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the ages.

sat upon them, and judgement

other book was opened, which was given unto them: and I

is the book of life: and the saw the souls of them that 1 0r, dead were judged out of the had been beheaded for the authority things which were written in testimony of Jesus, and for

the books, according to their the word of God, and such

works. And the sea gave up 13 as worshipped not the beast, 2 Some the dead which were in it; neither his image, and receive ancient and death and Hades gave ed not the mark upon their authori- up the dead which were in

ties read forehead and upon their hand;

them: and they were judged

the. and they lived, and reigned

every man according to their with Christ a thousand years.

works. And death and Hades 14 5 The rest of the dead lived not

were cast into the lake of fire, untilthe thousand years should 3 Some This is the second death, even be finished. This is the first ancient

the lake of fire. And if any 15

authori6 resurrection. Blessed and holy

ties in

was not found written in the is he that hath part in the first sert from book of life, he was cast into resurrection: over these the se- God. the lake of fire. cond death hath no 1 power;

And I saw a new heaven 21 but they shall be priests of God

and a new earth: for the and of Christ, and shall reign 4 Gr. first heaven and the first earth with him 2 a thousand years.

unto the are passed away; and the sea 7 And when the thousand

ayes of is no more. And I saw 5 the 2 ycars are finished, Satan shall

holy city, new Jerusalem, combe loosed out of his prison,

ing down out of heaven from 8 and shall come forth to de

God, made ready as a bride ceive the nations which are 5 Or, the

adorned for her husband. And 3 in the four corners of the holy city I heard a great voice out of earth, Gog and Magog, to


the throne saying, Behold, the

lem comgather them together to the

tabernacle of God is with men,

ing down the number of whom is

neue out and he shall 6 dwell with them, 9 as the sand of the sea. And of heaven and they shall be his peoples, they went up over the breadth

and God himself shall be with of the earth, and compassed

them, 7 and be their God: and 4 the camp of the saints about, 6 Gr. ta- he shall wipe away every tear and the beloved city: and fire bernacle. from their eyes; and death came down 3 out of heaven,

shall be no more; neither 10 and devoured them. And the

shall there be mourning, nor devil that deceived them was

7 Some

crying, nor pain, any more: cast into the lake of fire and

the first things are passed

ancient brimstone, where are also the authori- away. And he that sitteth 5 beast and the false prophet; ties omit, on the throne said, Behold, I

and be and they shall be tormented

their God.

make all things new. And he day and night 4 for ever and

saith, 8 Write: for these words ever.

are faithful and true. And 6 11 And I saw a great white

he said unto me, They are throne, and him that sat upon

come to pass. I am the Al

Write, from whoso face the ea


pha and the Omega, the beand the heaven fled away ; words ginning and the endI will

and there was found no place are faith- give unto him that is athirst 12 for them. And I saw the

ful and of the fountain of the water

true, dead, the great and the small,

of life freely. He that over- 7 standing before the throne;

cometh shall inherit these and books were opened: andan

things; and I will be his God,

8 Or,

8 and he shall be my son.


the measure of a man, that is, for the fearful, and unbeliev

of an angel. And the building 18 ing, and abominable, and mur- 1 Gr. of the wall thereof was jasper: derers, and fornicators, and luminary. and the city was pure gold, sorcerers, and idolaters, and

like unto pure glass. The 19 all liars, their part shall be

foundations of the wall of the in the lake that burneth with 2 Gr. city were adorned with all fire and brimstone; which is portals. manner of precious stones. the second death.

The first foundation was jas9 And there came one of the

per; the second, 3 sapphire; seven angels who had the 3 Or, lapis the third, chalcedony; the seven bowls, who were laden lazuli fourth, emerald; the fifth, sar- 20 with the seven last plagues ;

donyx ; the sixth, sardius ; and he spake with me, saying,

the seventh, chrysolite ; the Come hither, I will shew thee 4 Or, eighth, beryl; the ninth, to

the bride, the wife of the Lamb. sapphire paz; the tenth, chrysoprase; 10 And he carried me away in

the eleventh, 4 jacinth; the the Spirit to a mountain great

twelfth, amethyst. And the 21 and high, and shewed me the 50r, trans- twelve 2 gates were twelve holy city Jerusalem, coming parent as pearls; each one of the seve

down out of heaven from God, glass ral 2 gates was of one pearl : 11 having the glory of God: her

and the street of the city was 1 light was like unto a stone

pure gold, 5 as it were transmost precious, as it were a 6 Or, and parent glass. And I saw no 22

jasper stone, clear as crystal: the Lamb, temple therein: for the Lord 12 having a wall great and high; thereof God the Almighty, and the having twelve 2 gates, and at

Lamb, are the temple thereof. the gates twelve angels ;

And the city hath no need of 23 and names written thereon, 7 0r, by

the sun, neither of the moon, which are the names of the

to shine upon it: for the glory twelve tribes of the children

of God did lighten it, 6 and 13 of Israel: on the east were 8 Gr. the lamp thereof is the Lamb. three 2 gates; and on the north

And the nations shall walk 24 three 2 gates; and on the south

7 amidst the light thereof: and three 2 gates; and on the west

the kings of the earth do bring 14 three 2 gates. And the wall 9 Or, doeth their glory into it. And the 25 of the city had twelve foun

2 gates thereof shall in no wise dations, and on them twelve

be shut by day (for there shall names of the twelve apostles 10 Or, the be no night there): and they 26 15 of the Lamb. And he that Lamb. In shall bring the glory and the

spake with me had for a mea- the midst honour of the nations into it: sure a golden reed to measure

of the

and there shall in no wise 27

street the city, and the 2 gates there


enter into it any thing 8 un16 of, and the wall thereof. And

and on

clean, or he that maketh an athe city lieth foursquare, and either side bomination and a lie: but only the length thereof is as great river, scag they which are written in the as the breadth: and he mea- the tree of Lamb's book of life. And 22 sured the city with the reed, life he shewed me a river of twelve thousand furlongs: the

water of life, bright as crystal, length and the breadth and

proceeding out of the throne the height thereof are equal. 110r, atree of God and of 10 the Lamb, in 2 17 And he measured the wall

the midst of the street there. thereof, a hundred and forty

of. And on this side of the and four cubits, according to

river and on that was 11 the


2 Or,

No more

the ages.


tree of life, bearing twelve

cousness 4 still: and he that 1 manner of fruits, yielding its 107 crops is holy, let him be made holy fruit every month and the

of fruit

4 still. Behold, I come quick- 12 leaves of the tree were for the

ly; and my 5 reward is with 3 healing of the nations. And

me, to render to each man there shall be 2 no curse any any thing according as his work is. I 13 more: and the throne of God accursed am the Alpha and the Omega, and of the Lamb shall be

the first and the last, the betherein: and his servants shall

3 Gr.

ginning and the end. Blessed 14 4 do him service; and they shall unto the are they that wash their robes, see his face; and his name

ages of

that they may have the right shall be on their foreheads.

to come to the tree of life, and 5 And there shall be night no

may enter in by the 7 gates more; and they need no light + Or, into the city. Without are the 15 of lamp, neither light of sun; yet more dogs, and the sorcerers, and for the Lord God shall give

the fornicators, and the murthem light: and they shall 50r, wages derers, and the idolaters, and reign 3 for ever and ever.

everyone that loveth and 6 And he said unto me, These 6 Or. the 8 maketh a lie.

words are faithful and true: authority I Jesus have sent mine an- 16 and the Lord, the God of the

gel to testify unto you these spirits of the prophets, sent

things for the churches. I his angel to shew unto his ser-7 Gr. am the root and the offspring vants the things which must portals.

of David, the bright, the morn7 shortly come to pass. And be

ing star. hold, I come quickly. Bless-8 Or, doeth 10 And the Spirit and the 17 ed is he that keepeth the

bride say, Come. And he that words of the prophecy of this 9 Gr. over. heareth, let him say, Come. book.

And he that is athirst, let him 8 And I John am he that

come: he that will, let him heard and saw these things. 100r, Both take the

water of life freely. And when I heard and saw,

I testify unto every man that 18 I fell down to worship before 11Gr. upon. heareth the words of the pro the feet of the angel which

phecy of this book, If any man 9 shewed me these things. And

12 Or, even

shall add 11 unto them, God he saith unto me, See thou do

from the

shall add 11 unto him the it not: I am a fellow-servant


plagues which are written in with thee and with thy bre

which are this book: and if any man 19

written thren the prophets, and with

shall take away from the words them which keep the words of

of the book of this prophecy, this book : worship God. 13 Some God shall take away his part 10 And he saith unto me, Seal


from the tree of life, and out

authorinot up the words of the pro- ties add

of the holy city, 12 which are phecy of this book; for the Christ. written in this book. 11 time is at hand. He that is

He which testifieth these 20 unrighteous, let him do un- 14 Two things saith, Yea : I come righteousness 4 still: and he ancient quickly. Amen: come, Lord that is filthy, let him be made



rities filthy 4 still: and he that is

The grace of the Lord Jesus 13 21 righteous, let him do right-1 with all. be 14 with the saints. Amen,


List of readings and renderings preferred by the American

Committee, recorded at their desire. See Preface, page ix.


I. Strike out "S." (i.e. Saint) from the title of the Gospels and from

the heading of the pages. II, Strike out “the Apostle” from the title of the Pauline Epistles,

and “of Paul the Apostle” from the title of the Epistle to the Hebrews; strike out the word “General” from the title of the Epistles of James, Peter, 1 John, and Jude; and let the title of

the Revelation run “The Revelation of John." III. For“Holy Ghost” adopt uniformly the rendering “Holy Spirit.” IV. At the word “worship” in Matt. ii. 2, etc., add the marginal note

“The Greek word denotes an act of reverence, whether paid to

man (see chap. xviii. 26) or to God (see chap. iv. 10).” V. Pụt into the text uniformly the marginal rendering “through"

in place of" by" when it relates to prophecy, viz. in Matt. ii. 5, 17, 23; iii. 3; iv, 14; viii. 17; xii. 17; xiii. 35; xxi. 4; xxiv. 15;

xxvii. 9; Luke xviii. 31; Acts ii. 16; xxviii. 25. VI. For“ tempt” ("temptation ") substitute "try” or “ make trial of”

(“ trial") wherever enticement to what is wrong is not evidently spoken of; viz. in the following instances: Matt. iv. 7; xvi. 1; xix. 3; xxii. 18, 35; Mark viii. 11; x. 2; xii. 15; Luke iv. 12; x. 25; xi. 16 ; xxii. 28; John viii. 6; Acts v. 9; xv. 10; 1 Cor. x. 9;

Heb. iii. 8, 9; 1 Pet. i. 6. VII. Substitute modern forms of speech for the following archaisms, viz. “who” or “that” for which" when used of persons;

for be" in the present indicative;"know" knew” foć

"wot” “ wist”; “drag” or “ drag away” for “hale.” VIII. Substitute for “devil” ("devils") the word “demon” (“demons")

wherever the latter word is given in the margin (or represents the Greek words dainwv, dalmóvlov); and for "possessed with a devil” (or “devils”) substitute either “demoniac” or “possessed.

with a demon" (or “demons”). IX. After“ baptize” let the marg. “Or, in" and the text "with” ex

change places. X. Let the word “testament” be everywhere changed to "covenant”

(without an alternate in the margin), except in Heb. ix. 15-17. XI. Wherever “patience” occurs as the rendering of unrouovń add

stedfastness as an alternate in the margin, except in 2 Cor.

i. 6; James v. 11; Luke viii. 15; Heb. xii. 1. XII. Let dooáplov (Matt. x. 29; Luke xii. 6) be translated "penny,”

and envápcov “shilling, except in Matt. xxii. 19; Mark xii. 15; Luke xx. 24, where the name of the coin, "a denarius," should

be given. XIII. Against the expression “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” add the marginal rendering “Or, God and the Father"



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etc.; viz. in Rom. xv. 6; 2 Cor. i. 3; xi. 31 ; Eph. i. 3; Col. i. 3; 1 Pet. i. 3. And against the expression “our God and Father” add the marg. "Or, God and our Father" ; viz. in Gal. i. 4; Phil. iv. 20; 1 Thess. i. 3; iii. 11, 13; James i. 27. And against the expression “his God and Father" add

the marg. Or, God and his Father, viz. in Rev. i. 6. XIV. Let the use of " fulfil" be confined to those cases in which

it denotes “accomplish,” “ bring to pass," or the like.


III. 7 Against “to his baptism” add marg. Or, for baptism
10 For" is the axe laid unto" read “the axe lieth at" So in

Luke iii. 9.
VI. 11 Let the marg. read Gr. our brend for the coming day, or our

needful bread. So in Luke xi. 3.
27 For “his stature” read “the measure of his life" (with

marg. Or, his stature) So in Luke xii. 25. VIII. 4 Here and in Matt. xxvii. 65; Mark i. 44, for “ go thy (your)

read simply “go” IX. 6,8 For "power" read "authority” (see marg. 5) So in Mark ii.

10; Luke v. 24. X. 39 "life" strike out the marg. So in xvi. 25; Mark viii. 35;

Luke ix. 24; xvii. 33; John xii. 25. XII. 23 For “Is this the son of David ?" read “Can this be the son

of David ?" (comp. John iv. 29.) 31 “unto men” strike out the marg. XIX. 14 For “of such is ” read "to such belongeth" with marg. Or,

of such is So in Mark x. 14; Luke xviii. 16. XX. 1 For “that is" read “that was" XXII. 23 For marg. 5 read “Many ancient authorities read saying." XXIII. 9 For “Father, which is in heaven” read “Father, even he

who is in heaven."

23 For "judgement” read "justice” So in Luke xi. 42. XXVI. 29 For "I will not drink" read "I shall not drink” Similarly

in Mark xiv. 25; Luke xxii. 16, 18. XXVII. 27 For “ palace” read “Prætorium” with marg. Or, palace [as

in Mark xv. 16] So in John xviii. 28, 33; xix. 9.

II. 4, 9, 11, 12 "bed" add marg. Or, pallet So in vi. 55; John v. 8,

9, 10, 11, 12; Acts v. 15; ix. 33. VII. 4 For “wash" read “bathe” (comp. Luke xi. 38.] X. 13 For “ brought” read “were bringing So in Luke xviii. 15.

32 "and they that followed” etc. omit the marg.

45 For “For verily” etc, read “For the Son of man also" etc. XI. 24 For “have received " read “receive" with marg. Gr. received. XIV. 3 For “spikenard” read "pure nard” (with marg. Or, liquid

nard), and omit marg. 2 So in John xii. 3.

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