Romano LaVO-Lil Word-Book of the Romany Or English Gypsy Language with Specimens of Gypsy Poetry

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BiblioBazaar, 2009 - 284 pagini
Originally published in 1874. The book also contains specimens of Gypsy poetry, and an account of certain Gypsyries and of various things relating to Gypsy life in England. Contents include: The Gypsy Language - Word Book of the Romany - Gypsy verbs - Little Sayings - The Lord's Prayer in Gypsy Dialect - Book of Wisdom of the Egyptians - Gypsy names of Countries and Towns - English Gypsy Songs - Foreign Gypsy Songs - The English Gypsies - Gypsy names - Fortune Telling - Metropolitan Gypsies - Famous Gypsies. Etc

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