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Superintendent, Document Room

House of Representatives



For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Pri

Washington, D.C. 20402 - Price 45 cents

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Public Law No. 24, 65th Cong., approved June 15, 1917. Espionage Act of


Public Law No. 135, 65th Cong., approved Apr. 20, 1918. To punish willful

injury or destruction of war materials

Public Law No. 150, 65th Cong., approved May 16, 1918. Amendments to

Espionage Act of 1917..

Public Res. 64 (Extract), 66th Cong., approved Mar. 3, 1921. To repeal Es-

pionage Act of 1917 as amended and to revive and restore provisions of Sec.

3 of Act of 1917.,

Public Law No. 418, 75th Cong, approved Jan. 12, 1938. Prohibit making

photographs, maps, etc., of vital military and naval installations ..

Public Law No. 583, 75th Cong., approved June 8, 1938. Foreign Agents Reg-

istration Act .--

Public Law No. 443, 76th Cong., approved Mar. 28, 1940. To amend Espi-

onage Act of 1917 as amended to increase penalities for peacetime violations.

Public Law No. 670, 76th Cong., approved June 28, 1940. Alien Registration

Act of 1940..

Public Law No. 886, 76th Cong., approved Nov. 30, 1940. To amend Act of

Apr. 20, 1918. Act to punish willful injury or destruction of war materials -

Public Law No. 234, 77th Cong., approved Aug. 21, 1941. To amend Act of

Apr. 20, 1918.

Public Law No. 532, 77th Cong., approved Apr. 29, 1942. Amends the For-

eign Agents Registration Act of 1938.

Public Law No. 706, 77th Cong., approved Aug. 24, 1942. Suspending Stat-

utes of Limitations in cases involving offenses relating to conspiracy, etc..-

Public Law No. 844, 77th Cong., approved Dec. 24, 1942. To amend the Act

of Apr. 20, 1918...

Public Law No. 384, 78th Cong., approved June 30, 1944. To implement

jurisdiction of service courts of friendly foreign forces within the United States.

Public Law No. 110, 81st Cong., approved June 20, 1949. Central Intelligence

Agency Act of 1949..

Public Law No. 53, 82d Cong., approved June 26, 1951. To amend section 6

of the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949..

Public Law No. 513, 81st Cong., approved May 13, 1950. To prevent disclo-

sures of information concerning the cryptographic systems and communica-

tion intelligence activities of the United States -

Public Law No. 831, 81st Cong., became law Sept. 23, 1950. Internal Security

Act of 1950...

Public Law No. 395, 82d Cong., approved June 18, 1952. To authorize the

establishment of facilities necessary for the detention of aliens in the adminis-

tration and enforcement of the immigration laws.

Public Law No. 516, 82d Cong., approved July 12, 1952. To amend sub-

section (d) of section 12 of the Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950.--

Public Law No. 99, 83rd Cong., approved June 30, 1953. To increase Espi-

onage Penalities for sabotage of war materials under Emergency War Powers


Public Law No. 264, 83rd Cong., approved Aug. 13, 1953. To amend Espi-

onage Act of 1917, relative illegal exportation, seizure, etc., of war materials.

Public Law No. 557, 83rd Cong., approved July 29, 1954. To amend Internal

Security Act of 1950, relative to Printing Presses

Public Law No. 772, 83rd Cong., approved Sept. 3, 1954. Expatriation Act of

1954, persons convicted of treason against U.S. to forfeit U.S. Citizenship --

Public Law No. 637, 83rd Cong., approved Aug. 24, 1964. Communist Control

Act of 1954.

Public Law No. 777, 83rd Cong., approved Sept. 3, 1954. Espionage and

Sabotage Act of 1954, pertaining to War and Defense Materials Premises,

and Utilities

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