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from each other in some important readings, which we have distinguished as Q. (Bodl. 1) and Q. (Bodl. 2). The former is marked Malone 34'; the latter Malone Add. 886'.

The second edition was printed in 1598. In order to avoid a different notation we have called this, though in reality an octavo, Q2. It has the following title:

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LVCRECE. | AT LONDON, | Printed by P. S. for Iohn Harrison. 1598. |

A copy of this edition is in the Capell collection, which has been collated by Capell with a copy of Qı, apparently that in Sion College Library.

The third edition, our Q3, also in small octavo, was published in 1600, with the following title:

LVCRECE. | LONDON. | Printed by I. H. for Iohn Harrison. | 1600. 1

The only copy of this edition with which we are acquainted is in the Bodleian Library. It is bound up with the Venus and Adonis of 1600 and was given by Farmer to Malone.

In 1607 appeared, also in octavo, what we have quoted as Qt Its title is:

LVCRECE. | AT LONDON, | Printed be N. O. for Iohn Harison. 1607. |

In 1616, the year of Shakespeare's death, it was reissued with the author's name as 'newly revised'; but as the readings are generally inferior to those of the earlier editions there is no reason for attaching any importance to an assertion which was merely intended to allure purchasers. The title-page of this edition, which we call Qs, is as follows:

THE | RAPE | OF | LVCRECE. By M'. William Shakespeare. | Newly Reuised. | LONDON: | Printed by T. S. for Roger Jackson, and are to be solde at his shop neere the

Conduit | in Fleet-street. 1616. I Mut non * has kort hare it way he consistud staat Free

zuida had nu paud it with me erily liausenje,2- Brat Crest filluar te lees day. 4. balak? ariel a kosuero A lesblin lut wilá authnity for chempeu. Piliitwa hu trude Hee timide kan handle.

Copies of this edition are in the British Museum and the Bodleian.

The sixth and last of the earlier editions of any importance appeared in 1624 with the following title:

The | Rape of | Lvcrece. | By | M'. William Shakespeare. I Newly Reuised. | LONDON. | Printed by I. B. for Roger lacks0:1, and are to be sold at his shop neere the Conduit | in Fleetstreet. 1624. 1

A copy of this edition, which we call Qo, is in the Grenville Collection in the British Museum. Through the kindness of Mr P. H. Frere, we have been enabled to collate another copy which formerly belonged to Sir John Fenn, the editor of the Paston Letters.

Of these six editions, the fifth and sixth differ considerably in their readings from the first four, which follow each other without any important variations. An edition bearing the date of 1632 is mentioned in Lowndes' Bibliographer's Manual, ed. Bohn, but we have not been able to find it. The last of all, which we have quoted as Q,, appeared in 1655 and forms part of the same volume with Quarles's Banishment of Tarquin,

6. The SONNETS appeared for the first time in 1609. The title of some copies is as follows:

SHAKE-SPEARES, SONNETS. | Neuer before Imprinted. AT LONDON. | By G. Eld for T. T. and are to be solde by William Aspley. | 1609. |

In others the imprint is

AT LONDON | By G. Eld for T. T. and are / to be solde by Iohn Wright, dwelling at Christ Church gate. | 1609. 1

7. At the end of the Sonnets was printed in the same edition A LOVERS COMPLAINT.

8. THE PASSIONATE PILGRIM was first printed in 1599 with the following title:

THE | PASSIONATE | PilgrimE. | By W. Shakespeare. | AT LONDON | Printed for W. Iaggard, and are to be sold by W. Leake, at the Grey- 1 hound in Paules Churchyard. I 1599. I

In the middle of sheet C is a second title:

SONNETS | To sundry notes of Musicke. | AT LONDOV Printed for W. Iaggard, and are | to be sold by W. Leake, at the Grey- | hound in Paules Churchyard.

A unique copy of this edition, bound up with the Venus and Adonis of 1620, is in the Capell Collection. It was once in the possession of honest’ Tom Martin of Palgrave, and a MS. note informs us that the volume cost a former owner but 3 halfpence.'

It was reprinted, together with some poems by Thomas Heywood, in 1612; and the whole were attributed to Shakespeare. The title at first stood thus:

THE | PASSIONATE | PILGRIME. / or | Certaine Amorous Sonnets, betweene Venus and Adonis, newly correlat and aug- | mented. | By II. Shakespere. | The third Edition. Whereunto is newly ad- | ded two Loue-Epistles, the first from Paris to Hellen, and | Hellens answere backe againe to Paris. Printed by W. Iaggard. | 1612.

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In the Bodleian copy of this edition Malone has written the following note. All the poems from Sig. D. 5 were written by Thomas Heywood, who was so offended at Jaggard for printing them under the name of Shakespeare, that he has added a postscript to his Apology for Aitors, 4to 1612, on this subject, and Jaggard in consequence of it appears to have printed a new title-page to please Heywood, without the name of Shakespeare in it. The former title-page was no doubt intended to be cancelled, but by some inadvertence, they were both prefixed to this copy and I have retained them as a curiosity.'

The corrected title-page on the opposite leaf, A. verso, is, except in the use of italics and Roman letters, the same, omitting ‘By W. Shakespere.'

This is called “The third Edition,' but no other between 1599 and 1612 is known to exist.

In 1640 a number of the Sonnets, together with some of the Poems from The Passionate Pilgrim and A Lover's Complaint, were collected into a volume, with some trans

lations from Ovid and other pieces evidently not by Shakespeare, and published with the following title:

POEMS: | WRITTEN | BY | WIL. SHAKE-SPEARE. Gent. I Printed at London by Tho. Cotes, and are to be sold by John Benson, dwelling in S. Dunstans Church-yard. 1640.


The order of the poems in this volume is very arbitrary, but it is followed in the editions by Gildon (1710), and Sewell (1725 and 1728), as well as those published by Ewing (1771) and by Evans (1775). In all these editions, Sonnets 18, 19, 43, 56, 75, 76, 96 and 126 are omitted, and Sonnets 138 and 144 are given in the form in which they appear in the 'Passionate Pilgrim.'

It was in 1709 (according to Lowndes, Bibliographer's Manual, ed. Bohn), that the whole of Shakespeare's Minor Poems were issued in a small Svo form, under the title,

A Collection of Poems, in Two Volumes; Being all the Miscellanies of Mr. William Shakespeare, which were Publish'd by himself in the Year 1609. and now correctly Printed from those Editions. The First Volume contains, I. VENUS and ADONIS. II. The Rape of LUCRECE. III. The Passionate Pilgrim. IV. Some Sonnets set to sundry Notes of Musick. The Second Volume contains One Hundred and Fifty Four Sonnets, all of them in Praise of his Mistress. II. A Lover's Complaint of his Angry Mistress. LONDON: Printed for Bernard Lintott, at the Cross-Keys, between the Two TempleGates in Fleet-street.

No editor's name is given, and in Bohn's edition of Lowndes it is wrongly assigned to Gildon, who, as appears by Sewell's Preface, edited the poems in 1710 with an introduction containing remarks upon the plays. The readings from this edition are therefore quoted by us as those of Lintott. In Capell's copy, with which he evidently intended to go to press, there are many corrections and emendations, which we have referred to as Capell MS.' This volume appears afterwards to have passed through Farmer's hands, as there is a note in his handwriting at the end of the Advertisement.' Possibly therefore it may VOL. IX.


have been seen by Malone, and as many of the alterations proposed by Capell were adopted by Malone or subsequent editors, we have indicated this coincidence by quoting them as “Malone (Capell MS.), or the like.

' Capell has left in the same volume a preface to the poems in MS., from the date to which we learn that it was prepared for press in 1766. The separate title-pages to the pieces in this collection all bear the same date 1609, which is that of the first edition of the Sonnets. But in another copy of the first volume only, which is in the Bodleian, the title-pages bear different dates and are in other respects different, though, so far as we have been able to judge, the text of the poems in the Capell and Bodleian copies is identical.

9. THE PHENIX AND THE TURTLE first appeared, with Shakespeare's name appended to it, in Chester's 'Loves Martyr: or, Rosalins Complaint,' which was published in 1601.

We have been unable to see a copy of this extremely rare book, and have therefore been compelled to depend upon the excellent facsimile of the poem published by Mr Halliwell in the last volume of his recently completed edition of Shakespeare.

For the collation of those pieces in the Passionate Pilgrim which are printed in somewhat different forms in England's Helicon, Griffin's Fidessa, and by Barnfield, we are indebted to the kindness of Mr H. Bradshaw, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. The originals are in the Bodleian Library. Mr Bradshaw informs us that the pieces which were printed by Barnfield, numbered vill and [xxi] in the present edition, are not, as is usually stated, in The Encomion of Lady Pecunia,' but among the Poems: in diuers humors' at the end of a volume of which the first poem is · The Complaint of Poetrie, for the Death of Liberalitie.'

This though bound with «The Encomion &c.' has a distinct title and separate signatures.



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