Migration and Climate Change

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Étienne Piguet, Antoine Pécoud, Paul F. A. Guchteneire
Cambridge University Press, 23 iun. 2011 - 442 pagini
"Migration and Climate Change provides the first authoritative overview of the relationship between climate change and migration, bringing together both case studies and syntheses from different parts of the world. It discusses policy responses, normative issues and critical perspectives from the point of view of human rights, international law, political science, and ethics, and addresses the concepts, notions and methods most suited to confronting this complex issue. The book constitutes a unique and thorough introduction to one of the most discussed but least understood consequences of climate change and brings together experts from a multitude of disciplines such as geography, anthropology and law, providing a valuable synthesis of research and debate"-- Provided by publisher.


migration and climate change
PART 1 Evidence on the migrationclimate change relationship
2 The main climate change forecasts that might cause human displacements
3 Climate change migration and health in Brazil
evidence from Nepal
deconstructing climateinduced displacement in international law
some insights from the experience of Bangladesh
7 Sea level rise local vulnerability and involuntary migration
9 How they became the human face of climate change Research and policy interactions in the birth of the environmental migration concept
10 Lessons from past forced resettlement for climate change migration
challenges to the normative framework
12 Displacement climate change and gender
past experiences predicted impacts and human rights issues
14 The protection of environmental refugees in international law1
aspects of international state responsibility
16 Concluding remarks on the climate changemigration nexus

methods and findings from the Nile Delta Sahel and Mekong Delta
PART 2 Policy responses normative issues and critical perspectives

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Despre autor (2011)

Etienne Piguet is Professor of Geography at the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and nominated expert for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th report (working group II on the impacts, adaptation and vulnerability to climate change). He is specialized in migration and refugee studies and a member of the steering committee of the population geography commission/International Geographic Union. He is an internationally recognized expert about the links between human migration and environmental degradation. Author of several books on migration policy and immigrant minorities in Switzerland, as well as of a 2008 report on climate change and migration for the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees. Antoine Pécoud has been with UNESCO's Section on International Migration and Multicultural Policies since 2003 and is a research associate at the Unité de Recherche Migrations et Société, University of Paris VII, and at Migrations Internationales, Espaces et Sociétés, University of Poitiers (France). He holds a BA from the University of Lausanne and a Ph.D. in social and cultural anthropology from the University of Oxford. His research has focused on migration management, immigrant entrepreneurship in Germany and the human rights implications of international migration. His co-edited books include Migration without Borders: Essays on the Free Movement of People (2007), Migration and Human Rights: The United Nations Convention on Migrant Workers' Rights (2009) and The Politics of International Migration Management (2010).

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