Mind Men: How Neuromarketing Advances are Transforming Advertising

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Wiley, 24 feb. 2014 - 256 pagini
The world's leading neuromarketing researcher on how to design advertising for the subconscious mind

Until now, the creation of advertising has had to rely on instinct and guesswork. Since a major ad campaign can require hundreds of millions of dollars to execute and distribute, this hit-or-miss approach represents a huge gamble on the part of marketers, and consequently, for its creators as well. Mind Men details the ways in which consumer neuroscience knowledge is translated into creative concepts and advertising practices to achieve commercial messages that are more appealing to the subconscious and therefore more effective.

  • Offers specific examples of neuromarketing covering multiple media channels, including traditional television commercials, mobile messaging, social media, gaming, store design, and much more
  • Written by A. K. Pradeep, the founder and Chairman of Nielsen NeuroFocus, which ranks as the world leader in the fast-growing consumer neuroscience field, and author of The Buying Brain

You'll find advertising success when you appeal to the consumer's most basic, deep-seated wants and needs. Mind Men shows you how.

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