Territories and Insular Possessions


I Division of Territories and Island Possessions, Department of the Interior Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration, Department of the Interior

TITLE 49-Transportation and Railroads

I Interstate Commerce Commission

TITLE 50-Wildlife

I Bureau of Biological Survey, Department of Agriculture (including Alaska Game Commission)

II Bureau of Fisheries, Department of Commerce

International Fisheries Commission

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Alien Property Bureau: See Judicial Administration, 28 CFR Part 4.
Citizenship in public land cases: See Public Lands, 43 CFR Part 137.
Customs regulations pertaining to aliens: See Customs Duties, 19 CFR Chapter I.
Taxation of alien individuals and foreign corporations: See Internal Revenue,
26 CFR Parts 3, 6, 7.


Taxes on estates of nonresident aliens; computation: See Internal Revenue, 26 CFR 80.48-80.56.






SUBCHAPTER A-Immigration rules 24 Subpenaing witnesses and regulations

Head tax




3 Primary inspection and detention
4 Inspection of citizens and aliens en-
tering from or through contiguous

5 Civil air navigation

6 Aliens in transit

7 Alien seamen

8 Laborers from countries granting limited passports

18 Exclusion and deportation

19 Arrest and deportation

20 Deportation of insane and diseased aliens

21 Holding as witnesses aliens ordered deported

22 Detention expenses

23 Imposition and collection of fines

25 Formal petitions and applications
26 Registry of aliens subsequent to en-
try into the United States

27 Attorneys and other representatives 28 Administrative officers and districts 30 Immigration, exclusion, and deporta

tion of certain Filipinos

31 Voluntary emigration of certain
Filipinos from the United States
32 Posting of immigration laws by
transportation companies


9 Alien contract laborers

10 Students

11 Aliens arriving by way of or from Hawaii at continental United States ports and certificates of citizenship for citizen residents of Hawaii

12 Board of special inquiry

13 Readmission and temporary admission

14 Assistance to admitted aliens

15 Appeals from decisions by board of 47 Students

special inquiry

16 Medical officers and hospital treat


Executive orders affecting aliens and citizenship

SUBCHAPTER B-Chinese rules and

40 Ports of entry for Chinese persons
41 The admissible classes of Chinese
42 Board of special inquiry
43 Certificates of exempt status
44 Appeals

45 Detention and deportation
46 Seamen

48 Wives and children of certain exempt Chinese

49 Alien wives of American citizens of Chinese race, and children of the latter

50 Residents of insular territory traveling to other territory or to mainland

51 Laborer's return certificate

52 Citizens' return certificates

53 Reentry permits for certain Chinese

Page 1 [1]


54 Nonimmigrants,


admission and 73 Certificate of arrival
74 Photographs

55 Transit of Chinese

75 Declaration of intention

56 Certificates of identity
57 Certificates of residence

76 Petition for naturalization
77 Certificate of naturalization

58 Unauthorized documents prohibited 78 The Virgin Islands of the United

59 Examination and arrest under exclusion laws


60 Use of immigration appropriation 61 Spelling of Chinese names

62 Authority, power, and jurisdiction of inspectors

maintenance of status

80 Derivative citizenship

81 Special certificate of citizenship

SUBCHAPTER C-Naturalization rules 82 Certificate of repatriation and regulations

70 Administrative officers and their duties

71 Clerks of court

72 Official forms

79 Naturalization papers replaced; new certificate in changed name; validation of certain certificates

83 Certification of naturalization records

Page 2

84 Renunciation of citizenship

85 Citizenship and naturalization of



Admission and exclusion of aliens in Canal Zone: See Panama Canal, 35 CFR Part 10.

Consular regulations pertaining to naturalization, immigration and quarantine: See Foreign Relations, 22 CFR Part 89.

Public Health Service regulations pertaining to incoming aliens (quarantine and medical relief): See Public Health, 42 CFR Parts 1-4, 11. Visas; documents required of aliens entering the United States and the Philippine Islands: See Foreign Relations, 22 CFR Parts 59-61, 63, 65, 67, 68. EDITORIAL NOTE: For list of abbreviations used in this chapter, see note to § 1.1.

Subchapter A-Immigration Rules and Regulations


The Act entitled "An act to regulate the immigration of aliens to, and the residence of aliens in, the United States", passed February 5, 1917 (39 Stat. 874), applies to and is to be enforced in every part of the United States and every place possessed by the United States except the Isthmian Canal Zone; in continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico it is enforced solely by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. In the Philippine Islands it is enforced by the "officers of the general government thereof", and in other places under the jurisdiction of the United States by the duly authorized officials thereof. Under the provisions of the Act persons who are not citizens of the United States or citizens of the insular possessions coming from the insular possessions to the mainland or proceeding from one insular possession to another must undergo examination under each and every provision of the Act.

Under the immigration laws the term "alien" includes any individual not a native born or naturalized citizen of the United States, but does not include Indians of the United States not taxed nor citizens of islands under the jurisdiction of the United States, except noncitizen Filipinos. (See Part 30.)

The provisions of the Immigration Act of 1924 (Act of May 26, 1924, 43 Stat. 153; 8 U.S.C. 201ff.), as amended are in addition to and not in substitution for the provisions of the general immigration laws, and are enforced as a part of such laws, and all the penal or other provisions of such laws, not inapplicable, apply to and are enforced in connection with the provisions of the Act. An alien, although admissible under the provisions of the Immigration Act of 1924, shall not be admitted to the United States if he is excluded by any provision of the immigration laws other than that Act, and an alien, although admissible under the provisions of the immigration laws other than the Immigration Act of 1924, shall not be admitted to the United States if he is excluded by any provision of that Act. [Introductory paragraphs, Im. R. & Regs., I&NS, Jan. 1, 1930, edition of Dec. 31, 1936]

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