Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science: Technology, alchemy and life sciences

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Rushdī Rāshid, Régis Morelon
CRC Press, 1996 - 1105 pagini
"The Arab contribution is fundamental to the history of science, mathematics and technology, but until now no single publication has offered an up-to-date synthesis of knowledge in this area. In three fully-illustrated volumes the Encyclopedia of the History of Arab Science documents the history and philosophy of Arab science from the earliest times to the present day. Thirty-one chapters, written by an international team of specialists, cover astronomy, mathematics, music, engineering, nautical science, scientific institutions and many other areas. The Encyclopedia is divided into three volumes: 1. Astronomy--Theoretical and applied 2. Mathematics and the Physical Sciences 3. Technology, Alchemy, and the Life Sciences. Extensively illustrated with figures, tables, and plates, each chapter is written by an internationally respected expert, guaranteeing accuracy and quality. Each volume contains an extensive bibliography of sources and suggestions for further reading, and the set is fully indexed. This set will interest mathematicians, engineers and scientists, as well as students of history, the history of science, and Middle Eastern studies."--Publisher's information.

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