The Tiger's Tender Touch: The Erotic Life of Goethe

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Edition Q, 1999 - 192 pagini
Is it possible that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, master of Western love poetry, prophet of sentimentality, creator of inspiring female characters, occasional writer of smutty verse, and herald of a universal Eros, could have been an erotically and sexually introverted egomaniac? That while he celebrated the idea of love between men and women, he made every effort to sidestep the risks of intimacy in his own life? Indeed, argues Karl Hugo Pruys, this poet dwelled in a no-man's-land between the sexes and in fact may even have been a "cold misogynist," as one friend accused. Pruys's stunning conclusion? That Goethe ingeniously paid court to women in poetry to disguise his secret passion for men.

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Pruys writes for leading German periodicals.

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