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School Library

Library Movement Growing

by Nora E. Beust, Specialist for School and Children's Libraries

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of volumes

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76 360 157 544

98, 228 352. 062 169, 160 680, 958

89 224 155 187 43

760,000 431, 158, 505

405, 746


HE OFFICE of Education is preparing Book stock in the centralized libraries of plete but in 1947-48 there was a school

a statistical circular regarding school li- these cities increased from 3,388,771 in librarian salary expenditure of $2,803,717 brary facilities in cities of 100,000 or more 1941-42 to 4,271,367 in 1947-48, or 26 reported by the five cities of more than a population based on data obtained from percent.

million population, included in the Office of superintendents of schools. Evidence indi- Expenditures for books, pamphlets, pe

Education survey. cates the growing importance to children of riodicals, and newspapers reported in 1947– up-to-date and effective library service in 48 showed an upward trend of 138 percent

School library statistics for cities of schools. over the 1941–42 expenditure of $494,272.

1,000,000 population or more, 1947-48 Returns from superintendents of schools The 1947-48 expenditure was $1,178,214. in the 5 cities of more than a million popuTwo school systems indicated an expendi

Centralized libraries lation show, for example, that there are now ture for audio-visual materials amounting to 1,310 centralized school libraries in these $138,348. Another indicated data not avail



Number cities, a 14 percent increase during the past able and still another reported a special di6 years.

vision in this area. In 1941-42 no data A larger number of elementary schools were reported from these cities for audiohave established centralized libraries in re- visual material expenditures from the licent years. There were 946 reported in brary budget.

1, 310 1, 474, 196

434, 271, 367 1947–48 as contrasted with 779 in 1941-42, The total amount for salaries paid to

Los Angeles, Calif...

Chicago, Ill.
an increase of 21 percent.
school librarians in 1941-42 was incom-

Detroit, Mich.
New York, N. Y.

1, 459, 222 In addition, the school systems in the five

Philadelphia, Pa.

173, 788

487, 894 large cities reported 574 elementary schools Number of schools by type of library with classroom collections only. This type service offered in cities of 1,000,000 of service was not reported for high schools

population or more, 1947–48 of the five systems. It is interesting to no.

LEADERSHIP tice that the service centered in classrooms

Type of service

(Continued from page 27) is also on a decrease in elementary schools.


Class. Other

operative projects, one essential type must There were 756 schools with this type of

brary service in 1942, as contrasted with the pres

be that which is undertaken by this Cononly

ference of Professors, and which will form ent 574, a decrease of 24 percent.

the basis for further meetings of this group. The number of full-time librarians em

It proposed therefore that during the year ployed in these cities was 656 in 1941-42 Total.

1, 920

1,310 and 698 in 1947-48. All of these school

ahead appropriate factual studies shall be Los Angeles, Calif.

undertaken under the sponsorship of the systems reported personnel serving in the

Chicago, Ill capacity of director or supervisor of school Detroit, Mich

Planning Committee, the presentation and New York, N. Y

discussion of which will form the program Philadelphia, Pa. libraries.

of future meetings.

The second conclusion was that the whole Expenditures for school libraries, purpose, and amount, in cities of 1,000,000 problem of research and action projects population or more, 1947-48

needs further study. The recommendation

therefore was made that the Planning ComPurpose

mittee be encouraged to secure and allocate

funds for a research committee organized Binding Salaries


to develop research and action projects. As binding

a start in the right direction this committee outlined some 30 roughly formulated re

search and action proposals. $4, 355, 182 $2,803, 717 $1, 137, 706 $40, 508 $137, 103

$138, 348 $49, 882 $47,918 These recommendations were approved Los Angeles, Calif...

462, 222
760, 593
75,000 120, 750

49, 882
Chicago, Ill.
1,035, 815

by the conference and specific plans were

24, 733 Detroit, Mich.

7, 900 New York, N. Y 674, 356


made to implement them during the coming Philadelphia, Pa.

182, 537
131, 991 40, 964 7, 124

year through institutional studies in 1949– i Special division.

50 of "Ways and Means by Which an


Total Cen.



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Cameron D. Ebaugh

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Dr. CAMERON D. EBAUGH, a member of the staff in the Division of International Educational Relations, died of a cerebral hemorrhage on September 21, 1949. Dr. Ebaugh came to the Office of Education in 1943 in the Division of Comparative Education.

As a result of his studies of Latin-Ameri. can Education, Dr. Ebaugh was the author of Education in Chile, Education in Peru, Education in Ecuador, Education in Guatemala, Education in El Salvador, Education in Nicaragua, Education in the Dominican Republic.

He was born in Chambersburg, Pa., October 25, 1893; received his B. A. and Ph. D. at Johns Hopkins University. Before joining the staff of the Office of Education, Dr. Ebaugh had an illustrious teaching career at Miami University, Rice Institute, Middlebury College, and Shorter College.

Elementary school library, Waco, Tex.


Recent Changes in Office of Education Personnel · Appointed Name


Division Former Employment Margaret M. Alex- Agent for Home Eco- Vocational.... University of Missouri. ander.

nomics Education. Willard W. Blaes- Specialist for Student Higher....... Washington State Col. Personnel Programs.

lege. Erick L. Lind- Chief, School Finance. School Admin- Department of Public

istration. Instruction, State of

Washington. Zxlema P. Price.. Agent for Home Eco- Vocational.... Alcorn A & M College, nomics Education

Alcorn, Miss. (temporary). Arne W. Randall. Specialist in Fine Arts. Elementary .. Eastern Washington

College of Education,

Cheney, Wash. Frank L. Sievers. Specialist Individual Vocational.... University of Maryland.

Inventory and Coun

seling Techniques. Bernard B. Wat- Specialist for Physics. Higher....... Temple University


Institution Can Improve Its Program for the Preparation of Educational Administrative Leadership.” The Conference elected a Project Chairman and Co-Chairman and set up 6 subcommittees to develop projects related to: (1) Philosophy or Point of View, (2) Qualities of Leadership, (3) Program Organization, (4) The Program, (5) Personnel Policies, and (6) Institutional Evaluation.

It was upon this note of action and with these purposes that the Clear Lake work conference adjourned.

Members of the Planning Committee for the National Conference of Professors of Educational Administration for 1949–50 are: Clyde M. Campbell, Michigan State College, chairman; Daniel R. Davies, Teachers College, Columbia University; Dana M. Cotton, Harvard University; David W. Mullins, Alabama Polytechnic Institute; Roald F. Campbell, University of Utah; G. T. Stubbs, Oklahoma A. & M. College; Dan H. Cooper, State University of Iowa; Eugene S. Lawler, Northwestern Uni. versity; Edgar L. Morphet, University of California at Berkeley; Daniel R. Davies, Columbia University, treasurer; John Lund, Office of Education, secretary. Walter D. Cocking, chairman, Board of Editors, The School Executive, New York City, and John Dale Russell, Office of Education, are consultants to the Committee.






New Employment Arthur L. Benson Specialist Individual Vocational.... Educational Testing Inventory and Coun

Service, Princeton, N. seling Techniques.

J. Marian Brown... Agent for Home Eco- University of Vermont.

nomics Education. William H. Cole- Resident Educational Veterans Edu- Department of the Officer.

cational Fa- Army.

cilities. William H. Con- Specialist for Junior Higher....... Loyola University, Chiley.

Colleges and Lower

Divisions. Mary Lee Hurt... Agent for Home Eco- Vocational.... Future Homemakers of nomics Education.

America. Edwin H. Miner.. Associate Commis- Office of the Office of the Secretary sioner.

Commissioner of Defense. Edgar L. Mor- Chief, School Finance. School Admin- University of California. phet.

istration. Harold Panke.... Specialist for Exchange International. Alabama Polytechnic of Professors, Teach

Institute, Auburn, ers, and Students.


cago, Iu.

New Books and Pamphlets

Selected Theses in Education

p. ms.

tute to its membership, its friends, and any

others whose interest in the development of Bibliography of Research Studies in Mu- cies. Prepared by the United Nations De

the educational system in the United States sic Education 1932–1948. Prepared by partment of Public Information. New

goes beyond a mere passing fancy. New

York, The American Textbook Publishers William S. Larson and presented by the York, Manhattan Publishing Company,

Institute, 1949. 139 p. $2. Music Education Research Council. Chi- 1948. 47 p. Illus. 50 cents.

These Are Your Children; How They cago, Ill., Music Educators National Con

Opportunities in Home Economics: An

Develop and How To Guide Them. By ference (64 East Jackson Boulevard), 1949. Annotated Bibliography on Home Eco

Gladys Gardner Jenkins, Helen Shacter, and 119 p. $2. nomics Careers. By Charlotte Biester.

William U. Bauer. Chicago, Ill., Scott, Cooperative Extension Work. By Lin. Millbrae, Calif., The National Press, 1948.

Foresman and Co., 1949. 192 p. Illus. coln David Kelsey and Cannon Chiles 50 p. $1.

$3.50. Hearne. Ithaca, N. Y., Comstock Publish- Perception of Symbol Orientation and

Youth-Key to America's Future; an ing Co., 1949. Illus. 424 p. $4. Early Reading Success. By Muriel Cath

Annotated Bibliography. By M. M. ChamCritical Issues and Trends in American erine Potter. New York, Teachers College,

bers and Elaine Exton. Washington, D. C., Education. Edited by E. Duncan Grizzell Columbia University, 1949. 69 p. (Con

American Council on Education, 1949. and Lee 0. Garber. Philadelphia, Pa., The tributions to Education, No. 939) $2.10.

117 p. $2. American Academy of Political and So- Textbooks in Education. A Report from

-Susan 0. Futterer, Associate Librarian, cial Science, 1949. 231 p. (The Annals of The American Textbook Publishers Insti

Federal Security Agency Library. the American Academy of Political and Social Science, vol. 265, September 1949.) $2.

Education Through Physical Activities; Physical Education and Recreation for

An Analysis of Principles Related to Vo. the Secondary Level. By Wesley M. Staton. Elementary Grades. By Pattric Ruth O'.

cational Guidance Practice. By Harry L. Doctor's, 1948. Boston University. 103 Keefe and Helen Fahey. St. Louis, Mo.,

Coderre, jr. Doctor's, 1949. Harvard UniThe C. V. Mosby Co., 1949. 309 p. Illus. . versity. 309 p. ms.

Lists in tabular form the major and minor fun$4.

Discusses the present and future status of voca- damental concepts of healthful living, and de

tional guidance and the relationship between theory scribes the techniques employed in selecting them. First Aid Textbook for Juniors. Issued

and practice. Offers suggestions for the improveby The American National Red Cross. ment of vocational guidance practice.

The Effect of Reading Instruction on Philadelphia, The Blakiston Company,

Achievement in Eighth Grade Social 1949. 132 p. Illus. $1.

Children's Experiences Prior to First

Studies. By Kathleen B. Rudolf. Doctor's, A Health Program For Colleges: A Re- Grade and Success in Beginning Reading. 1947. Teachers College, Columbia Uniport of the Third National Conference on By Millie C. Almy. Doctor's, 1948.

versity. 72 p. Health in Colleges, May 7-10, 1947, New Teachers College, Columbia University.

Analyzes data on 365 pupils in three Rochester, York, N. Y. New York, National Tubercu

N. Y., public schools, divided into experimental Josis Association, 1948. 152 p. $2.

Explores the possible relationships between suc

and control groups. Homemaking Education For Adults. By cess in beginning reading and reading experiences before the first grade, by studying 106 children in

An Evaluation of Instructional Film Maude Williamson and Mary S. Lyle. New

five first grades in three schools in Elmont, N. Y. Usage in United States Navy Training AcYork, Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., 1949.

tivities, Other Than Air, World War II with 236 p. $2.50.

A Determination of Fundamental Con

Implications for Post-War Civilian EducaHow Peoples Work Together. The cepts of Healthful Living and Their Rela

tion. By Julio L. Bortolazzo. Doctor's, United Nations and the Specialized Agen- tive Importance for General Education at

1949. Harvard University. 340 p. ms.

Suggests a plan for the improvement of education on the college level through the use of audio

visual aids. Subscription Blank

The Negro and Education in Missouri. SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTS,

By Ulysses S. Donaldson. Master's, 1948.

Indiana State Teachers College. 77 p. ms. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C.:

Traces the history of Negro education in MisPlease send me School Life for 1 year, and find $1 (check or money order) souri and the laws governing it. enclosed as payment.

Nursery School Administration in New School superintendents please note: On all orders for 100 copies or more to Jersey. By William F. Lawrence. Docbe sent to one address, there is a discount of 25 percent.

tor's, 1947. New York University. 195

124 p.

p. ms.

[blocks in formation]

Evaluates factors in the administration of 21 nursery schools in New Jersey which are operated by the boards of education of 12 communities.

_Ruth G. Strawbridge, Bibliographer, Federal Security Agency Library,

SCHOOL LIFE, ·November 1949

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*. . . The very least we could do is to shut off the spigot which lets scores of thousands of functionally illiterate youth pour past the compulsory attendance ages each year into adult life ...".

P. 34

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Page Nliteracy in the Americas

33 Survey of Adult Education--State Departments of Education To Fit the Times_ 35 Trading Posts for Teachers--

36 Flight Enlightenment for Pupils and Teachers

37 On Other Countries_

37 Number Portraits of Typical High Schools

38 Aids to Education-By Sight and Sound

39 Life Adjustment Education for Youth_

40 Concepts Reflected in School Housing Bills_

42 0. Soglow Cartoon in Support of Better Education_ 43 Free Textbook Trends Across the Nation

44 VFW Supports Education for Democracy

45 Ed-Press Association Officers

45 United States History Is Taught in Our High Schools. 46 Selected Theses in Education.

47 New Books and Pamphlets

48 Subscription Blank

48 Educational Aids From Your Government. Inside Back Cover

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"... Both junior and senior high-school courses in United States history place considerable emphasis on the period before 1865 ..."

School Life is indexed in Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature, and in Education Index.

Published each month of the school year, October through June. To order SCHOOL LIFE send your check, money order, or a dollar bill (no stamps) with your subscription request to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C. SCHOOL LIFE service comes to you at a school-year subscription price of $1.00. Yearly fee to countries in which the frank of the U. S. Government is not recognized is $1.50. A discount of 25 percent is allowed on orders for 100 copies or more sent to one address within the United States. Printing of SCHOOL LIFE has been approved by the Director of the Bureau of the Budget. OSCAR R. EWING........... Federal Security Administrator EARL JAMES MCGRATH... Commissioner of Education RALPH C. M. FLYNT.......... Executive Assistant to the Commissioner GEORGE KERRY SMITH... Chief, Information and Publications Service JOHN H. LLOYD............. Assistant Chief, Information and Publications

Service Address all SCHOOL LIFE inquiries to the Chief, Information and Publications Service, Office of Education, Federal Security Agency,

Washington 25, D. C.

p. 46

THE Office of Education was estab

lished in 1867 “for the purpose of collecting such statistics and facts as shall show the condition and progress of education in the sev. eral States and Territories, and of dif. fusing such information respecting the organization and management of schools and school systems and methods of teaching, as shall aid the people of the United States in the establishment and main. tenance of efficient school sys. tems, and otherwise promote the cause of education throughout the


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