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Executive Committee-Continued 2. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 3. Duties:

Outline policies.
Plan the number and type of committees.
Appoint committee members.
Hold meetings of committee chairmen.
Fix responsibility for various phases of the work.
Plan instructional meetings for new voters.
Arrange for group leaders and their training.

Supervise and coordinate the work of all committees.
Ways and Means Committee:
1. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 2. Duties:

Prepare lists of new voters.
Divide city or county into units.
Assign group leaders to each unit.
Effect an organization of each unit of new voters.
Help obtain meeting places.
Arrange with Parade Committee for new voters' part in parade.
Arrange with Program Committee for new voters' part in induc-

tion ceremony.
Provide for absentee new voters.
Arrange for a convention of new voters to discuss:

a. Part in parade and induction ceremony.
b. Permanent organization to take care of their part in pro-

gram for next year.
Help new voters to prepare banner, insignia, and similar items.
Arrange meeting of chairmen of new voter units with Program and

Parade Committees to discuss participation in parade and induc

tion ceremony.

Provide for possible emergencies. Program Committee: 1. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 2. Duties:

Arrange details of recognition and induction ceremonies.
Arrange for suitable place for induction ceremony.
Provide platform if necessary.
Arrange seating.
Arrange for public address system.
Provide bands, choruses, and other musical groups for the ceremony.


Program Committee-Continued 2. Duties—Continued

Make arrangements for speakers, guests, press representatives, and

Arrange for placing of color guards.
Arrange location of flags.
Provide and instruct ushers.
Arrange for return of properties after the ceremonies.
Arrange with Ways and Means Committee for new voters' part in

induction ceremony.

Arrange for suitable souvenir or certificate for new voters. Publicity Committee: 1. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 2. Duties:

Inform the public of the purpose and value of the whole project.
Provide newspapers and magazines with the following materials
for publication:

a. Names of committee members.
b. Names and addresses of youths who have reached voting

age, with the request that corrections and additions be
turned in to a suitable

person. c. Names and addresses of naturalized citizens. d. List of participating organizations and agencies. e. Programs of discussion groups of both classes of new

voters. f. Articles about forum leaders. g. Editorial articles on the program. h. Feature articles about citizenship recognition program

and its history, local foreign-born citizens who have
made good, social agencies working with the foreign-
born, prominent native-born citizens, and similar

i. Pictures and charts to accompany releases.
j. Copies of speeches.

k. News of parade and induction ceremony.
Arrange radio programs as follows:

a. Newscasts on plans.
b. Talks on citizenship by the best available speakers.
c. Interviews with committee members, new voters, and promi.

nent citizens.
d. Forums, especially to appeal to those who cannot attend.

Publicity Committee-Continued 2. Duties Continued

Provide posters (a poster contest among local artists would be

valuable in itself), tags, handbills describing the plan, and

window displays. Arrange with theater managers for newsreels or announcements. Arrange to have ceremonies reported by newspapers, newsreels,

radio. Provide follow-up copy for the press regarding further activities

of new voter units. Instructional Materials Committee: 1. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 2. Duties:

Provide instructional materials for the discussion groups.
Obtain competent authority to cooperate in selecting and assem.

bling these materials.
Gather information on local units of government for distribution

such as:

a. Officials—how elected, term of office, duties.
b. Maps of county, city, and school districts.
c. Charts showing relationships of governmental units.
d. Charts showing appointive boards and commissions, their

services, method of appointment.
Prepare manuals for group leaders.
Arrange to send materials, with guides, for home study to absentee

new voters. Finance Committee: 1. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 2. Duties:

Provide funds to cover cost of postage, printing and mimeograph

ing, instructional materials, travel expense, and parade floats. Some successful means of obtaining funds include:

a. Appropriations by county or city council.
b. Appropriation by board of education.
c. Cooperative Citizenship-Day Fund project undertaken by

various community organizations.
d. Income from sale of Citizenship-Day buttons.
e. Income from advertising in souvenir programs.

Decoration Committee: 1. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 2. Duties:

Arrange for flags to be displayed from municipal buildings,

schools, homes, business places.
Promote special window displays in stores for the final day.
Arrange for special exhibits in schools and libraries.
Provide special decorations for homes of new voters.
Arrange for decorations along line of march of the parade.
Provide for decorations at place where induction ceremony is held,

other than those arranged by Program Committee.

Cooperate with Parade Committee in decorating floats. Parade Committee: 1. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 2. Duties:

Obtain permit for parade from civic authorities.
Plan and supervise the parade.
Select theme to be presented by floats.
Approve number and type of floats.
Arrange parade routes.
Approve marching units: color bearers, new voters units, bands,

military units.
Provide or approve banners for marching units.
Keep parade free of clowning and frivolity.
Make parade both beautiful and instructive.
Supervise preparation of units in the parade to make sure of good

spacing and marching form. Traffic, Safety, and Emergency Committee: 1. Members:

Representatives of police and fire departments, county sheriff, high

way police, Boy Scouts, and veterans. 2. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 3. Duties:

Be responsible for traffic control, handling of parking, and having

parade route closed and supervised.
See that safety is promoted on the streets and where final cere-

monies are held.
Provide first-aid and ambulance service for emergencies.
Keep order at place of induction ceremonies.

Traffic, Safety, and Emergency Committee-Continued 3. Duties Continued

Plan and supervise a safe and quick way of getting the crowd into

and away from the parade area and place where final ceremonies

are held.

Records Committee: 1. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 2. Duties:

Keep a record of the proceedings of all committees.
Serve as historian of the Executive Committee.
Keep chronological record of whole program as a guide for the
following year, including:

a. Committee reports with suggestions for future programs.
b. Scrapbook of publicity.
c. Copies of instructional materials.
d. Copies of radio scripts.
e. Copies of addresses given at the induction ceremony.
f. List of new voters.
g. Copy of program of final ceremony.
h. Copy of marching plan of the parade.

i. Pictures of various phases of the project.
Directory Committee:
1. Chairman:

Chosen by the members. 2. Duties:

Compile a list of all organizations in the area served, including

both private and governmental groups. Acquaint these organizations with the proposed plans. Arrange for these groups to participate in planning and carrying

out the project.


(Suggested by the Committee on American Citizenship of the
American Bar Association. Draft prepared by F. Lyman Win-

dolph, member of the Lancaster County Bar, Lancaster, Pa.) At the day and time appointed for the ceremony of naturalization the persons to be naturalized shall take seats in the body of the court room.

The crier of the court shall say: The Honorable, the Judges of the United States District Court for the District of


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