The Gay Book of Lists

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Alyson Publications, 1987 - 212 pagini
The third edition of Rutledge's hugely popular "Gay Book of Lists" is loaded with pertinent new facts and figures to keep even the most resolute of trivia hounds happy.

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Borrowing shamelessly from its nongender-specific predecessor of the seventies, this book is a compilation of lists of various things, compiled by various experts, amatuers, and dillentants. The ... Citiți recenzia completă

Gay Book Of Lists

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A collection of 98 lists constructed from the author's personal files. Beginning with "19 Famous Gay and Lesbian Relationships, the Age of Each Partner When They First Met, and How Long Each ... Citiți recenzia completă


famous gay and lesbian relationships
famous people who acknowledged having had at least
famous people who had gay or bisexual sons
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LEIGH W. RUTLEDGE is the ambidextrous author of The Left-Hander's Guide to Life (co-written with Richard Donley), Would I Lie to You?, Excuses, Excuses, and numerous cat books, including A Cat's Little Instruction Book and Cat Love Letters. He lives off the coast of Key West, Florida, with his twenty-some cats, several of whom are left-pawed.

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