To Grant a Quota to Eastern Hemisphere Indians and to Make Them Racially Eligible for Naturalization: Hearings Before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, Seventy-ninth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 173, H.R. 1584, H.R. 1624, H.R. 1746, H.R. 2256, H.R. 2609, Bills to Grant a Quota to Eastern Hemisphere Indians and to Make Them Racially Eligible for Naturalization

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1945
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Pagina 20 - National City Bank of New York, 55 Wall Street, New York City. 43. "Market Place of a Nation.
Pagina 73 - Contributions made to you are deductible by the donors in arriving at their taxable net income in the manner and to the extent provided by section 23 (o) and (q) of the Internal Revenue Code as amended, and corresponding provisions of prior revenue acts.
Pagina 3 - The United Nations are fighting to make a world in which tyranny and aggression cannot exist; a world based upon freedom, equality, and justice; a world in which all persons regardless of race, color, or creed may live in peace, honor and dignity.
Pagina 123 - What we now hold is that the words "free white persons" are words of common speech, to be interpreted in accordance with the understanding of the common man, synonymous with the word "Caucasian" only as that word is popularly understood.
Pagina 73 - ... entitled to exemption from Federal income tax under the provisions of Section 101 (6) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.
Pagina 1 - The right to become a naturalized citizen under the provisions of this Act shall extend only to white persons, persons of African nativity or descent, descendants of races indigenous to the Western Hemisphere...
Pagina 151 - ... am, the committee went into executive session, at the conclusion of which the committee adjourned...
Pagina 37 - ... an act regulating the grants of land appropriated for military services, and for the society of the United Brethren for propagating the gospel among the heathen...
Pagina 2 - USC 204), all Chinese persons entering the United States annually as immigrants shall be allocated to the quota for the Chinese computed under the provisions of section 11 of the said Act. A preference up to 75 per centum of the quota shall be given to Chinese born and resident in China.
Pagina 130 - Anyone who has traveled in the Far East knows that the mingling of Asiatic blood with European or American blood produces, in nine cases out of ten, the most unfortunate results.

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