No God but God: Egypt and the Triumph of Islam

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Oxford University Press, 24 oct. 2002 - 240 pagini
Shrouded in mystery, the Islamic presence in the Middle East evokes longstanding Western fears of terrorism and holy war. Our media have consistently focused on these extremes of Islam, overlooking a quiet yet pervasive religious movement that is now transforming the nation of Egypt. Drawing on hundreds of interviews, No God But God opens up previously inaccessible segments of Egyptian society--from the universities and professional sectors to the streets--to illustrate the deep penetration of "Popular Islamic" influence. Abdo provides a firsthand account of this peaceful movement, allowing its moderate leaders, street preachers, scholars, doctors, lawyers, men and women of all social classes to speak for themselves. Challenging Western stereotypes, she finds that this growing number of Islamists do not seek the violent overthrow of the government or a return to a medieval age. Instead, they believe their religious values are compatible with the demands of the modern world. They are working within and beyond the secular framework of the nation to gradually create a new society based on Islamic principles. Abdo narrates fascinating accounts of their methods and successes. Today, for example, university students meet in underground unions, despite a state ban. In addition, sheikhs have recently used their new legislative power to censor books and movies deemed to violate religious values. Both fascinating and unsettling, Abdo's findings identify a grassroots model for transforming a secular nation-state to an Islamic social order that will likely inspire other Muslim nations. This model cannot be ignored, for it will soon help organized Islamists to undermine secular control of Egypt and potentially jeopardize Western interests in the Arab world.

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NO GOD BUT GOD: Egypt and the Triumph of Islam

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An impressive, if sometimes unwieldy, examination of Egypt's unique religio-political climate, concentrating upon its ongoing (and, so far, nonviolent) Islamist revolution. Foreign correspondent Abdo ... Citiți recenzia completă

No God but God: Egypt and the triumph of Islam

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In focusing upon the extremes of Islam, the Western media have generally overlooked the peaceful religious changes that have recently, and gradually, taken place in Egypt. On all levels of society ... Citiți recenzia completă

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1 The New Face of Islam
2 Streets of Green
3 The Fount of Islam
4 The Professionals
5 School of Revolution
6 Taking the Veil
7 Court of Public Opinion
8 To Iran and Back Again
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Pagina 79 - My Brothers: you are not a benevolent society, nor a political party, nor a local organization having limited purposes. Rather, you are a new soul in the heart of this nation to give it life by means of the Qur'an...
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Geneive Abdo is the correspondent in Iran for The Guardian and The Economist. She has reported from numerous Islamic countries over a decade, from the Middle East to North Africa and Central Asia. As a correspondent based in Cairo, she covered the Middle East for The Dallas Morning News. Ms. Abdo reported the fall of the Soviet Union for Reuters news agency. She was a staff writer for Newsday and the Baltimore Evening Sun . A graduate of the University of Texas, she was later a Fellow at the Program for Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University.

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