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Nations and who are still active, more or less, in public affairs.

There are also included certain members of the Secretariats of the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies, who, regardless of their position in the professional scale, are performing functions of great significance to the United Nations organization.

Questionnaires were sent to the approximately 2700 indi viduals comprising the groups defined above. Sketches were prepared from the data submitted on the questionnaires and then returned to the biographees for approval or correction and completion. Where little or no data were received from a person in a key position, the research staff gathered information from all reliable sources and drafted a biography. Where circumstances prevented biographees from re-checking such data, the sketches have been designated with an asterisk (*). As in all projects of this kind, not all persons invited took the opportunity to be included.

Although this work is intended as a reference guide to the active personnel, for this first edition we have also included Count Folke Bernadotte, now deceased, because his name is still associated with current programs of the United Nations.

In addition to nearly 1700 biographies, there is included a section devoted to the background and structure of the United Nations, and a brief chronology of conferences and agreements leading to the formation of the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies. Tables showing the distribution of biographees and the names and addresses of lay associations dedicated to promotion of the United Nations and the UN idea are also to be found in the Appendix.

Because of the differences in orthographical practice throughout the world, a modified method of alphabetizing has been foliowe. All names are listed in alphabetical order according to surname or family name. In the case of some Chinese biographees, the names (family and given) have been placed according to Chinese practice, family name first, followed by the given name or names, without commas between them (for example: HSU MO). When the surname contains a prefix such as des, de, da, d', les, la, von, van, etc., the biographee has been included alphabetically under the prefix. The capitalization of the prefix has followed the preference of the individual biographees.

Only the residence address for members of the United Nations Secretariat has been listed. The official address for all such persons, unless otherwise noted, is United Nations, New York. For all others, both an official and a residence address have been listed.

The abbreviations used are listed in alphabetical order immediately following this Foreword.

The legitimacy and need of a directory of this kind was carefully studied before undertaking its publication. This investigation revealed a substantial demand on the part of government officials, libraries, newspapers, international organizations, United Nations delegations, civic groups, students and others who have occasion to use the information now included here. All persons consulted believed that WHO'S WHO IN THE UNITED NATIONS would be a constant source of reference, not only for persons directly concerned with personalities in international affairs, but also for the layman seeking information on the individuals who are shaping the destiny of the world community.

Libraries underlined the need for a single, authoritative volume of this nature. The United Nations' Assistant SecretaryGeneral for Public Information, Mr. Benjamin Cohen, in endorsing the plans to prepare this volume, declared such a book would be "very worthwhile" and expressed the interest of the United Nations in "a biographical reference work for which there is a great need.

Appreciation is hereby expressed to the many busy executives among the United Nations personnel who gave of their valuable time to assist the research staff in its laborious task of finding individual facts and suggesting new sources that would prove helpful. Outstanding among these individuals were Mr. Benjamin Cohen, Assistant Secretary General for Public Information; Mr. Phil Stitt, Chief of Sales and Circulation in the Department of Public Information during the formative stages of the project; Miss Moira Figgis, Chief of the Research Section; Mr. Albert van der Vekene, Mr. Frank Kozik, Mr. Georges Palthey, Mr. Bedrich Grunzweig, and Mr. Paul Rodzianko. None of these persons is responsible, however, for any inconsistencies or errors which may be found here.

In addition to the editors, this work has had the devoted attention of a staff which came to have increasing enthusiasm for the aims of the United Nations and its founding ideas as they learned more about the organization, and translated such enthusiasm into many useful deeds beyond the call of duty. These include Farrell Jones, David Nalle, Josephine S. Johnson, Margaret Polak, Hazel Hart and Berta M. Pierce. G. James Fleming, who first proposed this work, gave it general supervision.

Since men and their minds are so important to the making of war as well as peace, it is our hope that wider acquaintanceship with the men and women in the United Nations -- which acquaintanceship this volume helps to make possible -- will tend to promote more general understanding of the United Nations and what it does, and perhaps, why.


April 1, 1951



A.A. -- Associate in Arts
A.A.A.S. American Association for the

Advancement of Science
A.A. U.N. American Association for the

United Nations
A.A. U.P. American Association of

University Professors
A.A. U.W. American Association of

University Women A.B. (also B.A.) Bachelor of Arts ABC American Broadcasting Company acad. academy acct. accountant acctg. accounting actg. acting

Aide-de-Camp adm. administration, adminstrator,

administrative Adml. -- Admiral adv. adviser, advisory A. E. and P. -- Ambassador Extraordinary

and Plenipotentiary AEC

-- Atomic Energy Commission AEF American Expeditionary Forces

(World War I) aff. affairs Afghan. Afghanistan AFL American Federation of Labor Afr. Africa, African AGO - Adjutant General's Office agr. agriculture, agricultural a.i. -- ad interim Ala. Alabama (U.S.A.) Alb. Albania alt. -- alternate A.M. (also M.A.) -- Master of Arts Am.

- America, American amb. -- ambassador anthro. anthropology, anthropological AP-

Associated Press appt. appointment apptd. appointed Argent. - Argentina Ariz. Arizona (U.S.A.) Ark. -- Arkansas (U.S.A.) asmb. assembly assn. association asso. -- associate asst. assistant atty. attorney

B.E.F. British Expeditionary Force
Belg. Belgium
B. F.A. Bachelor of Fine Arts
B.J. Bachelor of Journalism
biol. biology, biological
B.L. (also Litt. B.) -- Bachelor of Letters
bldg. - building
B. L.S. Bachelor of Library Science
Bol. Bolivia
B. Pd. or Pd. B. -- Bachelor of Pedagogy
B.P.E. -- Bachelor of Physical Education
br. branch
Braz. -- Brazil
B.R.E. Bachelor of Religious Education
brig. gen. brigadier general
Brit. -- British
B.S., B.Sc. (also S. B.) Bachelor of Science
B.S.A. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
B.S. Ch. E. -- Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
B.S. in E.E. -- Bachelor of Science in Electrical

B.S.M.E. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical

Engineering B. Th. Bachelor of Theology bul. bulletin Bulg. Bulgaria, Bulgarian bur. bureau bus.

B. W.I. British West Indies
Byelo. S.S.R.

Byelorussian Soviet Socialist

Calif. California (U.S.A.)
Can. Canada
capt. captain
C.B. Companion of the Order of) Bath
C.B.E. Commander of (The Order of)

The British Empire
CBS Columbia Broadcasting System
CCA -- Commission for Conventional

C.C.I.F. -- International Telephone

Consultative Committee
C.C.I.R. International Radio

Consultative Committee C.C.I.T. International Telegraph

Consultative Committee C.D.S.O. -- Companion of the Distinguished

Service Order cen. central certif. certificate C.G.T. Confederation Generale du Travail C.H. Companion of Honour ch. church chem.

- chemistry, chemical, chemist chem. engr. -- chemical engineer chf. -- chief chrm. chairman C.I.E. - Companion of the Order of Indian

Empire C in C -- Commander in chief CIO -- Congress of Industrial Organizations civ, engr. -- civil engineer C.M. Master of Surgery cmd. command cmdg commanding


- born, birth
B.A. (also A.B.) -- Bachelor of Arts
B. Agr. Bachelor of Agriculture
B. Arch. Bachelor of Architecture
B.B.A. Bachelor of Science in Business

B.B.C. British Broadcasting Corporation
B.C. British Columbia (Canada)
B.C.E. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
B.C.L. Bachelor of Civil Law
B.C.S. Bachelor of Commercial Science
B.D. Bachelor of Divinity
bd. -- board
B. E. -- Bachelor of Education
B.E.E. -- Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

C.M.G. Companion of The Order of St.

Michael and St. George CNRRA Chinese National Relief and

Rehabilitation Administration CO.

county, company cod. -- codification C of S-- Chief of Staff col. -- colonel coll. -- college Colo. Colorado (U.S.A.) com. -- committee comdr. commander comm.

commission commr. -- commissioner compar. comparative conf. -- conference conied. confederation Cong. - Congress, Congressional Conn. Connecticut (U.S.A.) const. constitution, constitutional conv. convention corp. corporation corr. correspondent C.P.A. Certified Public Accountant ct. -- court C.V.O. -

-- Commander or Companion of (The

Royal) Victorian Order

e. -- east, eastern ECA Economic Cooperation Administration ECA FE -- United Nations Economic Commission

for Asia and the Far East Ec.D. Doctor of Economic Science ECE Economic Commission for Europe ECLA United Nations Economic Commission

for Latin America econ. -- economic, economics ECOSOC -- United Nations Economic and

Social Council Ecua. Ecuador E.D. - Efficiency Decoration ed. education, educated, educational Ed.D. Doctor of Education edit. -

editor, editorial Ed. M. Master of Education E. E. and M.P. Envoy Extraordinary and

Minister Plenipotentiary
elec, engr. -- electrical engineer
emb. embassy

engr. engineer or engineering
ESB -- Economic Stabilization Board
Eth. Ethopia
ETO European Theatre of Operations

Europe, European exec. . executive

FAO -- Food and Agriculture Organization

of the United Nations fed. -- federal, federation FERA -- Federal Emergency Relief

Administration FFI -- Front Francais de l'Independance;

French Independence Front (French

Underground Movement) fin.

finance, financial Fla. Florida (U.S.A.) fmr.

-- former found. foundation frgn. foreign F.R.S. -- Fellow of the Royal Society F.R.S.C. Fellow of the Royal Society

of Canada fur. further

d. -- daughter
D/A FS -- Department of Administrative and

Financial Services
D. Arch. Doctor of Architecture
D/CGS Department of Conference and

General Services
D.C.L. Doctor of Civil Law
D.D. -- Doctor of Divinity
D.D.S. Doctor of Dental Surgery
D/ECA Department of Economic Affairs
Del. -- Delaware (U.S.A.)
del. delegate
delgn. delegation
dem. democrat, democratic
Den. Denmark
D. Eng. Doctor of Engineering
dept. -- department
devel. development
DFC -- Distinguished Flying Cross
D. H. L. (also L.H. D.) -- Doctor of Humane

D.I.C. Diploma Imperial College
dip. - diploma
dipl. - diplomatic, diplomacy
dir. director
dir-gen. · director-general
dist. district
div. division
D. Litt. (also Litt. D.) - Doctor of

D. M.S. Doctor of Medical Science
Dom. Repub. Dominican Republic
D. Pd. Doctor of Pedagogy
D.P.H. -- Doctor of Public Health or

Doctor of Public Hygiene
D/PI -- Department of Public Information
dpty. deputy
D.S.C. Distinguished Service Cross
D. Sc. (also Sc. D.) -- Doctor of Science
D/SCA -- Department of Security Council

D.S.O. - Distinguished Service Order
D/SOA Department of Social Affairs
D.T.M. and H. -- Doctor of Tropical Medicine

and Hygiene
D/TRI -- Department of Trusteeship and

Information from Non-Sell-Governing


GA -- United Nations General Assembly
Ga. - Georgia (U.S.A.)
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and

G. C.B. Knight Grand Cross of (The Order

of) The Bath G.C.I.E. Knight Grand Commander of the

Indian Empire
G.C.M.G. Knight Grand Cross of St.

Michael and St. George G.C.S.I. Knight Grand Commander of the

Star of India gen. general geog geography, geographical geol. · geology Ger. German, Germany gov. governor govt. government, governmental Gr. -- Greece grad. -- graduate Gt. Brit. -- Great Britain Guat. Guatemala

hdqtrs. headquarters hist. -- history H.M. His Majesty HMS His Majesty's Ship

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