The God Who Hears

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InterVarsity Press, 16 mai 1986 - 224 pagini

To pray is to know God. "If God really cared he would answer my prayer." "I hesitate to ask him anything." "I can't understand why he continues to ignore my deepest needs." Bingham Hunter recognizes that most believers have these thoughts from time to time. He encourages us to look at prayer from the standpoint of who God is. The true aim of prayer is intimacy with God. We pray effectively when we make him the desire of our hearts, Hunter answers our questoins about prayer by directing us to the nature and attributes of God and to our own lives. God responds not to our prayers but to who we are--what we think, feel, will and do. Prayer is communication from the whole person to the Wholeness that is the living God.

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How Can I Approach Him?
What Is There to Tell Him?
Can Prayer Change Gods Mind?
How Do I Speak to an Invisible God?
Why Pray to One Who Lets People Hurt?
The Prayer of a Grateful Soul
The Prayer for Other People
The Prayer of Faith
Doubt Prayer and Fasting
Whats in Jesus Name?
Index of Scripture References
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W. Bingham Hunter (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen) is vice president and academic dean at Phoenix Seminary. He previously served as professor of New Testament and senior vice president and dean of education at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, professor of Bible exposition and academic dean at Talbot School of Theology, and visiting professor at Western Seminary and the Associated Canadian Theological Seminaries. A Bible teacher and conference speaker, his experience also includes pastoral ministry in a large multisite church in the greater Chicago area as well as service with World Wide Pictures, the motion picture arm of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. His InterVarsity Press books have been translated into Russian, Korean, Portuguese and Indonesian. He is a contributor to the Dictionary of Paul and His Letters.

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