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keep the word of my patience,

and he with me. He that 21 I also will keep thee from the

overcometh, I will give to him hour of 1 trial, that hour which

to sit down with me in my is to come upon the whole

throne, as I also overcame, 2 world, to 3 try them that dwell

and sat down with my Father 11 upon the earth. I come quick

in his throne. He that hath 22 ly: hold fast that which thou 10r, temp- an ear, let him hear what the hast, that no one take thy tation

Spirit saith to the churches. 12 crown. He that overcometh,

After these things I saw, and 4 I will make him a pillar in the

behold, a door opened in hea4 temple of my God, and he

ven, and the first yoice which shall go out thence no more:

I heard, a voice as of a trumand I will write upon him the

pet speaking with me, one sayname of my God, and the name

ing, Come up hither, and I of the city of my God, the new 2 Gr. will shew thee the things which Jerusalem, which cometh down inhabited must 5 come to pass hereafter.

out of heaven from my God, earth. Straightway I was in the Spi- 2 13 and mine own new name. He

rit: and behold, there was a that hath an ear, let him hear

throne set in heaven, and one what the Spirit saith to the

sitting upon the throne; and 3 churches,

he that sat was to look upon 14 And to the angel of the

like a jasper stone and a sarchurch in Laodicea write;

dius: and there was a rainThese things saith the Amen, 30r, tempt bow round about the throne, the faithful and true witness,

like an emerald to look upon. the beginning of the creation

And round about the throne 4 15 of God: I know thy works,

were four and twenty thrones : that thou art neither cold nor

and upon the thrones I saw hot: I would thou wert cold

four and twenty elders sitting, 16 or hot. So because thou art

arrayed in white garments; lukewarm, and neither hot nor

and on eir heads crowns of cold, I will spew thee out of 4 Or, sanc- gold. And out of the throne 5

tuary : 17 my mouth. Because thou say- and so

proceed lightnings and voices est, I am rich, and have got through- and thunders. And there were ten riches, and have need of out this seven lamps of fire burning

book. nothing; and knowest not that

before the throne, which are thou art the wretched one and

the seven Spirits of God; and 6 miserable and poor and blind

before the throne, as it were a 18 and naked : I counsel thee to

glassy sea like unto crystal ; buy of me gold refined by fire,

and in the midst of the throne, that thou mayest become rich;

and round about the throne, and white garments, that thou

four living creatures full of mayest clothe thyself, and that 5 Or, come eyes before and behind. And 7 the shame of thy nakedness

the first creature was like a be not made manifest; and


lion, and the second creature eyesalve to anoint thine eyes, things

like a calf, and the third crea19 that thou mayest see. As many struight- ture had a face as of a man, as I love, I reprove and chas- ecay dic.

and the fourth creature was ten: be zealous therefore, and

like a flying eagle. And the 8 20 repent. Behold, I stand at

four living creatures, having the door and knock: if any

each one of them six wings, man hear my voice and open

are full of eyes round about the door, I will come in to

and within: and they have him, and will sup with him,

no rest day and night, saying,

to pass.

ages of

the ages.

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord

And when he had taken the 8 God, the Almighty, which was

book, the four living creatures and which is and I which is to

and the four and twenty elders 9 come. And when the living

fell down before the Lamb, creatures shall give glory and

having each one a harp, and honour and thanks to him 10r, which golden bowls full of incense,

comethi that sitteth on the throne, to

which are the prayers of the him that liveth 2 for ever and

saints. And they sing a new 9 10 ever, the four and twenty eld

song, saying, Worthy art thou ers shall fall down before him

to take the book, and to open that sitteth on the throne, and

the seals thereof: for thou shall worship him that liveth

wast slain, and didst purchase 2 for ever and ever, and shall 2 Gr. unto God with thy blood men

cast their crowns before the anto the of every tribe, and tongue, and 11 throne, saying, Worthy art

people, and nation, and mad- 10 thou, our Lord and our God,

est them to be unto our God to receive the glory and the

a kingdom and priests; and honour and the power: for

they reign upon the earth. thou didst create all things,

And I saw, and I heard a 11 and because of thy will they

voice of many angels round were, and were created.

about the throne and the liv5 And I saw 3 in the right hand 3 Gr. on. ing creatures and the elders; of him that sat on the throne

and the number of them was a book written within and on

ten thousand times ten thouthe back, close sealed with se

sand, and thousands of thou2 ven seals. And I saw a strong

sands; saying with a great 12 angel proclaiming with a great

voice, Worthy is the Lamb voice, Who is worthy to open 4 Some

that hath been slain to receive the book, and to loose the ancient the power, and riches, and 3 seals thereof? And no one in

authori- wisdom, and might, and hothe heaven, or on the earth,

ties omit

nour, and glory, and blessing.

8cueil. or under the earth, was able

And every created thing which 13 to open the book, or to look

is in the heaven, and on the 4 thereon. And I wept much,

earth, and under the earth, because no was found

and on the sea, and all things worthy to open the book, or

that are in them, heard I say. 5 to look thereon: and one of

ing, Unto him that sitteth on the elders saith unto me, Weep 5 Gr. hath the throne, and unto the Lamb, not: behold, the Lion that is talen.

be the blessing, and the hoof the tribe of Judah, the

nour, and the glory, and the Root of David, hath overcome,

dominion, 2 for ever and ever. to open the book and the seven

And the four living crea- 14 6 seals thereof. And I saw in

tures said, Amen. And the the midst of the throne and of

elders fell down and worshipthe four living creatures, and | 6 Some ped. in the midst of the elders, a ancient And I saw when the Lamb 6. Lamb standing, as though it


opened one of the seven seals, had been slain, having seven

ties add
and see.

and I heard one of the four horns, and seven eyes, which

living creatures saying as with are the 4 seven Spirits of God,

a voice of thunder, Come 6. sent forth into all the earth.

And I saw, and behold, a 2 7 And he came, and he 5 taketh

white horse, and he that sat it out of the right hand of

thereon had a bow; and there him that sat on the throne.

was given unto him a crown:


4 See

and he came forth conquer

rest yet for a little time, until ing, and to conquer.

their fellow-servants also and 3 And when he opened the

their brethren, which should be second seal, I heard the se

1 Some killed even as they were, should

ancient cond living creature saying,


6 be fulfilled. 4 Come 1 And another horse ties add And I saw when he opened 12 came forth, a red horse: and

and see.

the sixth seal, and there was to him that sat thereon it was

a great earthquake; and the given to take a peace from the

sun became black as sackcloth earth, and that they should

of hair, and the whole moon slay one another: and there 2 Some became as blood; and the stars 13 was given unto him a great


of the heaven fell unto the


ties read earth, as a fig tree casteth her 5 And when he opened the the peace unripe figs, when she is shaken third seal, I heard the third of the

of a great wind. And the hea- 14

earth. living creature saying, Comel.

ven was removed as a scroll And I saw, and behold, a black

when it is rolled up; and horse; and he that sat there

every mountain and island on had a balance in his hand.

were moved out of their places.

3 Gr. 6 And I heard as it were a voice


And the kings of the earth, 15 in the midst of the four living a small and the princes, and the chief creatures saying, A 3 measure measure. captains, and the rich, and the of wheat for a 4 penny, and

strong, and every bondman three measures of barley for

and freeman, hid themselves a penny; and the oil and the

in the caves and in the rocks wine hurt thou not.

of the mountains; and they 16 7 And when he opened the


say to the mountains and to

note on fourth seal, I heard the voice


the rocks, Fall on us, and hide of the fourth living creature xvili. 28. us from the face of him that 8 saying, Comel. And I saw,

sitteth on the throne, and and behold, a pale horse: and

from the wrath of the Lamb: he that sat upon him, his name

for the great day of their wrath 17 was Death; and Hades followed 5 Or, pesti- is come; and who is able to with him. And there was giv- lence stand ? en unto them authority over

After this I saw four angels 7 the fourth part of the earth,

standing at the four corners to kill with sword, and with

of the carth, holding the four samine, and with 5 death, and by 6 Some winds of the earth, that no

the wild beasts of the earth, ancient wind should blow on the earth, 9 And when he opened the

ties read

or on the sea, or upon any fifth seal, I saw underneath have ful- tree. And I saw another angel 2 the altar the souls of them filled ascend from the sunrising, that had been slain for the


having the seal of the living

course. word of God, and for the tes

God: and he cried with a 10 timony which they held : and

great voice to the four angels, they cried with a great voice,

to whom it was given to hurt saying, How long, O Master,

the earth and the sea, saying, 3

7 Or, the holy and true, dost thou military

Hurt not the earth, neither not judge and avenge our tribunes the sea, nor the trees, till we

blood on them that dwell on Gr. shall have sealed the servants 11 the earth? And there was

chiliarchs. of our God on their foreheads. given them to each one a

And I heard the number of 4 white robe; and it was said

them which were sealed, a hununto them, that they should

dred and forty and four thou

the ages.

sand, sealed out of every tribe

whence came they? And I 14 of the children of Israel.

3 say unto him, My lord, thou 5 Of the tribe of Judah were

knowest. And he said to me, sealed twelve thousand :

These are they which come of the tribe of Reuben 1 Gr. The out of the great tribulation, twelve thousand:

Blessing, and they washed their robes, Of the tribe of Gad twelve

and the and made them white in the thousand:

glory, &c.

blood of the Lamb. Therefore 15 6 of the tribe of Asher twelve

are they before the throne of thousand:

God; and they serve him day of the tribe of Naphtali

and night in his temple: and twelve thousand :

he that sitteth on the throne Of the tribe of Manasseh 2 Gr. unto shall spread his tabernacle over twelve thousand :

the ages of them. They shall hunger no 16 7 Of the tribe of Simeon

more, neither thirst any more; twelve thousand :

neither shall the sun strike Of the tribe of Levi twelve

upon them, nor any heat: for 17 thousand :

the Lamb which is in the Of the tribe of Issachar

midst of the throne shall be twelve thousand :

3 Gr.

their shepherd, and shall guide 8 Of the tribe of Zebulun have said them unto fountains of waters twelve thousand :

of life: and God shall wipe of the tribe of Joseph

away every tear from their twelve thousand:

eyes, of the tribe of Benjamin

And when he opened the 8 were sealed twelve thou

seventh seal, there followed a sand.

4 Or, at

silence in heaven about the 9 After these things I saw, and

space of half an hour. And I 2 behold, a great multitude,

saw the seven angels which which no man could number,

stand before God; and there out of every nation, and of all

were given unto them seven tribes and peoples and tongues, 5 Gr. give. trumpets. standing before the throne and

And another angel came and 3 before the Lamb, arrayed in

stood 4 over the altar, having white robes, and palms in their

a golden censer; and there 10 hands; and they cry with a

was given unto him much ingreat voice, saying, Salvation

6 Or, for

cense, that he should 5 add it unto our God which sitteth

unto the prayers of all the on the throne, and unto the

saints upon the golden altar 11 Lamb. And all the angels were

which was before the throne. standing round about the

And the smoke of the incense, 4 throne, and about the elders

6 with the prayers of the saints, and the four living creatures; 7 Gr. hath went up before God out of the and they fell before the throne taken. angel's hand. And the angel 5 on their faces, and worshipped

7 taketh the censer; and he 12 God, saying, Amen: 1 Blessing,

filled it with the fire of the and glory, and wisdom, and

altar, and cast it 8 upon the thanksgiving, and honour, and

earth : and there followed power, and might, be unto our

8 Or, into

thunders, and voices, and lightGod 2 for ever and ever. Amen.

nings, and an earthquake. 13 And one of the elders answer

And the seven angels which 6 ed, saying unto me, These

had the seven trumpets prewhich are arrayed in the white

pared themselves to sound. rohes, who are they, and

And the first sounded, and 7

there followed hail and fire,

And he opened the pit of the 2 mingled with blood, and they

abyss; and there went up a were cast 1 upon the earth :

smoke out of the pit, as the and the third part of the earth

smoke of a great furnace; and was burnt up, and the third

the sun and the air were dark. part of the trees was burnt

ened by reason of the smoke up, and all green grass was

of the pit. And out of the 3 burnt up.

smoke came forth locusts up8 And the second angel sound

on the earth; and power was ed, and as it were a great 10r, into

given them, as the scorpions mountain burning with fire

of the earth have power. And 4 was cast into the sea : and

it was said unto them that the third part of the sea be

they should not hurt the grass 9 came blood; and there died

of the earth, neither any green the third part of the creatures

thing, neither any tree, but which were in the sea, even

only such men as have not they that had life; and the

the seal of God on their forethird part of the ships was

heads. And it was given them 5 destroyed.

that they should not kill them, 10 And the third angel sound

but that they should be tored, and there fell from heaven

2 Gr.

mented five months: and their a great star, burning as a

one eagle. torment was as the torment torch, and it fell upon the

of a scorpion, when it striketh third part of the rivers, and

a man. And in those days men 6 upon the fountains of the

shall seek death, and shall in 11 waters; and the name of the

no wise find it; and they shall star is called Wormwood: and

desire to die, and death fleeth the third part of the waters

from them. And the 3 shapes 7 became wormwood; and many

of the locusts were like unto men died of the waters, be

horses prepared for war; and cause they were made bitter.

upon their heads as it were 12 And the fourth angel sound-3 Gr. crowns like unto gold, and

ed, and the third part of the likenesses. their faces were as men's faces. sun was smitten, and the third

And they had hair as the hair 8 part of the moon, and the third

of women, and their teeth were part of the stars; that the

as the teeth of lions. And they 9 third part of them should be

had breastplates, as it were darkened, and the day should

breastplates of iron; and the not shine for the third part

sound of their wings was as of it, and the night in like

the sound of chariots, of many manner.

horses rushing to war. And 10 13 And I saw, and I heard 2 an

they have tails like unto scoreagle, flying in mid heaven,

pions, and stings; and in their

4 That is, saying with a great voice, Woe; Destroyer. tails is their power to hurt woe, woe, for them that dwell

men five months. They have 11 on the earth, by reason of the

over them as king the angel other voices of the trumpet of

of the abyss : his name in Hethe three angels, who are yet

brew is Abaddon, and in the to sound.

Greek tongue he hath the name 9 And the Afth angel sounded,

4 Apollyon. and I saw a star from heaven

The first Woe is past: be- 12 fallen unto the earth: and

hold, there come yet two Woes there was given to him the

hereafter. key of the pit of the abyss.

And the sixth angel sound, 13

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