The Reengineering Alternative: A Plan for Making Your Current Culture Work

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Irwin Professional Pub., 1994 - 173 pagini
In The Reengineering Alternative, William Schneider challenges organizations to look within for their competitive weapons: at their inherent strengths, objectives, and most important, the corporate culture. Specifically, he defines the four basic types of cultures and the corporate behaviors, the traditions, and the leadership and management approaches characteristic of them. These models serve as guidelines for understanding any organization - including those of your business partners and your competition. You'll also find a questionnaire for determining the nature of your organization: which corporate culture it mirrors and which change and management techniques will likely succeed within it. This thoroughly researched, pioneering book will prove invaluable before, during, and after any type of organizational change - corporate mergers / acquisitions, global expansion, quality initiatives, and more.

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Leadership Authority and Decision Making
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