Human Rights in Crisis

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Alice Bullard
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 1 ian. 2008 - 160 pagini
Giving shape and substance to what is widely regarded as a crisis in the field of human rights during the early years of the new century, this volume expands our understanding of the pursuit of human rights during the era of the War on Terror. Employing a truly interdisciplinary approach that demonstrates not only the pervasiveness of the crisis but also the complexities involved in furthering the promotion and protection of human rights, the book explores the troubling policies which have arisen in the war on terror. It also considers the historical and legal underpinnings of human rights practices, before examining the complicated practicalities of pursuing human rights through three case studies that reflect the difficulties faced in ensuring the appropriate place for human rights in the world.

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Human Rights Law Executive Powers and Torture in the Post911 Era
Human Rights Advocates in the Post911 Era
Struggling between Apology
Crisis Challenge
Holding Human Rights
Human Trafficking and Migration
Doctors Without Borders and the Moral Economy of Pharmaceuticals
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Alice Bullard is Associate Professor of History, Technology and Society and a member of the Human Rights Initiative of Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

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