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1 The elder unto Gaius the

loveth to have the preemibeloved, whom I love in truth.

nence among them, receiveth 2 Beloved, I pray that in all

us not. Therefore, if I come, 10 things thou mayest prosper

I will bring to remembrance and be in health, even as thy 1 0r, his works which he doeth, 3 soul prospereth. For I 1 re


prating against us with wick

greatly, joiced greatly, when brethren


ed words: and not content came and bare witness unto brethren therewith, neither doth he thy truth, even as thou walkest come and himself receive the brethren,

bear 4 in truth. Greater 2 joy have I

and them that would he for

witness none than 3this, to hear of my

biddeth, and casteth them children walking in the truth.

out of the church. Beloved, 11 5 Beloved, thou doest a faith

imitate not that which is evil, ful work in whatsoever thou

but that which is good. He doest toward them that are 2 Some that doeth good is of God:

brethren and strangers with- ancient he that doeth evil hath not 6 al; who bare witness to thy


seen God. Demetrius hath the 12

ties read love before the church: whom


witness of all men, and of the thou wilt do well to set for

truth itself: yea, we also bear ward on their journey wor

witness; and thou knowest 7 thily of God: because that for

that our witness is true. the sake of the Name they

I had many things to write 13 went forth, taking nothing of 3.0r, these unto thee, but I am unwilling 8 the Gentiles. We therefore


to write them to thee with ink

that I ought to welcome such, that may hear and pen: but

hope shortly 14 we may be fellow-workers with

to see thee, and we shall speak the truth.

face to face. Peace be unto 9 I wrote somewhat unto the

thee. The friends salute thee. church: but Diotrephes, who

Salute the friends by name



1 JUDAS, a 1 servant of Jesus 1 Gr. bond-was constrained to write unto Christ, and brother of James, 290r, to


you exhorting you to contend to them that are called, be- them that earnestly for the faith which loved in God the Father, and

are be

was once for all delivered un2 kept for Jesus Christ : Mercy loved in to the saints. For there are 4

God the unto you and peace and love


certain men crept in privily, be multiplied.

and kept even they who were of old set 3

Beloved, while I was giving for Jesus forth unto this condemnation, all diligence to write unto you


being of our common salvation, I

ungodly men, turning the called grace of our God into lasci,


viousness, and denying lour 1 Or, the own 9 shame; wandering stars, only Master and Lord, Jesus


for whom the blackness of

Master, Christ.

and our

darkness hath been reserved 5 Now I desire to put you in Lord for ever. And to these also 14

Jesus remembrance, though ye know

Enoch, the seventh from A

Christ all things once for all, how

2 Many that 2 the Lord, having saved

dam, profonde, saying, Bevery

came with 10 ten a people out of the land of ancient thousands of his holy ones, to 15

Egypt, 3 afterward destroyed authori- execute judgement upon all, 6 them that believed not. And

ties read

and to convict all the ungodly angels which kept not their

of all their works of ungodli

3 Gr. the own principality, but left their


ness which they have ungodly proper habitation, he hath


wrought, and of all the hard kept in everlasting bonds un- 4 Or, as an things which ungodly sinners der darkness unto the judge- example have spoken against him. These 16

of eternal 7 ment of the great day. Even

fire, suf

are murmurers, complainers, as Sodom and Gomorrah, and fering walking after their lusts (and the cities about them, hav- punish- their mouth speaketh great

ment ing in like manner with these

swelling words), shewing regiven themselves over to forni- 5 Gr. spect of persons for the sake

glories. cation, and gone after strange

of advantage. flesh, are set forth 4 as an ex

6 Or, cor

But ye, beloved, remember 17

rupled ample, suffering the punish

ye the words which have been 8 ment of eternal fire. Yet in

7 Or, cast

spoken before by the apostles like manner these also in their

selves of our Lord Jesus Christ; how 18 dreamings defile the flesh, and

that they said to you, In the set at nought dominion, and


last time there shall be mock9 rail at 5 dignities. But Michael 8 Or, spots ers, walking after their own the archangel, when contend- 9 Gr. ungodly lusts. These are they 19

shames. ing with the devil he disputed

who make separations, 12 senabout the body of Moses, durst 10 Gr.

his holy

sual, having not the Spirit. not bring against him a rail


But ye, beloved, building up 20 ing judgement, but said, The

11 Gr. their

yourselves on your most holy 10 Lord rebuke thee. But these own lusts' faith, praying in the Holy Spi

rail at whatsoever things they of ungod- rit, keep yourselves in the love 21 know not: and what they linesses. of God, looking for the mercy understand naturally, like the 12 Or, of our Lord Jesus Christ unto creatures without reason, in


eternal life. 13 And on some 22

Or, these things are they 6 de- animal have mercy, 14 who are in doubt; 11 stroyed. Woe unto them! for 13 The and some save, snatching them 23

they went in the way of Cain, Greek out of the fire ; and on some and 7 ran riotously in the

text in

have mercy with fear; hating

this error of Balaam for hire, and


even the garment spotted by perished in the gainsaying of (And... the flesh. 12 Korah. These are they who fire) is Now unto him that is able 24 are 8 hidden rocks in your what un

to guard you from stumbling, love-feasts when they feast certain. and to set you before the prewith you, shepherds that with- 14 Or, sence of his glory without bleout fear feed themselves; clouds while mish in exceeding joy, to the 25 without water, carried along they only God our Saviour, through by winds; autumn trees with- with you Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory,

out fruit, twice dead, plucked 15 Gr. unto majesty, dominion and power; 13 up by the roots; wild waves

before all time, and now, and of the sea, foaming out their ages. 15 for evermore. Amen,

all the




1 Or, gave

1 THE Revelation of Jesus

I John, your brother and 9 Christ, which God 1 gave him unto him, partaker with you in the trito shew unto his 2 servants, to shew bulation and kingdom and paeven the things which must

unto his

tience which are in Jesus, was

8c7van's shortly come to pass : and he

the ihings

in the isle that is called Patsent and signified 3 it by his dc. mos, for the word of God and angel unto his servant John;

the testimony of Jesus. I was 1 2 who bare witness of the word 2 Gr. Bond- in the Spirit on the Lord's

: of God, and of the testimony

and so

day, and I heard behind me of Jesus Christ, even of all through- a great voice, as of a trumpet 3 things that he saw, Blessed

out this

saying, What thou seest, write 11 is he that readeth, and they

in a book, and send it to the that hear the words of the 3 Or, them seven churches; unto Epheprophecy, and keep the things

sus, and unto Smyrna, and unwhich are written therein : for 4Or, which to Pergamum, and unto Thythe time is at hand.


atira, and unto Sardis, and

unto Philadelphia, and unto

5 Many 4 John to the seven churches


Laodicea. And I turned to 12 which are in Asia : Grace to ties, some see the voice which spake with you and peace, from him ancient, me, And having turned I saw

read which is and which was and

seven golden 10 candlesticks;

washed. 4 which is to come; and from

and in the midst of the 10 can. 13 the seven Spirits which are 6 Gr. in. dlesticks one like unto 11 a son 5 before his throne; and from

of man, clothed with a garJesus Christ, who is the faith- 7 Gr. unto ment down to the foot, and ful witness, the firstborn of

girt about at the breasts with

of the the dead, and the ruler of

a golden girdle. And his head 14 the kings of the earth. Unto Many and his hair were white as him that loveth us, and 5 loos- ancient white wool, white as snow;

authoried us from our sins by his

ties omit

and his eyes were as a flame 6 blood; and he made us to be a

of the of fire; and his feet like unto 15 kingdom, to be priests unto his ages. burnished brass, as if it had God and Father; to him be

been refined in a furnace; and

8 Or. the glory and the dominion

his voice as the voice of many

the Lord, 7 for ever and ever. Amen.

the God

waters. And he had in his 16 7 Behold, he cometh with the

right hand seven stars: and clouds; and every eye shall see 9.0r, out of his mouth proceeded him, and they which pierced

he ichich

a sharp two-edged sword : and him; and all the tribes of the 10 Gr.

his countenance was as the earth shall mourn over him.


sun shineth in his strength. Even so, Amen.

stans. And when I saw him, I fell 17 8 I am the Alpha and the Ome

at his feet as one dead. And

11 Or, ga, saith 8the Lord God, I which

he laid his right hand upon

the Son is and which was and 4 which of man me, saying, Fear not; I am is to come, the Almighty.

the first and the last, and the 18

the ages

the ages.

Living one; and I l was dead,

and lived again: I know thy 9 and behold, I am alive 2 for

tribulation, and thy poverty evermore, and I have the keys 1 Gr. (but thou art rich), and the 19 of death and of Hades. Write


7 blasphemy of them which say therefore the things which

they are Jews, and they are thou sawest, and the things

not, but are a synagogue of which are, and the things 2 Gr. unto

Satan. Fear not the things 10 which shall come to passchere- the ages of

which thou art about to suf20 after; the mystery of the se

fer: behold, the devil is about ven stars which thou sawest

to cast some of you into pri3 in my right hand, and the

son, that ye may be tried ; seven golden 4 candlesticks.

8 and ye shall have 9 tribulaThe seven stars are the angels 3 Gr.espon. tion ten days. Be thou faithof the seven churches; and the

ful unto death, and I will give 'seven 4 candlesticks are seven

thee the crown of life. He 11 churches.


that hath an ear, let him hear 2. To the angel of the church

stands. what the Spirit saith to the in Ephesus write;

churches. He that overcometh These things saith he that

shall not be hurt of the second holdeth the seven stars in his


5Gr.lampright hand, he that walketh


And to the angel of the 12 in the midst of the seven

church in Pergamum write; 2 golden 4 candlesticks: I know

These things saith he that thy works, and thy toil and

hath the sharp two-edged patience, and that thou canst 6 Or, sword: I know where thou 13 not bear evil men, and didst


as in Gen. dwellest, even where Satan's try them which call them- ii. 8. throne is: and thou holdest selves apostles, and they are

fast my name, and didst not not, and didst find them false;

deny my faith, even in the 3 and thou hast patience and

days 10 of Antipas my witness, didst bear for my name's sake,


my faithful one, who was killand hast not grown weary.

ed among you, where Satan 4 But I have this against thee,

dwelleth. But I have a few 14 that thou didst leave thy

things against thee, because 5 first love. Remember there 8 Some thou hast there some that fore from whence thou art


hold the teaching of Balaam, fallen, and repent, and do the ties read who taught Balak to cast á first works; or else I come

and may

stumblingblock before the chilto thee, and will move thy

huve. dren of Israel, to eat things 5 candlestick out of its place,

sacrificed to idols, and to com6 except thou repent. But this

mit fornication. So hast thou 15 thou hast, that thou hatest 9 Gr. also some that hold the teach

the works of the Nicolaitans, a tribula- ing of the Nicolaitans in like 7 which I also hate. He that tin of ten manner. Repent therefore; or 16 hath an ear, let him hear


else I come to thee quickly, what the Spirit saith to the

and I will make war against churches. To him that over

them with the sword of my cometh, to him will I give to 10 The mouth. He that hath an ear, 17 eat of the tree of life, which

Greek let him hear what the Spirit

text here is in the Paradise of God.

saith to the churches. To him 8 And to the angel of the what un- that overcometh, to him will church in Smyrna write;

certain, I give of the hidden manna, These things saith the first

and I will give him a white and the last, which was dead,

stone, and upon the stone a

7 Or,

is some

new name written, which no

And to the angel of the 3 one knoweth but he that re

church in Sardis write; ceiveth it.

These things saith he that 18 And to the angel of the

hath the seven Spirits of God, church in Thyatira write; 1 Many

and the seven stars: I know These things saith the Son authori- thy works, that thou hast a of God, who hath his eyes like ties, some name that thou livest, and

ancient, a flame of fire, and his feet are

read thy

thou art dead. Be thou watch- 2 19 like unto burnished brass: I


ful, and stablish the things know thy works, and thy love

that remain, which were ready and faith and ministry and pa

to die: for I have 5 found no tience, and that thy last works

works of thine fulfilled before 20 are more than the first. But

my God. Remember therefore 3 I have this against thee, that

how thou hast received and

2 Many thou sufferest ithe woman Je


didst hear; and keep it, and zebel, which calleth herself a authori. repent. If therefore thou shalt prophetess; and she teacheth ties read not watch, I will come as a and seduceth my servants to


thief, and thou shalt not know commit fornication, and to eat

what hour I will come upon 21 things sacrificed to idols. And

thee. But thou hast a few 4 I gave her time that she should

names in Sardis which did repent; and she willeth not to

not defile their garments: and 22 repent of her fornication. Be- 3 Or, they shall walk with me in

hold, I do cast her into a bed, pestilence white; for they are worthy. and them that commit adul

He that overcometh shall thus 5 tery with her into great tri

be arrayed in white garments; bulation, except they repent

and I will in no wise blot his 23 of 2 her works. And I will kill

name out of the book of life, her children with 3 death; and

4 Or, iron;

and I will confess his name all the churches shall know

as ressels before my Father, and before that I am he which searcheth of the pot- his angels. He that hath an 6 the reins and hearts: and I

ter, are

ear, let him hear what the

they browill give unto each one of you ken Spirit saith to the churches. 24 according to your works. But

And to the angel of the 7 to you I say, to the rest that

church in Philadelphia write; are in Thyatira, as many as

These things saith he that have not this teaching, which

is holy, he that is true, he that know not the deep things of

hath the key of David, he that Satan, as they say; I cast upon 3 Many openeth, and none shall shut, 25 you none other burden. How- ancient

and that shutteth, and none beit that which ye have, hold


ties read openeth: I know thy works 8 26 fast till I come. And hé that not found (behold, I have 6 set before

overcometh, and he that keep- thy works. thee a' door opened, which eth my works unto the end,

none can shut), that thou hast to him will I give authority

a little power, and didst keep 27 over the nations: and he shall

my word, and didst not deny rule them with a rod of 4 iron,

my name. Behold, I give of 9 as the vessels of the potter are

6 Gr.

the synagogue of Satan, of broken to shivers; as I also


them which say they are Jews, have received of my Father:

and they are not, but do lie; 28 and I will give him the morn

behold, I will make them to 29 ing star. He that hath an ear,

come and worship before thy let him hear what the Spirit

feet, and to know that I have saith to the churches.

loved thee. Because thou didst 10

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