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man as

1 In the beginning was the 1 Or, he of whom I said, He that Word, and the Word was with


cometh after me is become God, and the Word was God. 2 Or, before me: for he was 12 be2 The same was in the begin- anything

was not

fore me. For of his fulness 16 3 ning with God.

All things made. we all received, and grace for were made 1 by him; and


grace. For the law was given 17 without him 2 was not any


hath been i by Moses; grace and truth thing made that hath been made came 1 by Jesus Christ. No 18 4 made. In him was life; and wus life man hath seen God at any the life was the light of men.

in him;
and the

time; 13 the only begotten 5 And the light shineth in the

life &c. Son, which is in the bosom of darkness; and the darkness 3 Or, the Father, he hath declared 6 3 apprehended it not. There overcame. him.

See ch. came a man, sent from God,

And this is the witness of 19

xii. 35 7 whose name was John. The


John, when the Jews sent unto same came for witness, that 4 Or, The him from Jerusalem priests he might bear witness of true light, and Levites to ask him, Who the light, that all might be


art thou? And he confessed, 20 8 lieve through him. He was


and denied not; and he con

every not the light, but came that man, was fessed, I am not the Christ.

he might bear witness of the coming And they asked him, What 21 9 light. 4 There was the true 5 Or, every then ? Art thou Elijah? And light, even the light which

he cometh

he saith, I am not. Art thou lighteth 5every man, coming

the prophet? And he answer10 into the world. He was in the

ed, No. They said therefore 22 world, and the world was made


unto him, Who art thou? that 1 by him, and the world knew 7 Or, we may give an answer to them 11 him not. He came unto 6 his


that sent us. What sayest own, and they that were his 8 Gr.


thou of thyself ? He said, I 23 12 own received him not. But

9 Gr. ta

am the voice of one crying in as many as received him, to

bernacled. the wilderness, Make straight them gave he the right to be

the way of the Lord, as said come children of God, even

an only Isaiah the prophet. 14 And they 24 to them that believe on his begotten had been sent from the Phari13 name: which were 7 born, not from a

father sees. And they asked him, and 25 of 8 blood, nor of the will of

11 Some

said unto him, Why then bapthe flesh, nor of the will of

ancient tizest thou, if thou art not the 14 man, but of God. And the


Christ, neither Elijah, neither Word became flesh, and

ties read
(this was

the prophet ?_John answered 26 9 dwelt among us (and we be

he that them, saying, I baptize 15 with held his glory, glory as of 10 the

said). water: in the midst of you only begotten from the Fa- 12 Gr. first

ther), full of grace and truth. in regard of me. 13 Many very ancient autho15 John beareth witness of him,

rities read God only begoiten. 11 Or, And cer

tain had been sent from among the Pharisees, and crieth, saying, 11 This was l 15 Or, in

6 Gr.
his own

10 Or,

standeth one whom ye know

John speak, and followed him, 27 not, even he that cometh af

was Andrew, Simon Peter's ter me, the latchet of whose

brother. He findeth first his 41 shoe I am not worthy to un- 1 Many own brother Simon, and saith 28 loose. These things were done


unto him, We have found the in 1 Bethany beyond Jordan, ties read Messiah (which is, being inter

where John was baptizing. Bethabu- preted, 6Christ). He brought 42 29 On the morrow he seeth Jesus rull, some, him unto Jesus. Jesus looked

Betharacoming unto him, and saith, bah. upon him, and said, Thou art Behold, the Lamb of God,

Simon the son of 7 John: thou which 2 taketh away the sin

shalt be called Cephas (which 30 of the world! This is he of

is by interpretation, 8 Peter). whom I said, After me cometh

On the morrow he was mind- 43 a man which is become before 2 Or, ed to go forth into Galilee, and

beareth me: for he was 3 before me.

the sin

he findeth Philip: and Jesus 31 And I knew him not; but

saith unto him, Follow me. that he should be made ma

Now Philip was from Beth- 44 nifest to Israel, for this cause

saida, of the city of Andrew came I baptizing 4 with water.

and Peter. Philip findeth Na- 45 32 And John bare witness, say- 3 Gr. first, thanael, and saith unto him, ing, I have beheld the Spirit

in regard We have found him, of whom

of me. descending as a dove out of

Moses in the law, and the proheaven; and it abode upon

phets, did write, Jesus of Na33 him. And I knew him not:

zareth, the son of Joseph. And 46 but he that sent me to bap

Nathanael said unto him, Can tize 4 with water, he said unto 1 Or, in any good thing come out of me, Upon whomsoever thou

Nazareth? Philip saith unto shalt see the Spirit descend

him, Come and see. Jesus saw 47 ing, and abiding upon him,

Nathanael coming to him, and the same is he that baptizeth 5 Or. saith of him, Behold, an Is31 4 with the Holy Spirit. And Teucher raelite indeed, in whom is no I have seen, and have borne

guile! Nathanael saith unto 48 witness that this is the Son of

him, Whence knowest thou God.

me? Jesus answered and said 35 Again on the morrow John

6 That is,

unto him, Before Philip called was standing, and two of his Anointed. thee, when thou wast under 36 disciples; and he looked upon

the fig tree, I saw thee. Na- 49 Jesus as he walked, and saith,

thanael answered him, Rabbi, Behold, the Lamb of God!

thou art the Son of God; thou 37 And the two disciples heard

art King of Israel. Jesus an- 50 him speak, and they followed 7 Gr. swered and said unto him,

Joanes: 38 Jesus. And Jesus turned, and called in Because I said unto thee, I

beheld them following, and Matt. saw thce underneath the fig saith unto them, What seek

xvi. 17, tree, believest thou? thou

Jonah. ye? And they said unto him,

shalt see greater things than Rabbi (which is to say, being

these. And he saith unto him, 51 interpreted, 5 5 Master), where

Verily, verily, I say unto you, 39 abidest thou? He saith unto

Ye shall see the heaven opened, them, Come, and ye shall see. 8 That is, and the angels of God ascendThey came therefore and saw

Rock or ing and descending upon the where he abode; and they


Son of man. abode with him that day: it

And the third day there was 2 was about the tenth hour.

a marriage in Cana of Galilce; 40 One of the two that heard

and the mother of Jesus was

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2 there: and Jesus also was bid

he poured out the changers' den, and his disciples, to the

money, and overthrew their 3 marriage. And when the wine

tables; and to them that sold 16 failed, the mother of Jesus

the doves he said, Take these saith unto him, They have no

things hence; make not my 4 wine. And Jesus saith unto

Father's house a house of her, Woman, what have I to

merchandise. His disciples re- 17 do with thee? mine hour is 1 Or, membered that it was written, 5 not yet come. His mother


The zeal of thine house shali saith unto the servants, What

eat me up. The Jews therefore 18 soever he saith unto you, do

answered and said unto him, 6 it. Now there were six water

What sign shewest thou unto pots of stone set there after

us, seeing that thou doest the Jews' manner of purify

these things ? Jesus answered 19 ing, containing two or three

and said unto them, Destroy 7 firkins apiece. Jesus saith unto

this 3 temple, and in three days them, Fill the waterpots with 2:0r, that


I will raise it up. The Jews 20 water. And they filled them become therefore said, Forty and six 8 up to the brim. And he saith

years was this 3 temple in buildunto them, Draw out now,

ing, and wilt thou raise it up and bear unto the 1 ruler of

in three days ? But he spake 21 the feast. And they bare it.

of the 3 temple of his body, 9 And when the ruler of the

When therefore he was raised 22 feast tasted the water 2 now

from the dead, his disciples rebecome wine, and knew not

membered that he spake this; whence it was (but the ser- 3 Or, sunc- and they believed the scripvants which had drawn the


ture, and the word which Jewater knew), the ruler of the

sus had said. feast calleth the bridegroom,

Now when he was in Jeru- 23 10 and saith unto him, Every

salem at the passover, during man setteth on first the good

the feast, many believed on wine; and when men have

his name, beholding his signs drunk freely, then that which

which he did. But Jesus did 24 is worse: thou hast kept the

not trust himself unto them, 11 good wine until now. This be- 4 Or, a for that he knew all men, and 25

ginning of his signs did Jesus man; for because he needed not that in Cana of Galilee, and mani

any one should bear witness fested his glory; and his dis

concerning 4 man; for he himciples believed on him.

self knew what was in man. 12 After this he went down to

Now there was a man of the 3 Capernaum, he, and his mo

Pharisees, named Nicodemus, ther, and his brethren, and his

a ruler of the Jews: the same 2 disciples: and there they abode

came unto him by night, and not many days.

said to him, Rabbi, we know 13 And the passover of the

that thou art a teacher come Jews was at hand, and Jesus 5 Or, from from God: for no man can

above 14 went up to Jerusalem. And

do these signs that thou docst, he found in the temple those

except God be with him. Je- 3 that sold oxen and sheep and

sus answered and said unto doves, and the changers of

him, Verily, verily, I say unto 15 money sitting: and he made

thee, Except a man be born a scourge of cords, and cast

5 anew, he cannot see the kingall out of the temple, both

dom of God. Nicodemus saith 4 the sheep and the oxen; and

unto him, How can a man be

... the

born when he is old ? can he

lieved on the name of the only enter a second time into his

begotten Son of God. And this 19 mother's womb, and be born ? 1 0r, from is the judgement, that the light 5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, above is come into the world, and I say unto thee, Except a man

men loved the darkness rather be born of water and the Spi

than the light; for their works rit, he cannot enter into the 2 Or, The were evil. For every one that 20 6 kingdom of God. That which Spirit 5 doeth ill hateth the light, and is born of the flesh is flesh;


cometh not to the light, lest and that which is born of the

his works should be 6 reprov7 Spirit is spirit. Marvel not

ed. But he that doeth the 21 that I said unto thee, Ye must 3 Many truth cometh to the light, that 8 be born lanew. 2 The wind


his works may be made ma

authoribloweth where it listeth, and ties omit nifest, 7that they have been thou hearest the voice thereof, urhich is wrought in God. but knowest not whence it

in heuven.

After these things came Je- 22 cometh, and whither it goeth:

sus and his disciples into the so is every one that is born

land of Judæa ; and there he 9 of the Spirit. Nicodemus an- 4 Or. tarried with them, and bap

swered and said unto him, believeth tized. And John also was bap- 23

How can these things be? may have tizing in Ænon near to Salim, 10 Jesus answered and said unto

because there 8 was much wahim, Art thou the teacher of

ter there: and they came, and Israel, and understandest not

were baptized. For John was 24 11 these things ? Verily, verily, I

5 Or,

not yet cast into prison. There 25 say unto thee, We speak that

arose therefore a questioning we do know, and bear witness

on the part of John's disciples of that we have seen; and ye

with a Jew about purifying. 12 receive not our witness. If I

6 Or,

And they came unto John, 26 told you earthly things, and

and said to him, Rabbi, he ye believe not, how shall ye

that was with thee beyond believe, if I tell you heavenly

Jordan, to whom thou hast 13 things? And no man hath as


borne witness, behold, the sanie cended into heaven, but he

baptizeth, and all men come that descended out of heaven,

to him. John answered and 27 even the Son of man, 3 which

8 Gr. were

said, A man can receive no14 is in heaven. And as Moses


thing, except it have been lifted up the serpent in the waters. given him from heaven. Ye 28 wilderness, even so must the

yourselves bear me witness, 15 Son of man be lifted up: that

that I said, I am not the whosoever 4 believeth may in

Christ, but, that I am sent

9 Some him have eternal life.


before him. He that hath 29 16 For God so loved the world, authori- the bride is the bridegroom: that he gave his only begotten

ties read but the friend of the bride

he that Son, that whosoever believeth

com.eth groom, which standeth and on him should not perish, but from heareth him, rejoiceth greatly 17 have eternal life. For God sent


because of the bridegroom's not the Son into the world to


voice: this my joy therefore judge the world; but that the of chat

is fulfilled. He must increase, 30 world should be saved through he hath but I must decrease. 18 him. He that believeth on him seen und

He that cometh from above 31

heard. is not judged: he that believ

is above all : he that is of the eth not hath been judged al

earth is of the earth, and of ready, because he hath not be

the earth he speaketh; 'ho

7 Or,

that cometh from heaven is

would have given thee living 32 above all. What he hath seen

water. The woman saith un- 11 and heard, of that he beareth

to him, 6 Sir, thou hast nowitness; and no man receiv

thing to draw with, and the

1 Or, 33 eth his witness. He that hath


well is deep: from whence received his witness hath set not then hast thou that living his seal to this, that God is

water? Art thou greater than 12 34 true. For he whom God hath

our father Jacob, which gave sent speaketh the words of

us the well, and drank thereof God: for he giveth not the

himself, and his sons, and his 35 Spirit by measure. The Fa- 2 Gr. cattle? Jesus answered and said 13 ther loveth the Son, and hath

and so in

unto her, Every one that drinkgiven all things into his hand.

ver. 14;

eth of this water shall thirst a36 He that believeth on the Son but not gain: but whosoever drinketh 14 hath eternal life; but he that

in ver. 11, 1 of the water that I shall give

12. lobeyeth not the Son shall not

him shall never thirst; but the see life, but the wrath of God

water that I shall give him abideth on him.

shall become in him a well 4 When therefore the Lord

of water springing up unto knew how that the Pharisees 3 Or, eternal life. The woman saith 15 had heard that Jesus was as he was

unto him, 5 Sir, give me this making and baptizing more

water, that I thirst not, nei. 2 disciples than John (although

ther come all the way hither Jesus himself baptized not,

to draw. Jesus saith unto her, 16 3 but his disciples), he left Ju

Go, call thy husband, and come dæa, and departed again into 4 Some hither. The woman answered 17 4 Galilee. And he must needs


and said unto him, I have

authori5 pass through Samaria. So he

ties omit

no husband. Jesus saith unto cometh to a city of Samaria, For Jews her, Thou saidst well, I have called Sychar, near to the

have no

no husband: for thou hast 18

dealings parcel of ground that Jacob

with Sa

had five husbands; and he 6 gave to his son Joseph: and maritans. whom thou now hast is not Jacob's 2 well was there. Je

thy husband: this hast thou sus therefore, being wearied

said truly. The woman saith 19 with his journey, sat 3 thus

unto him, 5 Sir, I perceive that by the 2 well. It was about

thou art a prophet. Our fa- 20 7 the sixth hour. There com- 50r, Lord thers worshipped in this mouneth a woman of Samaria to

tain; and ye say, that in Je draw water: Jesus saith unto

rusalem is the place where men 8 her, Give me to drink. For

ought to worship. Jesus saith 21 his disciples were gone away

unto her, Woman, believe me,

6 Or, for into the city to buy food.

such the

the hour cometh, when neither 9 The Samaritan woman there

Father in this mountain, nor in Jefore saith unto him, How is also seek- rusalem, shall ye worship the it that thou, being a Jew,


Father. Ye worship that which 22 askest drink of me, which am

ye know not: we worship that a Samaritan woman? (4 For

which we know: for salvation Jews have no dealings with

is from the Jews. But the hour 23 10 Samaritans.) Jesus answered

7 Or, God

cometh, and now is, when the and said unto her, If thou

is spirit

true worshippers shall worship knewest the gift of God, and

the Father in spirit and truth: who it is that saith to thee,

6 for such doth the Father seek Give me to drink; thou would

to be his worshippers. 7God 24 est have asked of him, and he

is a Spirit: and they that

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