Spiders and Spinsters: Women and Mythology

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Sunstone Press, 2007 - 340 pagini
"Spiders & Spinsters" weaves a tapestry of voices and images--folk, popular, tribal, ancient and contemporary, by women and men, scholars and critics, psychologists and artists--to show how women have fared in classical Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian, and indigenous American mythologies. It is a rich sourcebook of goddesses, guides, maidens, crones, heroines, matriarchs, gossips, and those who have portrayed and interpreted them. Hailed as "wonderful, as well as useful" (Baltimore Sun) and "a welcome addition to the field of mythology" (Choice), "Spiders & Spinsters" is a valuable resource for students and scholars in mythology, anthropology, literature, art, psychology, religion, and women studies. It also speaks to creative artists of all kinds and to general readers with interests in story, ritual, dreams, and gender. Marta Weigle has taught anthropology, English, and American studies at the University of New Mexico since 1972. Currently a University Regents Professor in the Anthropology Department, she has chaired that department and the Department of American Studies. A folklorist best known for her extensive work on New Mexico and Southwest studies, she also writes and teaches on mythology, gender and oral narrative traditions. "Spiders & Spinsters: Women and Mythology" was followed by "Creation and Procreation: Feminist Reflections on Mythologies of Cosmogony and Parturition." She is also the author of "Brothers of Light, Brothers of Blood, the Penitentes of the Southwest," and "A Penitente Bibliography," both from Sunstone Press.

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