A Primer of Jungian Psychology

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The contributions of Carl Jung to our understanding of the human psyche cannot be overestimated. His concepts of the collective unconscious, archetypal personality patterns, extroversion and introversion; his inquiry into the functions of thought, instinct, and feeling; his masterful investigations of the roots and meanings of dreams - all have had profound and far-reaching influence.

This long-needed condensation and summary of Carl Jung's life and work is written with both extraordinary clarity and deep understanding. It offers the reader exciting intellectual stimulation and opens up important vistas of knowledge and exploration. Together with its companion volume, " A PRIMER OF FREUDIAN PSYCHOLOGY" (also available in a Mentor edition), it is essential reading for anyone interested in the hidden depths of the mind.

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The book addresses Jung's entire system and provides succinct, memorable summaries of each concept. The Book is broken up into seven chapters: 1. Carl Gustav Jung (biographical background) 2. The ... Citiți recenzia completă

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Calvin S. Hall held teaching posts at several universities including Case-Western Reserve, Syracuse University, the University of Miami, Reserve University, and was Professor Emeritus at the University of California in Santa Cruz.

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