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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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United States Citizenship-
A Heritage of Freedom-Loving


United States citizenship is priceless. It is a heritage of the freedom-loving peoples of all ages. It is based on the dreams and toil and bloodshed of those who first came to the New World—and of the millions of others, like yourselves, who followed them.

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Remember always that constant vigilance is the price of continued freedom. Accept the truth that recognition of the equal rights of others is the best assurance that our own rights will be preserved. Be constantly aware that the law, manifested through the orderly procedures of our courts, is the true guardian of our liberties.

The Government to which you have sworn allegiance is your Government. The people are the masters. The Government is the servant, doing for the people only those things which they cannot do individually for themselves. As citizens, you should acquaint yourselves fully with the mechanics of your Government. You should study and discuss the issues before it. You should make your voice, and your vote, heard. It can be representative only to the extent that you help make it so.


Attorney General of the United States. (From an address at Veterans Day naturalization ceremonies, New York City, on November 11, 1954.]

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Gateway to Citizenship is a manual designed to assist naturalization courts, bar associations, civic and educational leaders, patriotic organizations, and individuals in adding to the dignity of the ceremonies surrounding the ad. mission to citizenship and in emphasizing the significance and importance of citizenship. The manual is an official publication of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. It was initiated, however, by the National Citizenship Education Program and was originally prepared by Carl B. Hyatt, formerly an Assistant Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, with the cooperation of various committees, including the Attorney General's Advisory Committee on Citizenship and the committees on American Citizenship of both the American Bar Association and the Federal Bar Association. It is in no sense a collection of directives. Rather it is a series of suggestions, ideas, and materials gathered from a survey of practices all over the country.

The original edition of Gateway to Citizenship was prepared primarily for use in connection with naturalization ceremonies. Subsequent editions have been expanded to include materials helpful in planning for the annual celebration of Citizenship Day and for other patriotic programs. In the present edition effort has been made to simplify the text, and references to later material have been incorporated.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to all organizations and individuals for their cooperation in the preparation of Gateway to Citizenship and for their permission to use certain material in this volume. It is sincerely hoped that this manual will continue to be of use to the courts engaged in naturalization work and to all individuals and organizations in planning programs for patriotic occasions.

Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization.

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