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1. "Any number expresses or implies a ratio." (a) Illustrate the truth of this statement and explain the origin of number notions.

(b) Describe explicitly the "relative magnitude ” method of teaching number, and discuss its value.

2. Exemplify different methods of performing simple subtraction, and explain the principle upon whcih each is based.

3. A, B and C together invest $4,860 in wheat. A invests twice as much as B, and C twice as much as A and B together. They gain 40% on the investment. What is each person's share of the gain?

(a) Write a solution of this problem such as you would desire from a Fourth Form pupil.

(b) State explicitly how you would teach such problems.

4. Outline a course in Phonics for the first two years, and show clearly how this course is related to the teaching of Reading.

5. (a) To what elements in a literary selection would you give attention in preparing a class to read it orally?

(b) State specifically, but briefly, how you would treat each of these elements.

6. (a) What should be the chief purpose in teaching elementary grammar?

(b) Outline a lesson plan on the preposition phrase, showing how your method serves this purpose.


Nature Study and Elementary Science.

(Sections A and B to be answered in different books).

THE HEN is assigned for a lesson in Nature Study. Give a full outline of the work, as you would take it up. Assume that the time of year is about July 1st, when the hay crop is just being cut. Clover is the subject of the lesson. Write a complete outline of the way you would treat it.


Elementary Science.

1. Describe the organs and methods of locomotion of (i) the fish, (ii) the bat.

2. Describe the life history of (i) the frog, (ii) the monarch butterfly.

3. State the problems of pollination that insect-pollinated flowers have to solve and briefly describe how they do this.

4. Explain the nature and purpose of plant respiration.

5. Give the construction, principle and use of the barometer.

6. Conduct, with your class, an experiment to illustrate the relation between the boiling point of a liquid and the pressure to which the liquid is subjected, explaining the results obtained.

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