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It is presumed that every teacher will be supplied monthly with the

Notes on the Scripture Lessons, and that he will, by the study of them,

and by regular weekly attendance at the preparation class, make himself

master of the subject, and thus be thoroughly prepared to teach the

lessons for the day.

It should be remembered that, in consequence of the limited space

at command, in some cases a large portion of the lesson selected for the

elder classes is necessarily omitted. The teacher, therefore, may have to

introduce the subject, or supply a connecting link in the middle. When

a short line is inserted, it is to show that either the selection is from

two separate chapters, or the continuity of the reading is broken. This

gives a larger scope in the selection, and with care will make the lesson

more interesting both to the teacher and scholar.

1. The children should be encouraged to commit to memory during the

week the Golden Text and the Lesson Verse.

2. Each scholar being provided with the lesson, the teacher should

announce the appointed subject, and briefly introduce it in a lively and

attractive manner, by the aid of some well-chosen illustration which

shall naturally lead on to the main facts or doctrines of the lesson to be

taught; thus tending to secure for it the interest and attention of the


3. The lesson may then be read by the scholars simultaneously or indi-

vidually, the teacher reading a portion in turn.

4. The teacher having previously divided the lesson into sections ac-

cording to its character and meaning, the first section should be read

again, and, by suitable questioning, explanation, and illustration, its

meaning made plain to the scholars. The other sections should be dealt

with in a similar manner. Examination by questions should follow each


5. In the foregoing exercises the leading practical truth or truths which

the teacher desires to impress on the mind and heart-should be constantly

kept in view, and gradually brought out as the lesson is proceeded with.

The close of the teaching will consist of a brief and earnest attempt to

press home the practical application of these truths in the most forcible

and affectionate manner.

If these suggestions be duly considered, and, as far as applicable to each

particular case, be carried out with an earnest spirit, a loving heart, and

in prayerful dependence on the Holy Spirit, teachers will not fail to secure

the blessing of Him who hath said, “My Word shall not return unto

Me void.”

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