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3 Or,

course in

5 soldier.
And if also a man 1 0r.

the Lord depart from unrightcontend in the games, he is


eousness. Now in a great 20 not crowned, except he have for if &c. house there are not only ves6 contended lawfully. The hus

sels of gold and of silver, but bandman that laboureth must 2 Many also of wood and of earth;

ancient be the first to partake of the

authori- and some unto honour, and 7 fruits. Consider what I say ; ties read some unto dishonour. If a 21

for the Lord shall give thee God, man therefore purge himself understanding in all things.

from these, he shall be a ves8 Remember Jesus Christ, risen


sel unto honour, sanctified, from the dead, of the seed of

a straight meet for the master's use, David, according to my gos

prepared unto every good 9 pel: wherein I suffer hardship the word work. But flee youthful lusts, 22 unto bonds, as a malefactor;

of truth

and follow after righteousness, but the word of God is not rightly faith, love, peace, with them 10 bound, Therefore I endure dividing that call on the Lord out of

the word all things for the elect's sake,

of truth

a pure heart. But foolish and 23 that they also may obtain the

ignorant questionings refuse, salvation which is in Christ 4 Or, knowing that they gender

Jesus with eternal glory. spread strifes. And the Lord's 7 ser- 24 11 Faithful is the 1 saying: For

vant must not strive, but be if we died with him, we shall 5 Gr.


gentle towards all, apt to 12 also live with him: if we en

the mark. teach, forbearing, in meekness 25 dare, we shall also reign with

8 correcting them that oppose him if we shall deny him, 6 Some themselves; if peradventure 13 he also will deny us: if we ancient God may give them repentare faithless, he abideth faith- anthori

ties read

ance unto the knowledge of ful; for he cannot deny him

the truth, and they may re- 26 self.

rection. cover themselves out of the 14 Of these things put them in

snare of the devil, having remembrance, charging them 7Gr. bond- been 10 taken captive'11 by the

servant. in the sight of 2 the Lord, that

Lord's servant unto the will they strive not about words, 8 Or, in

of God. to no profit, to the subverting struciing But know this, that in the 3 15 of them that hear. Give dili.

last days grievous times shall gence to present thyself ap- 9 Gr. re- come. For men shall be lovers 2 proved unto God, a workman

turn to

of self, lovers of money, boastthat needeth not to be asham


ful, haughty, railers, disobeed, 3 handling aright the word 10 Gr. dient to parents, unthankful, 16 of truth. But shun profane taken unholy, without natural affec- 3 babblings: for they will pro


tion, implacable, slanderers, ceed further in ungodliness, 11 0r. by

without self-control, fierce, no 17 and their word will 4 eat as

the devil, lovers of good, traitors, head- 4 doth a gangrene: of whom is unto the strong, puffed' up, lovers of 18 Hymenæus and Philetus; men

pleasure rather than lovers who concerning the truth have

Gr. by

of God; holding a form of 5 5 erred, saying that the re- him, unto godliness, but having denied surrection is past already, and the ucill the power thereof: from these overthrow the faith of some.

of him.

also turn away. For of these 6

In the 19 Howbeit the firm foundation


they that


into of God standeth, having this the two houses, and take captive silly seal, The Lord knoweth them pronouns women laden with sins, led that are his: and, Let every ferent. away by divers lusts, ever 7 one that nameth the name of

-learning, and never able to

a resur

will of


come to the knowledge of the

teachers after their own lusts; 8 truth, And like as Jannes 1 Gr. what and will turn away their ears 4

and Jambres withstood Moses, persons. from the truth, and turn aside so do these also withstand the

unto fables. But be thou sober 5 truth; men corrupted in mind, 20r, Every in all things, suffer hardship, reprobate concerning the faith. scripture

do the work of an evangelist, 9 But they shall proceed no fur- is inspir, fulfil thy ministry. For I am 6 ther: for their folly shall be

ed of God, already being soffered, and evident unto all men, as theirs fitable the time of my departure is 10 also came to be. But thou

come. I have fought the good 7 didst follow my teaching, con

fight, I have finished the

3 Or, disduct, purpose, faith, longsuf


course, I have kept the faith : ?l fering, love, patience, persecu

henceforth there is laid up 8 tions, sufferings; what things

for me the crown of rightbefell me at Antioch, at Ico-4 Or, I eousness, which the Lord, nium, at Lystra; what perse- testify, the righteous judge, shall give cutions I endured : and out

in the

to me at that day: and not of them all the Lord delivered dead, both only to me, but also to all 12 me. Yea, and all that would of his apo them that have loved his aplive godly in Christ Jesus shall pearing


&c. 13 suffer persecution. But evil

Do thy diligence to come 9 men and impostors shall wax

shortly unto me: for Demas 10 worse and worse, deceiving | 5 Or, bring forsook me, having loved this 14 and being deceived. But abide to the

present world, and went to thou in the things which thou proof Thessalonica ; Crescens to hast learned and hast been

10 Galatia, Titus to Dalmatia, assured of, knowing of 1 whom 6 Gr. Only Luke is with me. Take 11 15 thou hast learned them; and healthful. Mark, and bring him with that from a babe thou hast

thee: for he is useful to me known the sacred writings

for ministering. But Tychicus 12 which are able to make thee teaching I sent to Ephesus. The cloke 13 wise unto salvation through

that I left at Troas with Carfaith which is in Christ Jesus.

pus, bring when thou comest, 16 2 Every scripture inspired of 8 Gr. and the books, especially the God is also profitable for


parchments. Alexander the 14 teaching, for reproof, for cor- drink- coppersmith 11 did me much

rection, for 3 instruction which offering. evil: the Lord will render to 17 is in righteousness: that the

him according to his works : man of God may be com- 9 Or, age

of whom be thou ware also; 15 plete, furnished completely un

for he greatly withstood our to every good work.

words. At my first defence 16 4 I charge thee in the sight 100r, Garl no one took my part, but all of God, and of Christ Jesus,

forsook me: may it not be who shall judge the quick and 11 Gr.

laid to their account. But 17 the dead, and by his appearing shewed.

the Lord stood by me, and 2 and his kingdom; preach the

12 strengthened

that word; be instant in season,

through me the 13 message out of season;

reprove, re-

12 Or, gave might be fully proclaimed, buke, exhort, with all long

me power and that all the Gentiles 3 suffering and teaching. For

might hear: and I was dethe time will come when they 13 Or,

livered out of the mouth of will not endure the 6 sound


the lion. The Lord will de- 18

mation i doctrine; but, having itching

liver me from every evil work, ears, will heap to themselves

and will save me unto his hea,

7 Or,

out as a


venly kingdom: to whom be

sick. Do thy diligence to 21 the glory 1 for ever and ever.

come before winter. Eubulus Anen.

1 Gr. unto

saluteth thee, and Pudens, and 19 Salute Prisca and Aquila, the ages of Linus, and Claudia, and all the and the house of Onesiphorus.

brethren. 20 Erastus abode at Corinth: but

The Lord be with thy spirit. 22 Trophimus I left at Miletus

Grace be with you,

the ages.




5 Or,

1 PAUL, a 1 servant of God, and

17 doctrine, and to convict the an apostle of Jesus Christ, ac

gainsayers. cording to the faith of God's 1 Gr. vond- For there are many unruly 10 elect, and the knowledge of


men, vain talkers and deceiythe truth which is according

ers, specially they of the cir. 2 to godliness, in hope of eternal

cumcision, whose mouths must 11 life, which God, who cannot 2 Or, ito

be stopped; men who overlie, promised before times eter

throw whole houses, teaching 3 nal; but in 2 his own seasons

things which they ought not, manifested his word in the 3 Or, for filthy lucre's sake. One of 12 3 message, wherewith I was in procla.


themselves, a prophet of their trusted according to the com

own, said, Cretans are alway mandment of God our Sa

liars, evil beasts, idle 8gluttons. 4 viour; to Titus, my true child

4 Or,

This testimony is true. For 13. after a common faith : Grace

which cause reprove them and peace from God the Father

sharply, that they may be and Christ Jesus our Saviour.

9 sound in the faith, not giv- 14 5 For this cause left I thee in

ing heed to Jewish fables, and Crete, that thou shouldest set not quar- commandments of men who in order the things that were

relsome turn away from the truth. To 15 wanting, and appoint elders

over wine the pure all things are pure; in every city, as I gave thee

but to them that are defiled 6 charge; if any man is blame

and unbelieving nothing is less, the husband of one wife, 6 Gr, pure; but both their mind having children that believe, healthful. and their conscience are dewho are not accused of riot

filed. They profess that they 16 7 or unruly. For the 4 bishop

know God, but by their works must be blameless, as God's


they deny him, being abominasteward; not selfwilled, not

ble, and disobedient, and unto. soon angry, 5 no brawler, no

every good work reprobate. striker, not greedy of filthy

8 Gr.

But speak thou the things 2 8 lucre ; but given to hospi-bellies, which befit the 6 sound 7 doctality, a lover of good, sober

trine: that aged men be tem- 2 minded, just, holy, temperate;

perate, grave, soberminded, 9 holding to the faithful word 9 Gr. I sound in faith, in love, in

which is according to the healthy. patience: that aged women teaching, that he may be able

likewise be reverent in deboth to exhort in the sound

meanour, not slanderers nor

7 Or,

the great

enslaved to mucli wine, teach

shewing all meekness toward 4 ers of that which is good; that 1 Gr. bond- all men. For we also were 3

servants. they may train the young wo

aforetime foolish, disobedient, men to love their husbands,

deceived, serving divers lusts 5 to love their children, to be so- 2 Or, hath and pleasures, living in malice berniinded, chaste, workers at appeared and envy, hateful, hating one

, home, kind, being in subjec- bringing

another. But when the kind- 4 tion to their own husbands, salvation ness of God our Saviour, and that the word of God be not

his love toward man, appear6 blasphemed: the younger men 3 Or, age

ed, not by works done in right- 5 likewise exhort to be sober

eousness, which we did our7 minded : in all things shewing 4 Or, of

selves, but according to his thyself an ensample of good

mercy he saved us, through works; in thy doctrine shew- God and the 6 washing of regeneration ing uncorruptness, gravity, our Sa

7 and renewing of the Holy

viour 8 sound speech, that cannot be

Ghost, which he poured out 6 condemned; that he that is

upon us richly, through Jesus of the contrary part may be 5 Gr. Christ our Saviour; that, be- 7

cominandashamed, having no evil thing


ing justified by his grace, we 9 to say of us. Exhort 1 servants

might be made 9 heirs accordto be in subjection to their

ing to the hope of eternal life. own masters, and to be well

6 Or, laver

Faithful is the saying, and 8 pleasing to them in all things;

concerning these things I will 10 not gainsaying; not purloin-| 7. Or, and that thou affirm confidently, ing, but shewing all good f


to the end that they which

renewing delity; that they may adorn

have believed God may be carethe doctrine of God our Sa

ful to 10 maintain good works. 11 viour in all things. For the 8 Or, Holy These things are good and

Spirit grace of God 2 hath appeared,

profitable unto men: but shun 9 bringing salvation to all men,

foolish questionings, and gene12 instructing us, to the intent Or, heirs, alogies, and strifes, and Hght

according that, denying ungodliness and

to hope,

ings about the law; for they worldly lusts, we should live of eternal are unprofitable and vain. Å 10 soberly and righteously and life man that is 11 heretical after a godly in this present 3 world ;

first and second admonition 13 looking for the blessed hope 10 0r, 12 refuse ; knowing that such a 11 and appearing of the glory of proje88 one is perverted, and sinneth,

hottest our great God and Saviour

being self-condemned.

occupa14 Jesus Christ; who gave him

When I shall send Artemas 12 self for us, that he might re

unto thee, or Tychicus, give deem us from all iniquity, and

diligence to come unto me to purify unto himself a people factious

Nicopolis : for there I have for his own possession, zealous

determined to winter. Set for- 13 of good works.

ward Zenas the lawyer and

12 Or, 15 These things speak and ex- avoid Apollos on their journey dilihort and reprove with all 5 au

gently, that nothing be wantthority. Lct no man despise 13 Or.

ing unto them. And let our 14 thee. 3

people also learn to 13 maintain Put them in mind to be in honest oc- good works for necessary 14 uses,

profess subjection to rulers, to autho- cupations that they be not unfruitful. rities, to be obedient, to be

All that are with me salute 15 ready unto every good work, 14 Or, thee. Salute them that love 2 to speak evil of no man, not


us in faith. to bo contentious, to be gentle,

Grace be with you all.


11 Or,



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1 Paul, a prisoner of Christ

| might minister unto me in the Jesus, and Timothy lour bro- 1 Gr. the bonds of the gospel : but with- 14

ther, to Philemon our beloved brother. out thy mind I would do 2 and fellow-worker, and to Ap

nothing; that thy goodness phia 2 our sister, and to Archip- 2 Gr. should not be as of necessity,

pus our fellow-soldier, and to the sister. but of free will. For perhaps 15 3 the church in thy house: Grace

he was therefore parted from to you and peace from God 3 Or, thee for a season, that thou our Father and the Lord Jesus

thy love

shouldest have him for ever; Christ.

and faith

no longer as a 7 servant, but 16 4 I thank my God always,

more than a 7 servant, a bromaking mention of thee in my 4 Many ther beloved, specially to me, 5 prayers, hearing of 3 thy love,


but how much rather to thee,

authoriand of the faith which thou

ties read

both in the flesh and in the hast toward the Lord Jesus,

Lord. If then thou countest 17 6 and toward all the saints; that

me a partner, receive him as the fellowship of thy faith may 5 Or, an myself. But if he hath wrong- 18 become effectual, in the know- ambassa- ed thee at all, or oweth thee ledge of every good thing dor, and aught, put that to mine acwhich is in 4 you, unto Christ.

Now &'c.

count; I Paul write it with 19 7 For I had much joy and com

mine own hand, I will repay fort in thy love, because the 6 The it: that I say not unto thee

Greek hearts of the saints have been

how that thou owest to me

word refreshed through thee, bro

even thine own self besides. ther.

Helpful. Yea, brother, let me have 8 joy 20 8 Wherefore, though I have

of thee in the Lord: refresh all boldness in Christ to en- 7 my heart in Christ. Having 21

join thee that which is befit- servant. confidence in thine obedience 9 ting, yet for love's sake I ra

I write unto thee, knowing ther beseech, being such a one 8 Or, help

that thou wilt do even beyond as Paul 5 the aged, and now a

what I say. But withal pre- 22 prisoner also of Christ Jesus:

9 Some

pare me also a lodging: for I 10 I beseech thee for my child, ancient hope that through your prayers

whom I have begotten in my authori- I shall be granted unto you. 11 bonds, Onesimus, who was a

ties read

Epaphras, my fellow-prisoner 23

the. foretime unprofitable to thee,

in Christ Jesus, saluteth thee; but now is profitable to thee

and so do Mark, Aristarchus, 24 12 and to me: whom I have sent

10 Many

Demas, Luke, my fellow-work back to thee in his own per


ers. son, tha

is, my very heart: ties omit The grace of 9 our Lord Je- 25 13 whom I would fain have kept

Amen. sus Christ be with your spirit. with me, that in thy behalf he

10 Amen.


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