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2 Or.

4 Or.

which things some having

This charge I commit unto 18 1 swerved have turned aside

thee, my child Timothy, ac7 unto vain talking; deziring to

1 Gr. cording to the prophecies

missed be teachers of the law, though the mark. which & went before on thee, they understand neither what

that by them thou mayest war they say, nor whereof they

the good warfare; holding 19 8 confidently affirm. But we

faith and a good conscience; know that the law is good, if


which some having thrust a man use it lawfully, as

from then made shipwreck 9 knowing this, that law is not

concerning the faith: of whom 20 made for a righteous man,

is Hymenæus and Alexander;

3 Gr. but for the lawless and un


whom I delivered unto Satan, ruly, for the ungodly and

that they might be taught not sinners, for the unholy and

to blaspheme. profane, for 2 murderers of

I exhort therefore, first of all, 2 fathers and murderers of

9 that supplications, prayers,

teaching 10 mothers, for manslayers, for

intercessions, thanksgivings, be fornicators, for abusers of

made for all men; for kings 2 themselves with men, for men

and all that are in high place; stealers, for liars, for false 5 Some

that we may lead a tranquil

ancient swearers, and if there be any


and quiet life in all godliness other thing contrary to the ties read and gravity. This is good and 3 11 3sound 4 doctrine; according enableth. acceptable in the sight of God to the gospel of the glory of the

our Saviour; who willeth that 4 blessed God, which was com

all men should be saved, and mitted to my trust.

6 Gr. of

come to the knowledge of the 12 I thank him that 5 enabled

the ages.

truth. For there is one God, 5 me, even Christ Jesus our

one mediator also between God Lord, for that he counted me

and men, himself man, Christ faithful, appointing me to his

Jesus, who gave himself a 6

7 Gruto 13 service, though I was before

ransom for all; the testimony a blasphemer, and a perse

to be borne in its own times; cytor, and injurious: howbeit ages. whereunto I was appointed a 7 I obtained mercy, because I

10 preacher and an apostle (I did it ignorantly in unbelief ;

speak the truth, I lie not), 14 and the grace of our Lord 8 Or, led a teacher of the Gentiles in abounded exccedingly with

faith and truth, faith and love which is in

to thee

I desire therefore that the 8 15 Christ Jesus. Faithful is the

men pray in every place, liftsaying, and worthy of all ac

ing up holy hands, without ccptation, that Christ Jesus

9 Gr.

wrath and li disputing. In like 9 came into the world to save to inakc manner, that women adorn

sinners; of whom I am chief: / supplica- themselves in modest apparel, 16 howbeit for this cause I ob- tions, &c. with shamefastness and sobritained mercy, that in me as

ety; not with braided hair, chief might Jesus Christ shew

and gold or pearls or costly forth all his longsuffering, for 10 Gr, raiment; but (which becom- 10 an ensample of them which


eth women professing godshould hereafter believe on

liness) through good works. 17 him unto eternal life. Now

Let a woman learn in quiet- 11 unto the King eternal, in- 11 Or, ness with all subjection. But 12 corruptible, invisible, the only doubting I permit not a woman to God, be honour and glory 7 for

teach, nor to have dominion ever and ever. Amen.

over a man,

but to be in quiet

the ages

of the

the way

6 Or,

13 ness.
For Adam was first

thee, hoping to come unto

1 Or, 14 formed, then Eve; and Adam

her child

thee shortly; but if I tarry 15 was not beguiled, but the wo


long, that thou mayest know man being beguiled hath fall

6 how men ought to behave 15 en into transgression: but she

2 Some

themselves in the house of shall be saved through 1 the connect God, which is the church of childbearing, if they continue the words the living God, the pillar and in faith and love and sancti


7 ground of the truth. And 16

is the sayfication with sobriety.

ing with without controversy great is 3 2 Faithful is the saying, If the pre

the mystery of godliness; 8 He a man seeketh the office of ceding who was manifested in the

paraa 3 bishop, he desireth a good


flesh, justified in the spirit, 2 work. The 3 bishop therefore

seen of angels, preached amust be without reproach, 3 Or, mong the nations, believed the husband of one wife, tem

overseer on in the world, received up perate, soberminded, orderly,

in glory: given to hospitality, apt to 4 Or, not

But the Spirit saith express- 4 3 teach ; 4 no brawler, no striker; quarrel- ly, that in later times some

but gentle, not contentious, some over shall fall away from the faith, 4 no lover of money; one that


giving heed to seducing spiruleth well his own house,

rits and doctrines of devils, having his children in subjec- 5 Gr. through the hypocrisy of men 2 5 tion with all gravity; (but if juilge- that speak lies, 10 branded in

ment. a man knoweth not how to

their own conscience as with rule his own house, how shall

a hot iron; forbidding to mar- 3 he take care of the church of

hour thou

ry, and commanding to ab6 God?) not a novice, lest be- oughtest stain from meats, which God

ing puffed up he fall' into the to behave created to be received with 5 condemnation of the devil.


thanksgiving by them that be7 Moreover he must have good

lieve and know the truth. For 1 testimony from them that 7 Or, stay every creature of God is good, are without; lest he fall into

and nothing is to be rejected, if reproach and the snare of the 8 The it be received with thanksgiv8 devil. Deacons in like man- word ing: for it is sanctified through 5 ner must be grave, not double

God, in

the word of God and prayer.

place of tongued, not given to much

If thou put the brethren 6 wine, not greedy of filthy

rests on

in mind of these things, thou 9 lucre; holding the mystery of

no suffi

shalt be a good minister of

cient the faith in a pure conscience.


Christ Jesus, nourished in the 10 And let these also first be evidence. words of the faith, and of the proved; then let them serve

Some good doctrine which thou hast

ancient as deacons, if they be blame

followed until now: but re- 7

authori11 less. Women in like manner

ties read fuse profane and old wives' must be grave, not slander- uchich. fables. And exercise thyself ers, temperate, faithful in all

unto godliness : for bodily ex- 8 12 things. Let deacons be hus. 9 Gr. ercise is profitable 11 for å lit

bands of one wife, ruling their demons. tle; but godliness is profitable children and their own houses

for all things, having promise 13 well. For they that have serv- 10 Or, of the life which now is, and ed well as deacons gain to

scared of that which is to come. themselves a good standing,

Faithful is the saying, and 9 and great boldness in the faith 11 Or, worthy of all acceptation. For 10 which is in Christ Jesus.

for little to this end we labour and 14 These things write I unto

strive, because we have our

He icho,


hope set on the living God, who

reported of for good works; if is the Saviour of all men,

she hath brought up children, specially of them that believe.

if she hath used hospitality to 11 These things command and

strangers, if she hath washed 12 teach, Let no man despise

the saints' feet, if she hath rethy youth; but be thou an

lieved the afflicted, if she hath ensample to them that believe,

diligently followed every good in word, in manner of life, in

work. But younger widows re- 11 13 love, in faith, in purity. Till

fuse: for when they have waxI come, give heed to reading,

ed wanton against Christ, they to exhortation, to teaching.

desire to marry; having con- 12 14 Neglect not the gift that is

demnation, because they have in thee, which was given thee

rejected their first faith. And 13 by prophecy, with the laying

withal they learn also to be idle, on of the hands of the pres

going about from house to 15 bytery. Be diligent in these

house; and not only idle, but things; give thyself wholly to

tattlers also and busybodies, them; that thy progress may

1 Or.

speaking things which they 16 be manifest unto all. Take

ought not. I desire therefore 14 heed to thyself, and to thy

that the younger lwidous teaching. Continue in thesc

marry, bear children, rule the things; for in doing this thou

household, give none occasion shalt save both thyself and

to the adversary for reviling: them that hear thee.

for already some are turned 15 5 Rebuke not an elder, but

aside after Satan. If any wo- 16 exhort him as a father; the

man that believeth hath wi2 younger men as brethren: the

dows, let her relieve them, and elder women as mothers; the

let not the church be burdenyounger as sisters, in all pu

ed; that it may relieve them 3 rity. Honour widows that are

that are widows indeed. 4 widows indeed. But if any

Let the elders that rule well 17 widow hath children or grand

be counted worthy of double children, let them learn first

honour, especially those who to shew piety towards their

labour in the word and in own family, and to requite

teaching. For the scripture 18 their parents: for this is ac- 2 Or, pre saith, Thou shalt not muzzle

ceptable in the sight of God. ference the ox when he treadeth out 5 Now she that is a widow in

the corn. And, The labourer deed, and desolate, hath her

is worthy of his bire. Against 19 hope set on God, and con

an elder receive not an accu. tinueth in supplications and

sation, except at the mouth of o prayers night and day. But

two or three witnesses. Them 20 she that giveth herself to plea

that sin reprove in the sight sure is dead while she liveth.

of all, that the rest also may 7 These things also command,

be in fear. I charge thee in 21 that they may be without re

the sight of God, and Christ 8 proach. But if any provideth

Jesus, and the elect angels, not for his own, and specially

that thou observe these things his own household, he hath

without 2 prejudice, doing nodenied the faith, and is worse

thing by partiality. Lay hands 22 9 than an unbeliever. Let none

hastily on no man, neither be be enrolled as a widow under

partaker of other men's sins: threescore years old, having

keep thyself pure. Be no longer 23 10 been the wife of one man, well

a drinker of water, but use a

3 Or, lay hold of

4 Gr.

little wine for thy stomach's

pierced themselves through sake and thine often infirmities. 1 Gr. with many sorrows. 24 Some men's sins are evident,

the works
that are

But thou, O man of God, 11 going before unto judgement;

good are

flee these things, and follow and some men also they fol- evident. after righteousness, godliness, 25 low after. In like manner also

faith, love, patience, meekness. 1 there are good works that are 2 Gr. Bond- Fight the good fight of the 12 evident; and such as are other


faith, lay hold on the life eterwise cannot be hid.

nal, whereunto thou wast call6 Let as many as are 2 ser

ed, and didst confess the good vants under the yoke count

confession in the sight of many their own masters worthy of

witnesses. I charge thee in the 13 all honour, that the name of

sight of God, who 8 quickeneth God and the doctrine be not


all things, and of Christ Jesus, 2 blasphemed. And they that

who before Pontius Pilate withave believing masters, let

nessed the good confession; them not despise them, be- 5 Gr. sick. that thou keep the command- 14 cause they are brethren; but

ment, without spot, without let them serve them the ra- 6 Or, in reproach, until the appearing ther, because they that 3 par

these tre

of our Lord Jesus Christ :

shall have take of the benefit are believ


which in 9 its own times he 15 ing and beloved. These things

shall shew, who is the blessed teach and exhort.

and only Potentate, the King 3 If any man teacheth a dif- 7 Gr. evils. of 10 kings, and Lord of 11 lords; ferent doctrine, and consent

who only hath immortality, 16 eth not to 4 sound words, even 8 Or, pre- dwelling in light unapproachthe words of our Lord Jesus serveth


whom no man hath

all things Christ, and to the doctrine


seen, nor can see: to whom which is according to godli

be honour and power eternal. 4 ness; he is puffed up, know

Amen. ing nothing, but 5 doting about 'Or, his.

Charge them that are rich 17 questionings and disputes of

in this present 12 world, that words, whereof cometh envy, 10 Gr. they be not highminded, nor strife, railings, evil surmisings,

them that have their hope set on the 5 wranglings of men corrupted kinys. uncertainty of riches, but on in mind and bereft of the

God, who giveth us richly all truth, supposing that godli

11 Gr. them

things to enjoy; that they 18 6 ness is a way of gain. But that rule do good, that they be rich in

godliness with contentment is as lords. good works, that they be ready 7 great gain: for we brought

to distribute, 13 willing to comnothing into the world, for 12 Or, age municate; laying up in store 19 neither can we carry anything

for themselves a good founda8 out; but having food and co

tion against the time to come, vering we shall be therewith


that they may lay hold on the 9 content. But they that desire to sim

life which is life indeed. to be rich fall into a tempta- pathise 0 Timothy, guard 14 that 20 tion and a snare and many

which is committed unto thee, foolish and hurtful lusts, such 14 Gr. the turning away from the pro

as drown men in destruction deposit. fane babblings and opposi10 and perdition. For the love

tions of the knowledge which of money is a root of all 15 Gr. is falsely so called; which 21 7 kinds of evil: which some missed some professing have 15 erred reaching after have been led the mark. concerning the faith. astray from the faith, and have

Grace be with you,

13 Or,



4 Gr.

1 Paul, an apostle of Christ

appointed a 5 preacher, and Jesus 1 by the will of God, ac

an apostle, and a teacher. For 12 cording to the promise of the 1 Gr. the which cause I suffer also

life which is in Christ Jesus, through. these things : yet I am not 2 to Timothy, my beloved child:

ashamed; for I know him Grace, mercy, peace, from God

whom I have believed, and I the Father and Christ Jesus

2 Or, joy
in being

am persuaded that he is able our Lord.

reminded to guard 6 that which I have I thank God, whom I serve

committed unto him against from my forefathers in a pure

that day. Hold the pattern 13 conscience, how unceasing is 3 Gr. of 7 sound words which thou my remembrance of thee in slir into

hast heard from me, in faith my supplications, night and fume. and love which is in Christ Je4 day longing to see thee, re

sus. 8 That good thing which 14 membering thy tears, that I

was committed unto thee 5 may be filled with 2 joy; hay- sobering. guard through the Holy Ghost ing been reminded of the un

which dwelleth in us. feigned faith that is in thee;

This thou knowest, that all 15 which dwelt first in thy grand- 5 Gr. that are in Asia turned away

herald. mother Lois, and thy mother

from me; of whom are PhyEunice; and, I am persuaded,

gelus and Hermogenes. The 16 6 in thee also. For the which

6 Or, that

Lord grant mercy unto the cause I put thee in remem- which he house of Onesiphorus: for he brance that thou 3 stir up the hath com- oft refreshed me, and was not gift of God, which is in thee


ashamed of my chain; but, 17 through the laying on of my

when he was in Rome, he 7 hands. For God gave us not deposit. sought me diligently, and a spirit of fearfulness; but of

found me (the Lord grant 18 power and love and disci

unto him to find mercy of the 8 pline. Be not ashamed there- 7. Gr. Lord in that day); and in how fore of the testimony of our


many things he ministered at Lord, nor of me his prisoner:

Ephesus, thou knowest very but suffer hardship with the

8 Gr. The

well. gospel according to the power good Thou therefore, my child, be 2 9 of God; who saved us, and deposit. strengthened in the grace that called us with a holy calling,

is in Christ Jesus. And the 2 not according to our works,

things which thou hast heard but according to his own pur

9 0r, Holy from me among many wit

Spirit pose and grace, which was

nesses, the same commit thou given us in Christ Jesus be.

to faithful men, who shall be 10 fore times eternal, but hath 100r, Take able to teach others also.

now been manifested by the thy part 10 Suffer hardship with me, as 3 appearing of our Saviour in suffer- a good soldier of Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus, who abolished ing hard- No soldier on service entan. 4

, death, and brought life and

&c. gleth himself in the affairs of incorruption to light through

this life; that he may please 11 the gospel, whereunto I was

him who enrolled him as a

unto me

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