Monotasking: How to Focus Your Mind, Be More Productive, and Improve Your Brain Health

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Simon and Schuster, 1 iun. 2021 - 176 pagini
Tips and tricks to cut down your to-do list and avoid procrastination

Are you prone to delaying all those projects you need to complete? Is that checklist getting just a little too daunting? Don’t get sucked into the spiral of procrastination! Start checking off that to-do list with Monotasking! In this simple, easy-to-follow book, author Staffan Nöteberg shares his effective and powerful monotasking method to help you strengthen your self-control and improve your focus on those daily tasks.

No more delaying the inevitable. Sure, you’d rather be reading that new book or watching the game, but those things need to get done! And you know you’ll have a much better time if you don’t have your to-do list looming over you! In just six chapters, you will be up and eagerly completing all those chores—even the ones that you hate! These chapters detail easy steps to improving your “get up and go” and clearing off that chore list. They include:
  • Cut to-do tasks
  • Focus on one thing
  • Never delay
  • Work step-by-step
  • Simplify collaboration
  • Recharge your creativity
With clear, step-by-step instructions and advice, you’ll have that to-do list checked off in no time. Also, not only will this guide help you cut down on your to-do list, but the lessons you learn will help improve your focus, which leads to better brain health and a happier life. Procrastination will be a thing of the past! You’ll be enjoying your free time (and your healthier brain) faster than you can say Monotasking!



Cut Down on Tasks to
Focus on One Task
Never Procrastinate
Progress Incrementally
Simplify Cooperation
Recharge Creative Thinking

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Staffan Nöteberg is an enterprise agility coach with years of experience in improving personal productivity. He is also the author of Pomodoro Technique Illustrated (2009) and teaches seminars on monotasking to companies in North America, Europe, and East Asia.

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