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brethren, tenderhearted, hum

the days of Noah, while the 9 bleminded: not rendering evil

1 Many

ark was a preparing, 2 wherein for evil, or reviling for revil

ancient few, that is, eight souls, were ing; but contrariwise blessing; authori. saved through water: which 21 for hereunto were ye called,

ties read also 3 after a true likeness doth

died. that ye should inherit a bless

now save you, even baptism, 10 ing. For,

not the putting away of the He that would love life,

filth of the flesh, but the 4 in. And see good days,

2 Or, inlo
achich few,

terrogation of a good conLet him refrain his tongue

that is,

science toward God, through from evil,

the resurrection of

And his lips that they speak


Christ; who is on the right 22 no guile:

brought hand of God, having gone into 11 An let him turn away safely he ; angels and authori. from evil, and do good;


ties and powers being made

water Let him seek peace, and

subject unto him. pursue it.

Forasmuch then as Christ 4 12 For the eyes of the Lord

suffered in the flesh, arm ye

3 Or, in the are upon the righteous,


yourselves also with the same And his ears unto their


mind; for he that hath sufsupplication :

fered in the flesh hath ceased But the face of the Lord is 4 Or. 6 from sin; that 7 ye no longer 2 upon them that do evil.

inquiry should live the rest of your 13 And who is he that will

time in the flesh to the lusts harm you, if ye be zealous of appeal

of men, but to the will of God. 14 that which is good? But and

For the time past may suffice 8 if ye should suffer for right

to have wrought the desire of

5 Or, eousness' sake, blessed are ye:


the Gentiles, and to have walkand fear not their fear, nei

ed in lasciviousness, lusts, wine15 ther be troubled; but sanctify

bibbings, revellings, carousings, in your he Christ as Lord :

and abom able idolatr

6 Some being ready always to give


wherein they think it strange 4 answer to every man that ask- authori. that ye run not with them into eth you a reason concerning

ties read the same 8 excess of riot, speakthe hope that is in you, yet

uno sins. ing evil of you: who shall give 5 16 with meekness and fear: hav

account to him that is ready ing a good conscience; that,

to judge the quick and the wherein ye are spoken against, Or, he no dead. For unto this end I was 6 they may be put to shame who

his time

the gospel preached even to revile your good manner of

the dead, that they might be 17 life in Christ. For it is better,

judged according to men in if the will of God should so 8 Or, flood the flesh, but live according to will, that ye suffer for well

God in the spirit. 18 doing than for evil-doing. Be

But the end of all things is 7 cause Christ also 1 suffered for

9 Or, were

at hand: be ye therefore of sins once, the righteous for

the good

sound mind, and be sober unthe unrighteous, that he might tidings to 10 prayer: above all things 8 bring us to God; being put preached being fervent in your love ådeath in the flesh, but quicken

mong yourselves; for love co19 ed in the spirit; in which also

vereth a multitude of sins: he went and preached unto the 10 Gr. using hospitality one to an- 9 20 spirits in prison, which afore- prayer's. other without murmuring: ac- 10 time were disobedient, when the

cording as each hath received longsuffering of God waited in

a gift, ministering it among

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longer ...

1 Gr.

the ages.

rcise ..

all of you

yourselves, as good stewards

mong you, 3 exercising the of the manifold grace of God;

oversight, not of constraint,

unto the 11 if any man speaketh, speaking ages of but willingly, 4 according unto as it were oracles of God; if

God; nor yet for filthy lucre, any man ministereth, minister

but of a ready mind; neither 3 ing as of the strength which 2 Gr. in. as lording it over the charge God supplieth: that in all

allotted to you, but making things God may be glorified 3 Some yourselves ensamples to the through Jesus Christ, whose ancient flock. And when the chief 4 is the glory and the dominion

ties omit

Shepherd shall be manifested, i for ever and ever. Amen. exercising ye shall receive the crown of 12 Beloved, think it not strange

the over

glory that fadeth not away. concerning the fiery trial a- sight. 5 Likewise, ye younger, be sub- 5 mong you, which cometh upon

ject unto the elder. Yea, all you to prove you, as though a

4 Some

of you gird yourselves with

ancient strange thing happened unto


humility, to serve one another: 13 you: but insomuch as ye are ties omit for God resisteth the proud,

partakers of Christ's sufferings, according but giveth grace to the humrejoice; that at the revelation unto God. ble. Humble yourselves there- 6 of his glory also ye may rejoice

fore under the mighty hand 14 with exceeding joy. if ye are 5 Or, Like- of God, that he may exalt reproached 2 for the name of

elder; yea,

you in due time; casting all 7 Christ, blessed are ye; because

your anxiety upon him, bethe Spirit of glory and the one to an- cause he careth for you. Be 8 Spirit of God resteth upon


sober, be watchful: your ad

Gird 15 you. For let none of you suf- yourselves versary the devil, as a roaring

fer as a murderer, or a thief, with lion, walketh about, seeking or an evil-doer, or as a meddler humility

whom he may devour: whom 9 16 in other men's matters: but if

withstand stedfast in 6 your a man suffer as a Christian, 6 Or, the faith, knowing that the same let him not be ashamed; but

sufferings are 7 accomplished let him_glorify God in this 7 Gr. being in your 8 brethren who are in 17 name. For the time is come

the world. And the God of 10 for judgement to begin at the


all grace, who called you unto house of God: and if it begin

his eternal glory in Christ, first at us, what shall be the 8 Gr. bro- after that ye have suffered a

therhood. end of them that obey not the

little while, shall himself oper18 gospel of God? And if the

fect, stablish, strengthen 10 you.

Or, restore righteous is scarcely saved,

To him be the dominion i for 11 where shall the ungodly and

ever and ever. Amen.

10 Many 19 sinner appear? Wherefore let

By Silvanus, ll our faithful 12

ancient them also that suffer accord

authori- brother, as I account him, I 'ing to the will of God commit ties add have written unto you briefly, their souls in well-doing unto

setile. exhorting, and testifying that a faithful Creator.

this is the true grace of God: 5 The elders therefore among 11 Gr. the. stand ye fast therein, 12 She 13 you I exhort, who am a fellow

that is in Babylon, elect together and a witness of the 12 That is, with you, saluteth you; and so sufferings of Christ, who am


doth Mark my son. Salute one 14

church, also a partaker of the glory

another with a kiss of love.

or, The 2 that shall be revealed : Tend sister.

Peace be unto you all that the flock of God which is a

are in Christ.




Our God

1 1 SIMON Peter, a 2 servant | 1 Many be richly supplied unto you and apostle of Jesus Christ, ancient the entrance into the eternal to them that have obtained 3 a


kingdom of our Lord and Sa- .

ties read like precious faith with us in

viour Jesus Christ.

Symcon. the righteousness of 4 our God

Wherefore I shall be ready 12

2 Gr. bondand Saviour Jesus Christ :

always to put you in remem

servant. 2 Grace to you and peace be

brance of these things, though

3 Gr. an multiplied in the knowledge

ye know them, and are estaof God and of Jesus our Lord; precious.


blished in the truth which is 3 seeing that his divine power

with you. And I think it right, 13

4 Or, hath granted unto us all things

as long as I am in this taber: that pertain unto life and god- and the nacle, to stir you up by putliness, through the knowledge

Saviour ting you in remembrance ; of him that called us 5 by his 5 Some knowing that the putting off 14 4 own glory and virtue; where- ancient of my tabernacle cometh swiftby he hath granted unto us


ly, even as our Lord Jesus

ties read his precious and exceeding through

Christ signified unto me. Yea, 15 great promises; that through glory and I will give diligence that at these ye may become partak


every time ye may be able ers of the divine nature, hav- 6 Or, a after my 9 decease to call these ing escaped from the corrup: 7 Or, self

things to remembrance. For 16 tion that is in the world by

we did not follow cunningly

control 5 lust. Yea, and for this very

devised fables, when we made cause adding on your part all 8 or, known unto you the power diligence, in your faith supply


and 10 coming of our Lord Jevirtue; and in your virtue

sus Christ, but we were eye6 knowledge; and in your know- 9 Or, de- witnesses of his majesty. For 17 ledge 7 temperance; and in parture

he 11 received from God the Fayour temperance patience ; 10 Gr. ther honour and glory, when

and in your patience godli- presence. there 12 came such a voice to 7 ness; and in your godliness 11 Gr. him from the excellent glory,

love of the brethren; and in having This is my beloved Son, in your love of the brethren love. received.

whom I am well pleased: and 18 8 For if these things are yours 12 Gr. was

this voice we ourselves heard and abound, they make you brought... 13 come out of heaven, when we to be not idle nor unfruitful by the were with him in the holy

unto the knowledge of our majestic mount. And we have the 19 9 Lord Jesus Christ.

word of prophecy made more that lacketh these things is 13 Gr. sure; whereunto ye do well blind, 8 seeing only what is brought. that ye take heed, as unto a near, having forgotten the 14 Gr. lamp shining in a 14 dark place,

cleansing from his old sins. 8qualid. until the day dawn, and the 10 Wherefore, brethren, give the

day-star arise in your hearts: more diligence to make your special knowing this first, that no pro- 20 calling and election sure: for

phecy of scripture is of 15 priif ye do these things, ye shall 10 Gr. was vate interpretation. For no 21

brought. 11 never stumble; for thus shall

prophecy ever 16 came by the

his eyes

For he glory.

15 Or,

3 Or,

4 Gr.

6 Gr. a

8 Gr.

will of man: but men spake

ble not to rail at 8 dignities: from God, being moved by the or, Holy whereas angels, though greater 11

Spirit 1 Holy Ghost.

in might and power, bring not 2 But there arose false pro- 2 Or, a railing judgement against phets also among the people,

sects of them before the Lord. But 12 as among you also there shall perdition these, as creatures without reabe false teachers, who shall

son, born 9 mere animals 10 to privily bring in a destructive

cast them be taken and destroyed, railheresies, denying even the Mas- into dun- ing in matters whercof they ter that bought them, bring- geons are ignorant, shall in their ing upon themselves swift de

11 destroying surely be destroy2 struction. And many shall Tartarus. ed, suffering wrong as the hire 13 follow their lascivious doings;

of wrong-doing; men that by reason of whom the way of 5 Some count it pleasure to revel in the truth shall be evil spoken


the day-time, spots and blem

authori3 of. And in covetousness shall ties read ishes, revelling in their 12 love

they with feigned words make chains. feasts while they feast with merchandise of you: whose

you; having eyes full of 13 adul- 14 sentence now from of old lin


tery, and that cannot cease gercth not, and their destruc

froin sin; enticing unstedfast 4 tion slumbereth not. For if 7 Gr. tor- souls; having a heart exercis

God spared not angels when mented. ed in covetousness; children they sinned, but 3 cast them

of cursing; forsaking the right 15 down to 4 hell, and committed


way, they went astray, having them to 5 pits of darkness, to

followed the way of Balaam be reserved unto judgement;

9 Gr. the son of 14 Bcor, who loved

natural. 5 and spared not the ancient

the hire of wrong-doing; but 16 world, but preserved Noah with 10 Or, he was rebuked for his own seven others, 6a preacher of to toke transgression : a dumb ass righteousness, when he brought und to spake with man's voice and

destroy a flood upon the world of the

stayed the madness of th 6 ungodly; and turning the 11 0r, cor- prophet. These are springs 17

cities of Sodom and Gomor- ruption without water, and mists drivrah into ashes condemned

en by a storm; for whom them with an overthrow, hav- 12 Many the blackness of darkness hath ing made them an example authori

been reserved. For, uttering 18 unto those that should live ties read great swelling words of vanity, 7 ungodly; and delivered right- deceive they entice in the lusts of the

ings. cous Lot, sore distressed by

flesh, by lasciviousness, those the lascivious life of the wick

who are just escaping from 8 ed (for that righteous man an adul them that live in error; pro- 19

dwelling among them, in sce- tere88. mising them liberty, while they ing and hearing, 7 vexed his

themselves are bondservants

14 Many righteous soul from day to


of corruption; for of 15 whom day with their lawless deeds): authori- a man is overcome, of the 9 the Lord knoweth how to de- ties read same is he also brought into liver the godly out of tempta


bondage. For if, after they 20 tion, and to keep the unright- 150r, what of the world through the know

efilements eous under punishment unto 10 the day of judgement; but 16 Many

ledge of 16 the Lord and Sachiefly them that walk after ancient viour Jesus Christ, they are the flesh in the lust of defile- authori: again entangled therein and

ties read ment, and despise dominion.

overcome, the last state is be.

011/ Daring, selfwilled, they trem

come worse with them than

13 Gr.

21 the first. For it were better

wishing that any should perish, for them not to have known

but that all should come to the way of righteousness, than,

repentance. But the day of 10 after knowing it, to turn back

the Lord will come as a thief;

1 Gr. in froin the holy commandment the last of in the which the heavens shall 22 delivered unto them. It has the days. pass away with a great noise, happened unto them accord

and the 5 elements shall be dising to the true proverb, The

solved with fervent heat, and dog turning to his own vomit

the earth and the works that again, and the sow that had

are therein shall be 6 burned

2 Gr. washed to wallowing in the

up. Seeing that these things 11 mire.


are thus all to be dissolved, 3 This is now, beloved, the se

what manner of persons ought cond epistle that I write unto

ye to be in all holy living and you; and in both of them I

godliness, looking for and 12 stir up your sincere mind by 3 0r, 7 earnestly desiring the 2 com

putting you in remembrance ; through ing of the day of God, by rea2 that ye should remember the

son of which the heavens bewords which were spoken be

ing on fire shall be dissolved, fore by the holy prophets, and

and the 5 elements shall melt the commandment of the Lord

with fervent heat? But, ac- 13 and Saviour through your apo

4 Or,

cording to his promise, we 3 stles: knowing this first, that

with fire

look for new heavens and a 1 in the last days mockers shall

new earth, wherein dwelleth come with mockery, walking

righteousness. 4 after their own lusts, and say

Wherefore, beloved, seeing 14 ing, Where is the promise of

that ye look for these things, his 2 coming? for, from the 5.0r, give diligence that ye may be day that the fathers fell asleep, bodies


found in peace, without spot all things continue as they

and blameless in his sight. were from the_beginning of

And account that the longsuf- 15 5 the creation. For this they

fering of our Lord is salvawilfully forget, that there were

tion; even as our beloved broheavens from of old, and an 6 The most ther Paul also, according to

ancient earth compacted out of water

the wisdom given to him, wrote

manuand 3amidst water, by the word scripts unto you; as also in all his 16 6 of God; by which means the read dis- epistles, speaking in them of

world that then was, being covered. these things; wherein are some overflowed with water, perish

things hard to be understood, 7 ed: but the heavens that now

which the ignorant and unare, and the earth, by the same

stedfast wrest, as they do also word have been 4 stored up for 7 Or, the other scriptures, unto their fire, being reserved against the hastening own destruction. Ye there. 17 day of judgement and destruc

fore, beloved, knowing these tion of ungodly men.

things beforehand, beware lest, 8 But forget not this one thing,

being carried away with the beloved, that one day is with 8 Gr. error of the wicked, ye fall th housand years,

unto the from your own stedfastness. and a thousand years as one

day of

But grow in the grace and 18 9 day. The Lord is not slack


knowledge of our Lord and concerning his promise, as

Saviour Jesus Christ. To him some count slackness; but is

be the glory both now and sfor longsuffering to you-ward, not

ever, Amen.

as a

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