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When our Blessed Lord and Saviour wished to point out one of the most wonderful things which He had brought to pass in this world, He said "The poor have the Gospel preached to them." MAT. xi, 5.

The Religion of Jesus Christ is good and merciful to all persons, but it is especially the friend of the poor. Thus it is that one day of sacred rest is set apart every week, when the labourer ceases from his toil, and has time to


think about his soul and prepare for Heaven. Then the house of God is open to him, where he can go and pray, and hear the word of his Heavenly Father read, explained, and preached. He may also buy very cheaply, or perhaps obtain as a gift, his best adviser and companion, the Holy Bible. And if he lives in a very favoured place, some good person may visit him at his own house, and leave small books, full of useful instruction. If himself, or any of his family, is sick, they will be attended to; and his little children sent to school, to be brought up according to the commandment, "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." EPH. vi, 4.

All these and many other such blessings were never known or thought of before the blessed Gospel of the Son of God began to be preached in the world. The poor enjoy none of these benefits in any country where Christianity is not known; and they generally experience the greatest measure of these blessings in those places where God has been pleased to cause the light of His Truth to shine the brightest.

It would be very well if all persons remembered always how much they owe, even here upon earth, to that blessed religion which the Divine Redeemer has brought to them. And particularly let any humble inhabitant of the lowest cottage read these gracious words which the Holy Spirit ordered the Apostle to write"Hearken, my beloved brethren, hath not God chosen the poor of this world, rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which He hath promised to them that love Him!" James, ii, 5. Oh! what compassion is there in God, who not only sends His own Son to seek for and save His poor creatures; but also looks into every ones case, considers their trials, temptations, and wants, and then puts down in His own book the promises which He knows they will most need!

This holy Scripture seems like a light breaking forth in the midst of darkness, sent to give comfort to the burthened heart; and to cheer with hope the forlorn and miserable scenes where sickness, sorrow, and death prevail. There are many, no doubt, on whom these words of

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