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Senator HERRING. I will be glad to. Do you have anything further?

Mrs. HERSEY. No. We are just looking at the practical end of it. Senator HERRING. I think you have given some good suggestions. We are glad you came. Do not let these Senators scare you. Just

answer in your own way.


Senator HERRING. Please state your name and whom you represent. Mr. TREVOR. My name is John B. Trevor. I am representing the American Coalition of Patriotic Societies. I will give you a list of these societies for the record.

Senator HERRING. Very well.

(The document referred to is here set forth in full, as follows:)


Aeronautical Association of America, Inc.

Allied Patriotic Societies, Inc.

American Coalition of New York.

American Defense Council.

American Vigilant Intelligence Federation.

American War Mothers.

American Women Against Communism.

American Women's League.

American Women's Legion of the World War.

Associated Chapters, Order of DeMolay of Pennsylvania.

Associated Farmers of California, Inc.

Auxiliary, Sons of Union Veterans of Civil War.

Better America Federation of California.

California Society, Order of the Founders & Patriots of America.

Colonial Order of the Acorn, New York Chapter.

Congress of States Societies.

Dames of the Loyal Legion of the United States.

Daughters of America, National Council.

Daughters of America, District of Columbia Council.

Daughters of the Defenders of the Republic.

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-65.

Defenders of the Constitution of United States.

Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Disabled American Veterans of the World War.

District of Columbia Commandery, Naval and Mliltary Order of the SpanishAmerican War.

District of Columbia Society, Order Founders and Patriots of America.

First Motor Corps Unit No. 12, Massachusetts State Guard Veterans.

General Court, Order of the Founders and Patriots of America.

General Pershing Chapter, American War Mothers.

General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

General Society of the War of 1812.

Immigration Study Commission.

Junior American Vigilant Intelligence Federation.

Junior Order United American Mechanics, New Jersey.

Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Larchmont Colony, National Society of New England Women.

Louisiana Coalition of Patriotic Societies.

Massachusetts Society, Order of the Founders and Patriots of America.

Massachusetts Women's Constitutional League.

Metropolitan New York Jurisdiction, Order of DeMolay.

Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States, National Commandery.

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Commandery-in-Chief.

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Commandery of the District of Columbia.

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Commandery of the State of New York.

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Commandery of the State of Pennsylvania.

Military Order of the World War.

Minute Men of America, Inc.

National Auxiliary, United Spanish War Veterans.

National Camp, Patriotic Order Sons of America.

National Commandery, Naval and Military Order of the Spanish Amiercan War.

National Constitution Day Committee.

National Corps, Army and Navy Union of the United States of America.
National Council, Sons and Daughters of Liberty.

National Patriotic Association.

National Patriotic League.

National Security League, Inc.

National Society, Daughters of the Revolution.

National Society, Daughters of the Union, 1861-65.
National Society of New England Women.

National Society 1917 World War Registrars, Inc.

National Society, Service Star Legion.

National Society, Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims.

National Society, Sons of the American Revolution.

National Society, United States Daughters of 1812.

National Society, Women Descendants of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company.

National Woman's Relief Corps.

New England Prostestant Action League.

New Jersey Society, Order of the Founders and Patriots of America.

New Jersey State Society, Daughters of the Revolution.

New York City Colony, National Society of New England Women.

New York Society, Order of the Founders & Patriots of America.

Old Glory Association.

Old Glory Club of Flatbush, Inc., Beacon No. 1.

Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America.

Order of Independent Americans, Inc., State Council of Pennsylvania.
Order of Three Crusades 1096-1192, Inc.

Pennsylvania Society, Order of the Founders and Patriots of America.
Philadelphia Prostestant Federation.

Prostestant Women's National Civic Federation.

Regular Veterans Association.

Reserve Officers' Training Corps Association of the United States.

Rhode Island Association of Patriots.

Rhode Island Daughters of the American Colonists.

Rhode Island Society, Order of the Founders and Patriots of America.
Rochester District, American Coalition.

Schenectady Committee of 100.

Society for Constitutional Security.

Society of Colonial Wars in the District of Columbia.

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New York.

Society of New York State Women.

Society of the Daughters of the United States Army.

Society of the Sons of the Revolution in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

Southern Vigilant Intelligence Association, Inc.

State Council (District of Columbia), Sons and Daughters of Liberty.

Tax Evils Committee of Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The Advisory Committee on Cooperation in Patriotic Work.

The American Coalition of Washington.

The American Indian Federation.

The Christian American Crusade.

The Federation of Hugenot Societies in America.

The Paul Reveres.

The Wheel of Progress.

Union to Preserve American Ideals and Institutions.

United Daughters of the Confederacy, New York Chapter.

United States Aviation Cadets, Inc.

United States Naval Reserve Officers Association.

Veterans of Foreign Wars of United States, Department of Delaware.

Veterans of Foreign Wars of United States, Morley S. Oates Auxiliary No. 701. Westchester Security League.

Wisconsin Chapter, Daughters of Founders and Patriots.

Woman Patriot Corporation.

Woman's Pioneer Aircraft Association of Chicago, Inc.

Women's National Defense Committee of Philadelphi. a

Women of Army and Navy Legion of Valor, United States of America.

Mr. TREVOR. I would like to read this resolution adopted at our last annual convention in relation to the immigration question:


Be it resolved, That the American Coalition advocates temporary suspension of immigration for 10 years, the reduction of permanent immigration quotas by 90 percent, and the prompt deportation of all foreigners in the United States whose presence is inimical to the public interest; registration of aliens in the United States; deportation of aliens whose presence in the United States constitutes a burden to the American taxpayer; restriction of employment on public projects and public relief to our own citizens; absolute prohibition of the admission of refugees entering the United States in the guise of visitors, and the rigid enforcement of all existing statutes relating to the deportation of illegal entrants; and be it further

Resolved, That the American Coalition commends Senator Robert R. Reynolds, Congressman Joe Starnes, and other members of the Senate and House of Representatives for their efforts to secure the enactment of more effective immigration and deportation laws by the Congress of the United States.

Senator REYNOLDS. Mr. Chairman, may I suggest, with the permission of the committee, that the witness take up in sequence bills 407, 408, 409, 410 and 411, and express himself in regard to each bill before speaking generally.

Mr. TREVOR. May I begin with 407?

Senator REYNOLDS. If you please. Then when the committee reads the transcript of the testimony taken here today, they will have your expression on each paragraph of each bill that we have under consideration before the committee.

Mr. TREVOR. Mr. Chairman, it is the feeling of the society that I represent that bills in substance like these should be adopted at the earliest possible moment. We think it is the fact that in the past 5 or 6 years quota immigration has risen from 8,220 to which it was cut by Mr. Hoover's public charge administrative instruction to over 45,000, indicates a tendency toward a looser interpretation of the quota law. We go so far as to feel that no immigrant should be admitted when from 10 to 13 millions of Americans are out, of work and possibly twenty or more millions are in receipt of direct or indirect relief from the Government.

In regard to these bills, we say, in the first place, that we should suspend all immigration into the United States, as provided in the bill. S. 409 might be combined with the reduction of the quota by the elimination of sections 2 and 3, which are the penalty clauses of 409, and the changing of the words "July 1, 1939," to phraseology something like this: "The date on which temporary suspension shall cease.' Even if we only had a 90-percent reduction in immigration quotas into the United States until the Secretary of Labor certifies that unemployment in the United States does not exceed 3,000,000 persons, that would greatly relieve the situation.

139737-39- -6

The position our organizations take is in accord with that of practically every other civilized nation in the world. They take care of their own citizens first, which is something we have not done. We should begin thinking in terms of America first.

We hold no brief for any particular phraseology. If the substance of these bills can be incorporated into any statute, we are for it.

Something has been said about the number of aliens going out of the country as the reason for not passing legislation such as this. As a matter of fact, the number going out in the last 4 years amounted to approximately 126,000, and the number of immigrants amounted to 189,000. In other words, we are adding to our population by immigration. We are not decreasing it by emigration now.

Senator REYNOLDS. Just a moment, Mr. Trevor. It is my recollection that this morning the gentleman representing the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization gave the impression that more aliens were going out of the country every year than were coming in. Is that not so?

Mr. SHAUGHNESSY. No; decidedly not; not at all. I said for a few years.

Senator REYNOLDS. I beg your pardon. I had also in mind a recent article in the Washington Star of several days ago by David Lawrence.

Mr. TREVOR. David Lawrence quoted some figures, but he added some years that made the picture today an erroneous one entirely, by including immigration and emigration of years before the previous administration enforced the public-charge provision of the act of 1917. Senator REYNOLDS. I beg your pardon, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. HOUGHTELING. If there are any statements with which I cannot agree, may I ask some questions?

Senator HERRING. Yes.

Mr. TREVOR. The only statistics I have to offer here are from the reports the Commissioner has submitted.

Mr. HOUGHTELING. I take no exception to that, provided you do not read anything between the lines.

Mr. TREVOR. I notice, Mr. Chairman, the Commissioner stated that he had no knowledge whatever of the number of illegal entries into the United States. Nobody knows. I will discuss that somewhat later, when I come to the registration bill.

To go on with the first bill, S. 407: Section 2 provides that no immigration visa shall be issued to any married applicant for entry into the United States if he divides his family and separates from it in Europe.

In substance, we believe, section 2 would stop all this hullabaloo that has been going on for 20 years about our laws separating and dividing families. We do not believe any immigrants should be allowed to come into this country unless our American Government officials abroad have satisfied themselves that every member of that family can be admitted.

I have attended these hearings for 20 years, and I have heard this sob stuff from beginning to end. Four out of five of these people who have inheritable defects are permitted to enter will leave behind a child with a physical or mental defect. They will leave that child behind, and then come before a committee of Congress and plead for admission of the other child which was admitted as a student, should

be given special privilege, and allowed to remain in the country permanently. When you do that you are not only adding by immigration to our population and increasing unemployment but you add families who will contribute forever to American institutions for defectives. We can stop a good deal of it with this bill's enactment. Any phraseology you can adopt that will accomplish that purpose is what we want.

Senator HERRING. Do you think there is a great number of those cases?

Mr. TREVOR. There is no question about it. During the past 20 years I have been before these committees when these cases have come up. There are lots of them that never go before the authorities, due to the fact that we have no registration of aliens. We do not know who is in the country. I think it was testified here today that the Department charged with the duty of enforcing our laws has no check on the aliens unless they come within the scope of the Department's activities, through the fact that they have been arrested or found in some eleemosynary institution. Some aliens have been found in our various institutions. Under the law they should be deported. I do not want to misquote or read anything between the lines.

Senator HERRING. There is no record of such cases for which special bills have been passed?

Mr. HOUGHTELING. I have no recollection of any in the year and a half of my tenure.

Senator HERRING. I was just wondering how serious that might be. Mr. HOUGHTELING. In the last session of Congress, which was, of course, my first session, I do not know of any such cases. I know that we reported on a good many private bills, most of which did not pass. We reported to this committee and to the committee of the House. I do not recall any such cases.

Mr. TREVOR. The Department has stayed the deportations of at least 4,000 such cases which were mandatory deportable under the law.

Senator HOLMAN. Now, you are challenging something. Tell us that again.

Mr. TREVOR. I am saying that during the last 6 years the Department of Labor has been violating the statute by not deporting, as they should, alien criminals in the United States.

Senator HOLMAN. That is why I asked about the functions of the Department.

Mr.HOUGHTELING. May I answer that? He said "alien criminals." Mr. TREVOR. I should like for you to introduce into the record these 4,000 cases.

Mr. HOUGHTELING. You said "criminal aliens." I should like you to name some alien criminals who were not deported.

Mr. TREVOR. I have nothing with me at this time that I could answer you specifically. Your predecessor asked that a reporter be sent to the Department of Labor to examine cases, but by the time he had covered 1,200, my understanding is that he was directed to stop. But the Hearst papers, nevertheless, published a long list of aliens who were completely within the scope of the statute calling for mandatory deportation but who had actually been released and turned loose in this country.

Mr. HOUGH TELING. Criminals?

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