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ALTHOUGH when this work was written some weeks, and part of it months since, yet the author had very little doubt of something like the consequences which have been announced this day (September 23) to the public

newspapers. One article contains a notice of a hostile meeting having taken place between Lord Castlereagh, attended by Lord Yarmouth, and Mr. Canning, attended by a Mr. Ellis. On the second fire, Mr. Canning was severely wounded in the thigh.

This is indeed

The Devil among the Placemen!

The other article we shall extract terbatim


literatim from the Times newspaper, without making any comment whatever

on it :

“ Yesterday the Middlesex Jury found a bill of indictment, for a conspiracy, against Mary Anne Clarke, Francis Wright, and Daniel Wright, for an attempt to defraud Col. Wardle of the price of certain household furniture sent to Mrs. Clarke's house in Westbourne Place. The bill was found upon the evidence of Major Dodd, Mr. Glennie, and other respectable witnesses ; and warrants were directed to issue for the apprehension of the accused parties, in order to take their trial at the next Middlesex Session. Col. Wardle was under examination nearly three bours."



G. L. WARDLE, Esq, M. P.

As Honest T'RAY was guarding the door of his master, a yelping pack of hungry curs endeavoured to drive, or seduce him away, by threats, or cajolings; but Honest Tray lifted up his leg, showered down a plenteous stream of contempt upon the insidious curs, and remained firm to his duty.


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