German Annual of Spatial Research and Policy 2010: Urban Regional Resilience: How Do Cities and Regions Deal with Change?

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Bernhard Müller
Springer Science & Business Media, 29 nov. 2010 - 166 pagini
Resilience is increasingly becoming a catchword in current discussions about urban and regional development. While there has been a strong research focus on sustainability, there is a lack of understanding of the processes and factors that make cities and regions more vulnerable and others more resilient, for example, when dealing with climate change, demographic decline and ageing, as well as economic crises. The German Annual of Spatial Research and Policy 2010 sheds some light on this by discussing examples of how actors deal with change. On the one hand, concepts are described and analysed which are oriented towards increasing urban regional resilience, for example regarding energy consumption, climate change, and urban decline. Moreover, institutional aspects are discussed. On the other hand, barriers for using the concept of resilience in planning are described and suggestions are made about how to deal with these barriers in strategic planning.

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Urban and Regional Resilience A New Catchwordor a Consistent Concept for Research andPractice?
Urban Resilience and New Institutional Theory A Happy Couple for Urban and Regional Studies?
Given the Complexity of Large Cities Can UrbanResilience be Attained at All?
Rebuild the City Towards Resourceefficient UrbanStructures through the Use of Energy ConceptsAdaptation to Climate Change and Land UseManag...
Urban Restructuring Making More from Less
Accomodating Creative Knowledge Workers?Empirical Evidence from Metropoles in Central andEastern Europe
RegionalDevelopment in Switzerland in the Context ofSocial Capital
Path Dependency and Resilience The Example ofLandscape Regions
A Topic for SpatialResearch from a Social Science Perspective
Adaptability of Regional Planning in LowerSaxony to Climate Change
Dealing with Climate Change The Opportunitiesand Conflicts of Integrating Mitigation andAdaptation
Regional Climate Adaptation Research TheImplementation of an Integrative RegionalApproach in the Dresden Model Region
River Landscapes Reference Areas for RegionallySpecific Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change
Strategic Planning Approaches to Coping withthe Crisis of Shrinking Cities
Typologies of the Built Environment and theExample of Urban Vulnerability Assessment
Appendix List of Authors

Resilience and Resistance of Buildings and BuiltStructures to Flood Impacts Approaches toAnalysis and Evaluation
Planning for Risk Reduction and Organizing forResilience in the Context of Natural Hazards
Appendix Portrait of the Editors Institutions
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