Reports of Committees: 30th Congress, 1st Session - 48th Congress, 2nd Session, Volumul 1

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Pagina 10 - ... goods, wares, and merchandise imported in the whereof is master, from , for account of any person whomsoever for whom I am authorized to enter the same ; that the said invoice and bill of lading are in the state in which they were actually received by me, and that I do not know...
Pagina 10 - I knew not how far this was a necessary sequence; that, undoubtedly, if its rejection endangered a dissolution of our union at this incipient stage, I should deem that the most unfortunate of all consequences, to avert which all partial and temporary evils should be yielded.
Pagina 11 - The discussion took place. I could take no part in it but an exhortatory one, because I was a stranger to the circumstances which should govern it. But it was finally agreed, that whatever importance had been attached to the rejection of this proposition, the preservation of the Union and of concord among the States was more important, and that therefore it would be better that the vote of rejection should be rescinded, to effect which, some members should change their votes.
Pagina 18 - This conduct of the French republic would well have justified an immediate declaration of war on the part of the United States ; but, desirous of maintaining peace, and still willing to leave open the door of reconciliation with France, the United States contented themselves with preparations for defence, and measures calculated to protect their commerce.
Pagina 10 - I do not know nor believe in the existence of any other invoice or bill of lading of the said goods, wares, and merchandise; that the entry now delivered to the collector contains a just and true account of the said goods, wares, and merchandise, according to the said invoice and bill of lading ; that nothing has been, on my part, nor to my knowledge on the part of any other person, concealed or suppressed, whereby the United States may be defrauded of any part of the duty lawfully due on the said...
Pagina 6 - January, 1781, may collectively agree to accept or refuse the aforesaid commutation, signifying the same, through the commander-in-chief, within six months from this time : That such officers as have retired at different periods, entitled to half pay for life, may collectively, in each State...

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