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greatly, that now at length ye

ye only; for even in Thessa- 16 have revived your thought for

Ionica ye sent once and again me; 1wherein ye did indeed

unto my need. Not that I seek 17 take thought, but ye lacked

for the gift; but I seek for the 11 opportunity. Not that I speak

fruit that increaseth to your in respect of want: for I have

account. But I have all things, 18 learned, in whatsoever state I

and abound: I am filled, hav

1 Or, see12 am, therein to be content. I

ing that

ing received from Epaphrodi. know how to be abased, and

tus the things that came from I know also how to abound:

you, an odour of a sweet smell, in every thing and in all things

à sacrifice acceptable, wellhave I learned the secret both

pleasing to God. And my God 19 to be filled and to be hungry,

shall fulfil every need of yours both to abound and to be in


to his riches in glory 13 want. I can do all things in

in Christ Jesus. Now unto our 20 him that strengtheneth me. 2 Gr. unto

God and Father be the glory 14 Howbeit ye did well, that ye the ages of 2 for ever and ever. Amen. had fellowship with my af

Salute every saint in Christ 21 15 fiction. And ye yourselves also

Jesus. The brethren which are know, ye Philippians, that in

with me salute you. All the 22 the beginning of the gospel,

saints salute you, especially when I departed from Mace

they that are of Cæsar's house. donia, no church had fellow

hold. ship with me in the matter

The grace of the Lord Jesus 23 of giving and receiving, but

Christ be with your spirit.

the ages.



are at

1 Paul, an apostle of Christ

is also in all the world bear. Jesus through the will of God, 1 Gr. the ing fruit and increasing, as it and Timothy lour brother,

brother. doth in you also, since the day 2 ? to the saints and faithful

ye heard and knew the grace brethren in Christ which are 2 Or, to of God in truth; even as ye 7 at Colossa: Grace to you

those that learned of Epaphras our beand peace from God our Fa


loved fellow-servant, who is a ther.

holy and faithful minister of Christ on 3

faiihful We give thanks to God

3 our behalf, who also declared 8

brethren the Father of our Lord Je.

in Christ

unto us your love in the Spirit. sus Christ, praying always for

For this cause we also, since 9 4 you, having heard of your 3 Many the day we heard it, do not cease

faith in Christ Jesus, and of ancient to pray and make request for the love which ye have toward

ties read

you, that ye may be filled with 5 all the saints, because of the


the knowledge of his will in hope which is laid up for you

all spiritual wisdom and unin the heavens, whereof ye 4 Or, derstanding, to walk worthily 10 heard before in the word of

of the Lord 4unto all pleasing, 6 the truth of the gospel, which

unto all

pleasing, bearing fruit in every good is come unto you; even as it good work, bearing fruit and increasing &c.

8 Or,

work, and increasing 1 in the 1 0r, by which was preached in all cre11 knowledge of God; 2 strength

ation under heaven; whereof I ened 3 with all power, ac- 2 Gr. mode Paul was made a minister. cording to the might of his powerful, Now I rejoice in my suffer- 24 glory, unto all patience and 3 0r, in

ings for your sake, and fill up 12 longsuffering with joy; giving

on my part that which is lackthanks unto the Father, who 4 Some ing of the afflictions of Christ made 4 us meet to be partakers ancient

in my flesh for his body's sake, of the inheritance of the saints

ties read

which is the church; whereof 25 13 in light ; who delivered us out you.

I was made a minister, acof the power of darkness, and

cording to the 11 dispensation translated us into the king

5 That is, of God which was given me

hold todom of the Son of his love;


to you-ward, to fulfil the word 14 in whom we have our re

of God, even the

mystery 26 demption, the forgiveness of 6 Or, that, which hath been hid 12 from 15 our sins: who is the image of

he might

umomg all all ages and generations : but the invisible God, the firstborn heve

now hath it been manifested 16 of all creation ; for in him

to his saints, to whom God 27

7 Or, For were all things created, in the

the schole

was pleased to make known heavens and upon the earth, fulness of what is the riches of the glory things visible and things in- God 2008 of this mystery among the visible, whether thrones or do- plexisual, Gentiles, which is Christ in

to drrell minions or principalities or in him you, the hope of glory: whom 28 powers; all things have been

we proclaim, admonishing created through him, and unto

every man and teaching every

into him 17 him; and he is before all

man in all wisdom, that we things, and in him all things 9 Or, him may present every man per18 5 consist. And he is the head

fect in Christ; whereunto I 29 of the body, the church : who 10 Some labour also, striving according

ar cient is the beginning, the firstborn


to his working, which worketh from the dead; 6 that in all ties read in me 13 mightily. things he might have the pre

ye have

For I would have you know 2 19 eminence. 7 For it was the

been re-

how greatly I strive for you, good pleasure of the Father

and for them at Laodicea, and that in him should all the ful- 11 Or, for as many as have not seen 20 ness dwell; and through him


my face in the flesh; that 2 to reconcile all things 8 unto


their hearts may be comfort9 himself, having made peace 12 Gr.from ed, they being knit together through the blood of his

in love, and unto all riches cross; through him, I say,

and from of the 14 full assurance of unwhether things upon the earth,


derstanding, that they may 21 or things in the heavens. And

know the mystery of God, you, being in time past alien- 13 Or, in 15 even Christ, in whom are 3 ated and enemies in your

power all the treasures of wisdom mind in your evil works, yet 14 Or, and knowledge hidden. This 4 22 now 10 hath he reconciled infulness I say, that no one may dethe body of his flesh through

lude you with persuasiveness death, to present you holy and 15 The of speech. For though I am 5

ancient without blemish and unre- authori

absent in the flesh, yet am I 23 proveable before him : if so be ties vary with you in the spirit, joythat ye continue in the faith, much in ing and beholding your order,

the text grounded and stedfast, and not

of this

and the stedfastness of your moved away from the hope passage.

faith in Christ. of the gospel which ye heard, I

As therefore ye received 6

the ages

The gene


4 Or,



Christ Jesus the Lord, 80 walk 1 Or, by seen, vainly puffed up by his 7 in him, rooted and builded up 2 Some fleshly mind, and not hold- 19 in him, and stablished 1 in your

ancient authori

ing fast the Head, from whom faith, even as ye were taught, ties in- all the body, being supplied

abounding 2 in thanksgiving. sert in it. and knit together through the 8 3 Take heed lest there shall 3 Or, See joints and bands, increaseth

be any one that maketh spoil whether with the increase of God. of you through his philosophy

If ye died with Christ from 20

elements and vain deceit, after the tra

the rudiments of the world,

5 Or, dition of men, after the 4 rudi

the bond

why, as though living in the ments of the world, and not

that was

world, do ye subject your9 after Christ: for in him dwell- against selves to ordinances, Handle 21 eth all the fulness of the God

us by its

not, nor taste, nor touch (all 22 10 head bodily, and in him ye

which things are to perish are made full, who is the head | 6 Or, with the using), after the pre

of all principality and power: having cepts and doctrines of men ? 11 in whom ye were also circum

put off
from him-

Which things have indeed a 23 cised with a circumcision not self his show of wisdom in will-wormade with hands, in the put- body, he ship, and humility, and seveting off of the body of the

made a

rity to the body; but are not

show of flesh, in the circumcision of

the prin

of any 10 value against the in12 Christ; having been buried cipalities dulgence of the flesh. with him in baptism, wherein

If then ye were raised to- 3 ye were also raised with him 7 Or, of his gether with Christ, seek the through faith in the working will, by

oun mere things that are above, where of God, who raised him from humility

Christ is, seated on the right 13 the dead. And you, being &c. hand of God. Set your mind 2 dead through your trespasses

on the things that are above, and the uncircumcision of taking not on the things that are

his stand your flesh, you, I say, did he


upon the earth. For ye died, 3 quicken together with him, 9 Many

and your life is hid with Christ having forgiven us all our authori- in God. When Christ, who is 4 14 trespasses; having blotted out ties, some 11 our life, shall be manifested, 5 the bond written in ordi


then shall ye also with him be nances that was against us, not.

manifested in glory. which was contrary to us: 10 Or, 12 Mortify, therefore and he hath taken it out of honour members which are upon the

the way, nailing it to the 11 Many earth; fornication, unclean15 cross;

having put off from ancient

ness, passion, evil desire, and

authorihimself the principalities and ties read

covetousness, the which is the powers, he made a show of

your. idolatry; for which things' 6 them openly, triumphing over 12 Gr. sake cometh the wrath of God them in it.


13 upon the sons of disobe16 Let no man therefore judge 13 Some


dience; 14 in the which ye also 7 you in meat, or in drink, or

walked aforetime, when ye

ancient in respect of a feast day or a authori- lived in these things. But 8

new moon or a sabbath day: ties omit now put ye also away all 17 which are a shadow of the upon the

these ; anger, wrath, malice, things to come; but the body disobe- railing, shameful speaking out 18 is Christ's. Let no man rob dience. of your mouth: lie not one to 9

you of your prize 7 by a vo- See Eph. another; seeing that ye have Îuntary humility and worship- 11 0r. put off the old man with his ping of the angels, 8 dwelling amongst doings, and have put on the 10 in the things which he hath whomi new man, which is being re

8 Or,

your 5

newed unto knowledge after

ye serve the Lord Christ. For 25 the image of him that created

he that doeth wrong shall 8 re11 him: where there cannot be 1 Many ceive again for the wrong that Greek and Jew, circumcision


he hath done: and there is no

authoriand uncircumcision, barbarian, ties read respect of persons. 6 Masters, 4 Scythian, bondman, freeman: Christ. render unto your 5 servants but Christ is all, and in all,

that which is just and 'equal; 12 Put on therefore, as God's

knowing that ye also have a elect, holy and beloved, a heart | 2 Gr. Master in heaven, of compassion, kindness, hu


Continue stedfastly in prayer, 2 mility, meekness, longsuffer

watching therein with thanks13 ing; forbearing one another,

giving; withal praying for us 3 and forgiving each other, if 3 Some also, that God may open unto any, man have a complaint ancient us a door for the word, to against any; even as i the ties read speak the mystery of Christ,

Lord forgave you, so also do the Lord: for which I am also in bonds; 14 ye: and above all these things others, that I may make it manifest, 1

God. put on love, which is the bond

as I ought to speak. Walk 5 15 of perfectness. And let the

in wisdom toward them that peace of Christ 2 rule in your

are without, 10 redeeming the hearts, to the which also ye *or: 2oner- time. Let your speech be al- 6 were called in one body; and

ways with grace, seasoned with 16 be ye thankful. Let the word

salt, that ye may know how ye of Christ dwell in you richly

ought to answer each one. in all wisdom; teaching and

5Gr. Bond-

All my affairs shall Tychicus 7 admonishing 4 one another

make known unto you, the with psalms and hymns and

beloved brother and faithful spiritual songs, singing with

minister and fellow-servant in

6 Gr. lords. grace in your hearts unto

the Lord: whom I have sent 8 17 God. And whatsoever ye do,

unto you for this very purin word or in deed, do all in

pose, that ye may know our the name of the Lord Jesus, Gr:from estate, and that he may com

. giving thanks to God the Fa

fort your hearts; together 9 ther through him.

with Onesimus, the faithful 18 Wives, be in subjection to

and beloved brother, who is

8 Gr. your husbands, as is fitting in

one of you. They shall make 19 the Lord. Husbands, love your again the known unto you all things wives, and be not bitter a- wrong.

that are done here. 20 gainst them. Children, obey

Aristarchus my fellow-pri- 10 your parents in all things, for

soner saluteth you, and Mark, this is well-pleasing in the 9 Gr. the cousin of Barnabas (touch 21 Lord. Fathers, provoke not equality. ing whom ye received comyour children, that they be not

mandments; if he come unto 22 discouraged. 5 Servants, obey in

you, receive him), and Jesus, 11 all things them that are your 10 Gr. which is called Justus, who 6 masters according to the buying up are of the circumcision: these flesh; not with eyeservice, as the oppor-only are my fellow-workers

tunity. men-pleasers, but in singleness

unto the kingdom of God, of heart, fearing the Lord :

men that have been a com23 whatsoever ye do, work 7 heart

11 Gr.

fort unto me. Epaphras, who 12 ily, as unto the Lord, and not bond- is one of you, a 11 servant of 24 unto men; knowing that from serrant. Christ Jesus, saluteth you, al. the Lord ye shall receive the

ways striving for you in his recompense of the inheritance:

prayers, that ye may stand

perfect and fully assured in

1 The

read among you, cause that 13 all the will of God. For I


it be read also in the church bear him witness, that he hath may re- of the Laodiceans; and that much labour for you, and for present ye also read the epistle from

them in Laodicea, and for Nympha. Laodicea. And say to Archip- 17 14 them in Hierapolis. Luke, the

2 Some

pus, Take heed to the ministry beloved physician, and Demas ancient

which thou hast received in 15 salute you.

Salute the bre-l authori. the Lord, that thou fulfil it. thren that are in Laodicea, ties read The salutation of me Paul 18

her. and 1 Nymphas, and the church

with mine own hand. Remem16 that is in their house. And 3 Gr. the. ber my bonds. Grace be with when 3 this epistle hath been





1 PAUL, and Silvanus, and Ti

in Macedonia and Achaia, but mothy, unto the church of the

in every place your faith to Thessalonians in God the Fa

God-ward is gone forth; so ther and the Lord Jesus Christ:

that we need not to speak any Grace to you and peace.

thing. For they themselves 9 2 We give thanks to God al

report concerning us what ways for you all, making men- 1 0r, manner of entering in we had tion of you in our prayers;

because unto you; and how ye turned 3 remembering without ceasing

our gos- unto God from idols, to serve your work of faith and labour pel &o. a living and true God, and to 10 of love and patience of hope

wait for his Son from heaven, in our Lord Jesus Christ, be

whom he raised from the dead, fore our God and Father ;

even Jesus, which delivereth us 4 knowing, brethren beloved of

from the wrath to come. 5 God, your election, 1 how that

For yourselves, brethren, 2 our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, Spirit

know our entering in unto 2 Or, Holy

you, that it hath not been and in the 2 Holy Ghost, and in

found vain: but having suf- 2 much 3 assurance; even as ye

fered before, and been shameknow what manner of men we

fully entreated, as ye know, at shewed ourselves toward you

Philippi, we waxed bold in our 6 for your sake. And ye be

God to speak unto you the came imitators of us, and of

gospel of God in much conthe Lord, having received the

3 Or,

flict. For our exhortation is 3 word in much affliction, with fulness not of error, nor of unclean7 joy of the 2 Holy Ghost ; so

ness, nor in guile; but event that ye became an ensample

as we have been approved of to all that believe in Mace

God to be intrusted with the 8 donia and in Achaia. For

gospel, so we speak; not as from you hath sounded forth

pleasing men, but God which the word of the Lord, not only!

proveth our hearts. For nei.

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