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History and Geography.


1. Outline clearly, without detail, the most important. religious changes through which England passed between 1500 and 1650 A.D.

2. Write brief but definite notes on any five great Englishmen of the age of Elizabeth.

3. Give a clear, condensed narrative-with important details, but without description-of the Seven Years War. B.

4. Name the principal forest trees and minerals of British Columbia. Show that with these and her rivers British Columbia should become a great manufacturing province.

5. How are the situations of Montreal and Ottawa favorable to their growth?

6. Give four of the principal grains grown in Ontario, and the uses of each.

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When I consider how my light is spent

Ere half my days, in this dark world and wide,
And that one talent which is death to hide

Lodged with me useless, though my soul more bent
To serve therewith my Maker, and present

My true account, lest he, returning, chide;
"Doth God exact day-labor, light denied?
I fondly ask: but Patience, to prevent
That murmur, soon replies: "God doth not need
Either man's work, or His own gifts; who best
Bear His mild yoke, they serve Him best; His state
Is kingly; thousands at His bidding speed,

And post o'er land and ocean without rest:
They also serve who only stand and wait."


1. State fully how you would prepare a Fourth Book class for reading the above selection.

2. Write notes on the oral reading of the sonnet, indicating definitely how you think it should be read.

3. State the different forms of inflection and exemplify their use.

4. Outline clearly a good method of teaching word recognition to a primary class. Give your reasons for the method adopted.

5. (a) Estimate the place of emotion as an element in oral reading.

(b) By what teaching would you seek to develop appropriate emotion in kind and degree in oral reading?




Any number expresses or implies a ratio."

(a) Illustrate the truth of this statement and explain the origin of number notions.

(b) Describe explicitly the "relative magnitude' method of teaching number, and discuss its value.


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2. Exemplify different methods of performing sim-, ple subtraction, and explain the principle upon whcih each is based.


3. A, B and C together invest $4,860 in wheat. invests twice as much as B, and C twice as much as A and B together. They gain 40% on the investment. What is each person's share of the gain?

(a) Write a solution of this problem such as you would desire from a Fourth Form pupil.

(b) State explicitly how you would teach such problems.

4. Outline a course in Phonics for the first two years, and show clearly how this course is related to the teaching of Reading.

5. (a) To what elements in a literary selection would you give attention in preparing a class to read it orally?

(b) State specifically, but briefly, how you would treat each of these elements.

6. (a) What should be the chief purpose in teaching elementary grammar?

(b) Outline, a lesson plan on the preposition phrase, showing how your method serves this purpose.

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