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9. A man bought a number of articles for $200, paying the same price for each. He kept 5 and sold the remainder for $180, gaining $2 on each (that he sold). How many articles did he buy?




Teach the following questions employing the Method of Interrogation, and supplying the answers expected from the pupils in each case.

1. Prove that /, X1/9 = 20/63"



2. Divide 42357 by 3.14159 to four decimal places, employing Contracted Method.

3. Find the cost in Kingston of a bill of exchange on London for £276, exchange being quoted at 834.

4. Prove the Index Law' and establish the meaning of an an, a

5. Form an equation whose roots are twice those of the equation 2r2-5x+10=0.

6. Find the H.C.F. and L.C.M. of 33-17x2-5x+10 and 3x-23x2+23x-6.

7. If two triangles have three sides of one, respectively, equal to three sides of the other, the triangles are equal in all respects.

8. Draw a tangent to a circle from a given point without the circle.

9. Find the mean proportional to two given straight lines.

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Teach the following questions, employing the Method of Interrogation and supplying the answers expected from the pupils in each case.

1. Prove that


and that 325=333.

2. In what time will a sum of money double itself at 10% per annum compounded yearly?

3. Develop the formula for the surface of a sphere to a senior class in a High School.

4. Establish the following:-"The product of two terms with like signs is positive; the product of two terms with unlike signs is negative.'

5. Find the number of permutations of 'n' dissimilar things taken at a time.

6. Find the greatest coefficient in the expansion of I+x)".

7. Solve a triangle, having given two sides and the included angle.

8. Describe a circle to pass through two given points and to touch a given circle.

9. If a straight line meet the sides BC, CA, AB of a triangle ABC in D, E, F, respectively, then BD CE AF-DC EA FB.

10. Find the equation to the polar of the point (1, 1) with respect to the circle x2+y2=r2.


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