Concepts and Applications in Environmental Geochemistry

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Dibyendu Sarkar, Rupali Datta, Robyn Hannigan
Elsevier, 14 sept. 2011 - 778 pagini
This volume is for environmental researchers and government policy makers who are required to monitor environmental quality for their environmental investigators and remediation plans. It uses concepts and applications to aid in the exchange of scientific information across all the environmental science disciplines ranging from geochemistry to hydrogeology and ecology to biotechnology. Focusing on issues such as metals, organics and nutrient contamination of water and soils, and interactions between soil-water-plants-chemicals, the book synthesizes the latest findings in this rapidly-developing, multi-disciplinary field. Cutting-edge environmental analytical methods are also presented, making this a must-have for professionals tasked with monitoring environmental quality. These concepts and applications help in decision making and problem solving in a single resource.

*Integrative approach promotes the exchange of scientific information among different disciplines
*New concepts and case studies make the text unique among existing resources
*Tremendous practical value in environmental quality and remediation with an emphasis on human health and ecological risk assessment

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Geochemistry in Surface and Groundwater Research
LithosphereHydrosphere Interactions Applications of Geochemical Principles
Geochemistry in Soils Research
Environmental BiogeochemistryConcepts and Case Studies
Application of Geochemical Principles in Environmental Quality and Remediation Research
Applications of New Analytical and Quantitative Methods in Environmental Geochemistry Research
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