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means they should render these their consciences so insensible to every feeling of inconsistency and shame, as to promote the efforts of those whose intentions they acknowledge to be contrary to the spirit of the gospel. Deplorable as it is, however, yet is the fact fully established, and of daily occur. rence; the fact, I mean, that influential individuals of a Christian and not of an antichristian community, contribute their money, no less than their influence, towards the furtherance of a system in which Antichrist prevails ; even towards the erection of buildings in which this opponent of the Redeemer is worshipped; and the institution and endowment of establishments in which the principles of this demon of hypocrisy and superstition' are substituted for those of sincerity and truth.

Of such ill-advisers, therefore, and of such pernicious examples, I urge you, brethren, to beware. Be upon your guard at all times, when called upon by these to contribute any portion of those means which God has entrusted to you as faithful and discreet stewards; and though an emperor set the example, yet never sacrifice your conscience and your common sense to a spurious liberality, by subscribing your money towards the erection of buildings called houses of God, or places of worship, in which you

know that Antichrist is to be the superintending deity, or by the promotion of any undertaking in which the doctrines of Antichrist are to be taught. And as it may be doubtful in the minds of the unlettered, whether among the numerous separatists with which the church of Christ is distracted, the applications of some may not be favourably received, I would urge these never to promote by money, or otherwise, any undertaking professedly spiritual or religious, without consulting those of their community to whom they may fairly look up'as capable of imparting advice. ... The devil has been a deceiver from the begin. ning: by a lie was it that he prompted our forefathers to disobey God; by similar means is it—by a succession of lies is it that people are oftentime tempted to promote that which they would most assuredly discourage were they made acquainted with facts; were they oftentimes told the plain and indisputable truth, that what is termed liberality and Christian charity, as synonymous with the encouragement of those principles and doctrines which are repugnant to the Bible and the innate assurances of the Spirit of truth, is nothing more nor less than giving the lie to our own profession; nothing more nor less than propagating the doctrines of Antichrist, and doing violence to the Redeemer's kingdom. May God Almighty, brethren, in these times of tumult and danger, of falsehood and deceit, and of every species of hostility to the catholic church of Christ -may God Almighty, I say, be our gracious and ready help, for the sake of the same Jesus Christ, our most merciful Lord and Saviour, and may we ever worship the same Almighty Being in sincerity and truth ; and being at all times care

ful to regulate our words and deeds, our conversations and our lives, so that they may be in sweet harmony with each other, may we acknowledge Him as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, now, and for ever.

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« Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse,

deceiving and being deceived. But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them; and that from a child thou hast known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation, through faith which is in Christ Jesus."

Among the various writings of St. Paul which have been received into the canon of Scripture, are two epistles addressed to Timothy, a young man whose exemplary faith had induced Paul to ordain him to the priesthood, and appoint him bishop, or spiritual superintendent, of Ephesus. It is from the second of these two epistles that our text has been selected ; and when we consider that St. Paul was commissioned by the Spirit of God to proclaim God's will to the world ; that, in the words of the Eternal himself, he was “a chosen vessel unto him,

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to bear his name before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel;"* it is impossible to arrive at any conclusion, other than that the counsels of such an one are entitled to as much attention as would be a proclamation conveyed to us at the present moment by the voice of God.

The variety of classes into which its real and professed members are divided, is a peculiarly characteristic feature of the religion of Christ. Our Lord himself declared: “I came not to send peace upon earth but a sword.” We are not, therefore, to wonder at the numerous divisions and subdivisions in the Christian church, because these have been pre-ordained by God, who seeth not as man seeth, but who willeth that “all things work together for good to those that love him.” The present distracted and confused state, therefore, to which the apostle alludes in the first verse of our text, though it may, as it ought, indeed, humanly speaking, to be a subject of regret, yet ought it also to be regarded with gratitude and praise, inasmuch as we perceive in it the strongest proof of the truth of our religion.

Hence, brethren, do we infer, that it is our bounden duty—the bounden duty of every one who lays claim to the designation of Christ's disciple, to do as much as in him lies to discourage and suppress that which, though it be an evidence of the divine origin of our religion, is nevertheless an evil of the greatest magnitude, and productive of the

à Acts, ix. 15.

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