Pentecostal Churches in Transition: Analysing the Developing Ecclesiology of the Assemblies of God in Australia

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BRILL, 2009 - 249 pagini
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The global growth of Pentecostal movements during the course of the twentieth century has been widely documented although, to date, there has been little written on their developing ecclesiology. After making the case for a concrete rather than idealised approach to ecclesiology, this book describes and analyses the transitions that have framed the ways in which Australian Pentecostals have understood church life and mission. From a loosely knit faith missions movement, to congregational free church structures, to the so-called apostolic models of mega-churches, Australian pentecostalism stands as a microcosmos of ecclesial developments that have occurred throughout the world. This book, therefore, provides a means of reflecting upon what has been gained and lost in the process of ecclesiological change.

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Chapter Two From Faith Missions to Churches s to s 27
Chapter Four Growth Controversy and Revolution s
Looking Forward and Thinking Globally 207

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Shane Clifton, PhD. (2005) in Theology, Australian Catholic University, is Academic Dean and Lecturer in Theology at Alphacrucis College in Sydney. He is editor of the Australasian Pentecostal Studies journal, and co-author of Globalization and the Mission of the Church.

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