The History of Childhood

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Jason Aronson, 1995 - 450 pagini
from the Foreword:

Possibly the heartless treatment of children, from the practice of infanticide and abandonment through to the neglect, the rigors of swaddling, the purposeful starving, the beatings, the solitary confinement, and so on, was and is only one aspect of the basic aggressiveness and cruelty of human nature, of the inbred disregard of the rights and feelings of others. Children, being physically unable to resist aggression, were the victims of forces over which they had no control, and they were abused in many imaginable and some almost unimaginable ways by way of expressing conscious or more commonly unconscious motives of their elders...
The present volume abounds in evidence of all kinds, from all periods and peoples. The story is monotonously painful, but it is high time that it should be told and that it should be taken into account...


The Evolution of Childhood
Barbarism and Religion Late Roman and Early Medieval Childhood
Survivors and Surrogates Children and Parents from the Ninth to the Thirteenth Centuries ...
The MiddleClass Child in Urban Italy Fourteenth to Early Sixteenth Century
The Child as Beginning and End Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century English Childhood
Nature Versus Nurture Patterns and Trends in SeventeenthCentury French ChildRearing
ChildRearing in SeventeenthCentury England and America
A Period of Ambivalence Eighteenth Century American Childhood
That Enemy Is the Baby Childhood in Imperial Russia
Home As a Nest Middle Class Childhood in NineteenthCentury Europe
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